Pennies from Heaven

The days bookended between Thanksgiving and Christmas were my mom’s favorite time of year. After the table had been cleared, the Thanksgiving leftovers put away, and the kitchen was set to rights, it was time to enter the “skoof” at the top of the stairs to retrieve the myriad of boxes containing mom’s precious ingredients for stringing lights and decorating the tree.

Walking toward the City Peanut Shop—one of our favorite stores in downtown Boise—I notice a penny on the sidewalk and smile. Not just an ordinary smile, but a gleeful smile of knowing.


Many people who happen on a penny might think, “Someone has a hole in their pocket.” Perhaps others feel it points toward unexpected good fortune. Then there are those who believe that happening upon a penny is a sign from a loved one who’s no longer physically with us—Yes Laurie, I remember.

When was the last time you happened on a penny?


INDIGO – Boost Your Insight!

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For those of you who are just joining us, welcome to the University of Life. In the previous “classes” we laid the groundwork for this course—The Color of Wellness, and looked at the therapeutic properties of the colors red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Today’s palette features the color Indigo.Indigo is associated with self-reflection, intuition, and intellectual wellness. It enhances imagination, and understanding. Indigo is a combination of deep blue and violet and holds the attributes of both these colors. It’s the color of ripe blueberries. Think of a deep blue midnight sky, the plumage of male indigo buntings in the summer, or a bottomless mountain lake.

The positive properties of indigo are expressed as visionary, wise, inspired, deep, intuitive, empathetic, broadminded, and sensible perspective.

The negative properties of indigo are described as fearful, arrogant, deluded, isolated, and over idealistic.

The healing properties of indigo are sedative and can address physical symptoms such as hearing, sight, sinus issues, nerves, insomnia, and negative states of mind that include paranoia, over-sensitivity, obsession, and hysteria.

When you need a boost in the areas of intuition and self-reflection, indulge yourself with this color. The frequency of indigo stimulates the brow chakra; also known as the third-eye center. It enhances our sense of knowing and helps us to better understand the big picture; to see clearly.

Are you drawn to pure indigo? It calls to mind the emotions of the sea; promoting responsibility and trust in personal intuition. Or do you prefer the noble shaded tones that exude deep thought, contemplation, inner calm and balance? The frequency of indigo enhances our ability to see things from a higher viewpoint rather than from ego, personal satisfaction or material comfort.

What we do with our physical environment—our personal space—speaks to our heart and helps us to flourish. Buy a piece of indigo clothing. Add a splash of indigo to your décor with flowers, pillows, a candle or a throw. Set the stage for nighttime dreams by painting the ceiling in your bedroom indigo. Or take advantage of the healing frequency of indigo crystals such as lapis lazuli, sodalite, or sapphire.

A special thank you to Joseph’s Market for allowing me to take photographs in their produce department.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan

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Looking Ahead

Tarpum Bay Pier by Laurie Buchanan

Tarpum Bay Pier by Laurie Buchanan

Where have I been and where am I now? The answers to these questions are easy because I’ve already lived them. Ahhhh, but where am I going?

I want to go where I’ll have the greatest positive effect. Ideally, that place would be wherever I am at the time. Being in the right place at the right time, so to speak. Knowing–with a certainty–that wherever I am is precisely where I’m supposed to be. 

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               ~ Laurie Buchanan

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