The Writers’ Institute

UW Madison by Laurie Buchanan

UW Madison by Laurie Buchanan

For the last several days we’ve been talking about a few of the course offerings at the University of Life. This morning I head to the Writer’s Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I’ll spend the next four days polishing my craft, pitching my project, and promoting my manuscript.

Why is it, exactly, that writers write? There are as many reasons for writing as there are writers, but the common thread is instinct. Writer’s write because we must; we write because it’s who we are. The same force that moves a musician to set free an enchanting piece of music, or a painter to give birth to a captivating painting, is the one that moves us to unleash the ideas that are whispered in our ears.

The delicate task of selection and arrangement of words on a page—writing—is as vital to us as breathing. For most writers, this requires seclusion; we need our privacy. Like a surgeon with a scalpel, we carefully examine each word; first in the quietness of our mind and then aloud. After that they’re scrutinized again, rearranged once more, and then trimmed to the bone for effectiveness.

At this conference one of the things I’ll be learning is to wield my scalpel more effectively. This includes assignments that are time sensitive. As such, I’ll be offline until the 26th, focusing on the task at hand. When I return I’ll resume blogging on even days of the month.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               ~ Laurie Buchanan
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15 thoughts on “The Writers’ Institute

  1. First a well framed photograph!

    Thank you so much for sharing what a writer writes, and or why he or she may write. Or any person listening to their creative spirit, for creating is what we are here for. It is following your bliss.
    Your path is well lit with the abundance of intentions and well wishers.

    We will miss you, but know that you are in a place of learning and knowledge!

    I am Love, Jeff

  2. Good morning, Laurie. Wishing you a wonderful time at the writer’s workshop learning to wield you scalpel and craft the words to better honor the muse. I love that the energy of creation rises and it’s our pleasure to allow it expression. (Sorry I haven’t been reading blogs this week too much this week–enjoying this time off of travel and play so much.) See you when you get back!

  3. I really envy you those four days. Few things are more gratifying than a section of time dedicated solely to our writing. Everday to-do lists are too far away to reach, and our decision to be a writer makes a little more sense, at least for a short while.

  4. What a beautiful place to hone your craft. I look forward to reading more of your writing upon your return. Hopefully you will share some of what you have learnt.
    All the best

  5. Enjoy my Friend!!

    I can hardly wait for you when you come back and the wonderful insight and stories you are to share….

    Be careful with that scalpel, I don’t want any safety incidents! LOL

    Kim 🙂

  6. Laurie, your “every-other-day” posts have quietly slipped into my weekly routine. I find myself looking forward to what comes next, knowing that it will most likely be an insight about something that I am thinking about in my own life. Uncanny, this universe of ours.
    Have a most wonderful time in Wisconsin!


  7. Laurie, looks like a dream come true, & you clearly made this dream happen for yourself, & now you are generously sharing it with us so we can join in the celebration.
    Thank you

  8. I will miss you for a few days, Laurie, but looking forward to you sharing all you learned and wrote! I love that you said writers write because we must. The written word is such a divine way to reach across centuries, beyond life and death, perpetuating knowledge, thoughts, and connection so long as the word breathes.

  9. Hey Laurie,

    We will see you when you get back. In the mean time we’ll keep an I on you from the subjects you left behind and the verbs you danced across the screen.

    Mean while….

    Remember it is not time that lets you discover the words, it is how they can be timeless that makes them a geat discovery.


  10. “I write down everything I want to remember. That way, instead of spending a lot of time trying to remember what it is I wrote down, I spend the time looking for the paper I wrote it down on.”

    Beryl Pfizer quotes

    HAHAHAHAHA This is so me…..
    Can’t wait to have ya back lady!

  11. Hello Everyone –

    In an effort to be timely, I’m not going to respond to individual comments that came in during my absense. I’ll tell everyone right here and now that The Writers’ Institue was wonderful! I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to have their work published.

    I posted my initial thoughts this morning (Apr 26) — The Power of Words — and will post one more blog (Apr 28) regarding the event; sharing a brief journal entry from each day at the conference.

    Listen with your heart

    Laurie Buchanan

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