Pennies from Heaven

The days bookended between Thanksgiving and Christmas were my mom’s favorite time of year. After the table had been cleared, the Thanksgiving leftovers put away, and the kitchen was set to rights, it was time to enter the “skoof” at the top of the stairs to retrieve the myriad of boxes containing mom’s precious ingredients for stringing lights and decorating the tree.

Walking toward the City Peanut Shop—one of our favorite stores in downtown Boise—I notice a penny on the sidewalk and smile. Not just an ordinary smile, but a gleeful smile of knowing.


Many people who happen on a penny might think, “Someone has a hole in their pocket.” Perhaps others feel it points toward unexpected good fortune. Then there are those who believe that happening upon a penny is a sign from a loved one who’s no longer physically with us—Yes Laurie, I remember.

When was the last time you happened on a penny?