Gratitude by Laurie Buchanan

Gratitude by Laurie Buchanan

The University of Life – Gratitude Course Description

Similar to meditation, gratitude can be something we practice periodically throughout the day, or it can be a lifestyle—viewing life through the lens of sincere appreciation—of thank you. When we make gratitude a regular part of our daily experience, we set the stage for living more deeply connected to Spirit. As Melody Beattie says, Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.”

Gratitude is something that can be cultivated and grown. When we feel grateful for things we might ordinarily take for granted—things like our body, the air we breathe, our home, the sky—it’s a good indicator that our spiritual health is in order. When we don’t feel grateful, it’s a clue that we’re “off” and it’s time to make a correction.

Gratitude isn’t only for a select few; for those who have everything going “right” in their lives. It’s for everyone. It’s for when we’re facing adversity; especially so. In fact, loss can sometimes be a bridge to gratitude. Through the practice of gratitude, we can move forward, come what may, whether it’s in joy or sorrow, gain or loss, birth or death.

The beautiful purple tulips in the photograph are from a client who gifted them to me as a way of showing her gratitude.



24 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I am such a fan of flowers Laurie. What, with a last name like Bloom, how could that not be so, right!

    It seems to me that the attitude of gratitude produces exactly the opposite effect as does that of taking things for granted. That’s where deprivation comes in. There’s nothing like a little deprivation to shed the malaise of taking things for granted.


  2. It’s interesting that you are teaching a class in gratitude TODAY. I was driving to work all blue and crabby. Thinking about how things are just never going my way. And what do you think I decided? I decided to think about the things that I DO HAVE. Ok did it totally make me feel better — no…..But I did TRY! I am grateful for you Dr. B, grateful I have a good job, that I’m sorta healthy, that I get to wear my jingly hip scarf tonight on my big fat butt. And I’m going to shake it and make people laugh! And of course they are going to savor my chocolate covered strawberries that I so lovingly made last night.

    Mwah – thank you

    • Beth – I’m glad you stopped by today. You’re going to have a blast this evening. I’ve seen you in your jingly hip scarf and the crowd is in for a delightful treat. Speaking of treats … here’s a LINK to the event that Beth’s speaking about.

      WARNING: her blog entry has a lot of calories!

  3. Laurie my day that went sideways – in a good way – has finally unwound. I had been by earlier for a read this morning. The timing as always was perfect and I was able to pass your post on to another who was just starting to think about a “gratitude practice.”

    I have more than once with tears streaming down my face started to count the blessing when faced with a loss or unexpected disappointment. It always feels like turning a corner when I start noticing the things I am thankful for. It doesn’t always feel better right away but I know I’m on the right path.

    Thank you for the specific point about when we stop noticing we are grateful “it’s a clue that we’re ‘off’ and it’s time to make a correction.” I usually give myself a whole lot of a hard time before I “notice” that what my state of mind is asking for is a “correction.” If I can think of it as a “clue” right off then it will save me a whole pile of grieve by moving faster-than-a-wink to action.

    I’m going to stop now Laurie before my comment is longer than your post.

    • Terrill – Your “day that went sideways — in a good way” was stunningly beautiful. I saw the photographs when I read your blog Good Intentions today. I’m grateful that you stopped by and were able to forward it along to someone else, and additionally found the “clue” useful for yourself.

  4. There are so many things to be grateful about in the world, especially being in such wonderful, inspirational company in the community of bloggers, sharing creativity through artwork and photography, stories, music, thoughts, emotions, passions, and especially gifts of compassion. Being thankful every moment of every day is the challenge, at least in my experience. It is about what has been discussed, as being in the moment, aware and grateful.

    I have been struggling with 3 foot surgeries and kidney stone procedures, in addition to debilitating depression that I have not had the opportunity to go walking in the neigborhood for a long time. Well, I took a walk with my new baby, a 1 1/2 year old black and white spaniel (OREOZ) we brought home on Sunday from a shelter. He is a loving, obedient, and a good dog who rocks! when on a leash!
    Walking with him I could not but be grateful for the air, the sky, the clouds, flowers, trees, grass, other animals on the way and the ability to get outside and walk. There were a few birds that OREOZ was especailly grateful to see and try to chase. There were also trees marked with a few signs by some neighbors that I guess are tired of dogs urinating on their trees and saying it is killing their trees. we steered clear of those trees.

