Closer Than They Appear

We see it so often that sometimes we no longer pay attention to the warning: “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” 

Curious, I did a little research and discovered that the safety warning is required on passenger side mirrors of vehicles in the US, Canada, Nepal, India, and Saudi Arabia. 

But why? Inquiring minds want to know. 

“It’s present because while these mirrors’ convexity gives them a useful field of view, it also makes objects appear smaller.”

For me, something that’s closer than it appears is filing for medicare. Len turned 65 this year and jumped through those interesting hoops. I have a few years before it’s my turn, but I’m glad he’ll be able to show me the ropes when the time comes.

What’s closer than it appears in your mirror?


A Glimpse in the Rearview Mirror

Willa loves to stick her head out the window when we drive. Looking back in the mirror, I see her gleefully catching some G-force!

In December we sold our commercial building in historic downtown Crystal Lake, Illinois. My last day in the structure was yesterday — December 31, 2012.

Just prior to that, one of my friends — artist, Donna Jill Witty — gifted me with a beautiful watercolor rendition of HolEssence so that I could always remember our building.

Another friend, Pat, asked, “Are you going to do any “hands on” energy-based therapy somewhere else?”

I shared with her that while the “hands on” aspect of things is now in the rearview mirror, looking forward my focus is on the “hearts on” aspect of things — the Life Harmony experience — something that I already do with clients all over the globe:

  • For people who use Mac’s, we enjoy one-on-one sessions via FaceTime
  • For people who use PC’s, we enjoy one-on-one sessions via Skype

In my experience, every year outdoes the previous one. If this trend continues,
I expect 2013 to top them all!

What’s in your rearview mirror?

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
— Laurie Buchanan

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