Our Little Secret

One afternoon while walking along, minding our own business, something registered in my peripheral vision. Willa and I stopped. Looked. And what do you suppose we saw?


Much to our surprise and delight, hidden in a hedgerow we saw a sun-dappled faerie village. And while we haven’t spotted any of its occupants—yet!—I’m confident that with a little patience, one of these up-and-coming dusks we will.

This village brought to mind the gnomes my mom used to have. No more than ring-finger height—including their pointy red hats—you’d turn around in the kitchen and find a rosy-cheeked fellow peeking at you from behind a cookbook; or look over your shoulder in the living room and see the beard and belly of one who hasn’t fully pulled himself behind a collectable on mom’s display hutch.

What’s your most recent encounter with whimsy?

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Put a Lid on It!

Morning Cuppa

Knowing how much I enjoy my morning cuppa tea, my friend Mona and her aunt recently gifted me with a beautiful antique teacup. Uniquely, it has a lid—perfect for keeping the tea nice and hot.

Sitting here on this chilly morning, enjoying the feel of the warm cup against my hands, I was admiring the lid and thinking of the occasions when I’ve heard the saying, “Put a lid on it!” In other words, “keep it quiet,” “it’s a secret,” “mum’s the word,” or “this is just between you, me, and the lamppost.”

When you’re asked to hold a confidence, do you keep a lid on it?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan


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