    This time gave me a time to be truly grateful for my neighborhood and thankful I live in such a caring and open community.


    • Kim – I’m glad that you stopped by, thank you for your comment about gratefulness. For those of you who would like to see a photograph of OREOZ, simply follow this LINK to Kim’s blog ButterfliesGalore.

  5. Gratitude is an interesting phenomenon; I think it is at the heart of the “law of attraction” that seems to be the rage these days. The more gratitude a person has, the more he or she seems to be graced with things to be grateful for.

    • Barbara – I’m so glad you popped in. You bring up an interesting phenomenon: The more gratitude a person has, the more s/he has to be grateful for.

      (On a totally different note, I’ve left a very important comment for you on Gaia).

  6. To each of us are colors that explain a divine course….a divine essence, that only our quality can produce at this time of establishing’s/ment.

    Not then nor here – is stable until it is recognized into the production of, yin and yang/ water essence flow/ chain of commandment/ flow of life….be it what ever – through and through~

    Peaceful colors of radiance – is its chain of gathering richness and the formalities of gratitude that equalize these many chains of commandment (s).

    Through richness, let us gather unto the brink of day and be forever at a home not to far away.
    And of these many chains of a gathering full-filled – let us now pray (hold our chains back some what and give it our all to the many fixtures of a man/woman and child (in) quest of journey’s ahead, that sayze…
    …”God of Light, God of Pure, let us be this Richness of Bright.”

    To each and every one, I bid you good night…..let us be thou this divine, come right in/of sight. ”


    p.s. (a wonder of a star, that’s in a moment of surprise’s:)

  7. Hello Laurie,

    I am also a strong believer in gratitude, in living a life within a realm of appreciation for all and everything that can and often does come our way. In living a life with all our senses wide open. In the fullness that encompasses our existence and allows all that is offered to us from this perspective to flow with, in and around our being. To live as it were, not from hard and fast limits of self, but in the soft and perishable ways of growth, sharing and relearning. To live as life, and so to be as that which can be carried beyond our individual self to continuously move what it is be blessed with humanness in life, as life itself.

    This to me is one of the most honest elements of gratitude we can offer to that which unfolds. That which we in this human form of life are so privileged to embody, so I thank you for bringing the topic up.

    Now I realize our vantage point is too often seen to be misaligned. Self lost if you will in the going of no where better while lamenting too frequently over a more peaceful past. Self scarred, if you are so inclined to believe, with the pains of wrongs and the sufferings of injustice, yet to be human, to truly share in this rare and unique gift , is to see all this and something more.

    For to be the bearer of all that can be known and unknown, a vessel of every conceivable creation and a destroyer of every hope filled thought. To be that teller of all the disappointments and triumphs that the universe will have unfold within our being. The recorder of all the places life can take us. The voice of the water that crashes the bird that soars and the tree that falls to grow again is a gift like no other of which I am blessed with and humbly grateful for.

    Thanks again


  8. Wow Laurie,
    Gratitude, you know I’m gratefull everyday.
    If you are first grateful, then thankful, you are then ready to ask for what you need.
    That is what I belive the Universe understands.
    Life and the abundance of life is everyones to have and enjoy. But, first comes the gratitude for what has already been given to you.
    I meet a massage theropist this week end working at the Salt Lake City Marathon. She was running a massage booth, 10 min for $5.00. I sat down ready for my massage and the next thing I knew she got her partner over to help her with me. He worked on my lower back (where my 5L disc is out of place, and I didn’t tell them!), to unblock my back, shoulder and neck. ( I pulled a few muscles organizing my studio), Well anyway the next thing I know she tells me “She feels a healing coming on gathers the energies around us and lays her hands on my callarbone and neck.” Okay well this took longer then 10 min. and two massagers, and a lot of people watching, and I don’t think this is the normal convention center massage!! I am I Grateful!!! You bet I am, How do I feel? Fabulous!!! Can you imagine, a healing at the Convention Center just for me!!! I know the Universe listens.
    I love my life.
    Smiling at you,

  9. “You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy.”

    I love the joy of splurging on creativity and sharing with friends.

    • Kathy – That is a fantastic quote. Thank you so much for sharing it here. I know for a fact that you are the epitome of splurging on creativity and sharing with friends because I’ve been on the receiving end on many occasions.

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