A Glimpse in the Rearview Mirror

Willa loves to stick her head out the window when we drive. Looking back in the mirror, I see her gleefully catching some G-force!

In December we sold our commercial building in historic downtown Crystal Lake, Illinois. My last day in the structure was yesterday — December 31, 2012.

Just prior to that, one of my friends — artist, Donna Jill Witty — gifted me with a beautiful watercolor rendition of HolEssence so that I could always remember our building.

Another friend, Pat, asked, “Are you going to do any “hands on” energy-based therapy somewhere else?”

I shared with her that while the “hands on” aspect of things is now in the rearview mirror, looking forward my focus is on the “hearts on” aspect of things — the Life Harmony experience — something that I already do with clients all over the globe:

  • For people who use Mac’s, we enjoy one-on-one sessions via FaceTime
  • For people who use PC’s, we enjoy one-on-one sessions via Skype

In my experience, every year outdoes the previous one. If this trend continues,
I expect 2013 to top them all!

What’s in your rearview mirror?

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
— Laurie Buchanan

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