Writers’ Institute 2020

I’m excited to present three sessions at this year’s UW-Madison Writers’ Institute March 26-29. 

Without a doubt, I would not have two award-winning books (and a third book on the way) had it not been for this writing conference. It gave me—and continues to provide—the tools, confidence, and support necessary for publication.

While there, I will be available for thirty-minute WRITE HERE, WRITE NOW sessions where I’ll meet one-on-one with individuals to discuss all things writing.

There’s still time to register: https://uwwritersinstitute.wisc.edu

What is the most recent type of conference that you attended?

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32 thoughts on “Writers’ Institute 2020

  1. Sounds great! I could do with something like that right now. I’m still editing my first short novel and don’t know where to go from here. I understand that writing is the easy part! Not sure if I’ll ever get it published!

  2. Impoverished poets never attend any conferences. This may actually be a good thing, because when the poet is world class a welcome among her kind in the third dimension, in this poet’s experience among writers, is a nonstarter. I’m glad you’ve had different experiences. It gives the rest of us a little hope.

  3. On Saturday I had an exhibit all day at the Jax Book Fest with more than 80 other writers. Then on Monday I was the guest speaker at a writers’ club in a retirement community. Very different audiences – both good places to make connections.

    Bravo to you for making waves in the writing world, Laurie. You are an inspiration for us all.

  4. I recently attended a Better Angles workshop. Not a conference, though an important initiative towards improving conversations between liberals and conservatives. Better Angels is a national citizens’ movement to reduce polarization in the United States by bringing liberals and conservatives together to understand each other beyond stereotypes, forming red/blue community alliances, teaching practical skills for communicating across political differences, and making a strong public argument for depolarization.

    • Catherine — The Better Angles workshop you attended sounds like very important (absolutely necessary) work to me. Connection, understanding, and acceptance are imperative in all arenas.

  5. I have gained so much by attending writing conferences. I love The Surrey International Writer’s Conference in the Vancouver area. I’ve attended a number of times and always leave full of ideas and motivated. Last year I had a table at the author signing event and sold my books. https://www.siwc.ca/ I also attended The Winchester Writers’ Conference in the Uk two years ago which was also very good. http://writersfestival.co.uk/ Enjoy your time at the conference. They will love you.

  6. Thanks for the shout out Laurie! I have shared your post on our UW-Madison Writers’ Institute conference website. Thanks for being such a valued part of our Writing Community. We love you and are looking so forward to seeing you in a few weeks.
    Keep writing forward!!
    Laurie, Director of Writers’ Institute

  7. Joining the 100 yr old St Louis Writer’s Guild has been the best decision I have made to further my own writing career. There are monthly workshops that help us to understand all things related to the industry. We had conferences for 3 years in a row and those really allowed me to become part of a larger writer’s community. I’m certain your work at the UW-Madison Writer’s Institute conference will be valuable for those who avail themselves of that assistance. Wishing you always, all the best !! Sounds like that is unfolding in your own work. Congratulations.

    • Debyemm — Holy Toledo! With a 100 year history, the St. Louis Writer’s Guild sounds well established. I’m so glad you joined them to help establish and grow your writing career. Woohoo!

  8. I have attended a handful of writer’s conferences and was going to go to the Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottesville until my schedule got rearranged. I also love the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin University. Hoping to present at one or both of these when my next book is published in 2022.

  9. Laurie, I really want to send my daughter to one of these conferences. She has 4 or 5 young adult novels written and non-professionally edited, but as a school librarian she does not have the funds to fly or attend any of these conferences. She has a writing coach in the summer and has been to one day book conference and afforded one 30 minute session with another writer She also does house cleaning to make ends meet. And marketing is not either of our forte’

  10. Laurie, I am more liable to head out to Atlanta Flower Show or something put on by our local Master Gardeners. I really enjoyed the field work and seminars I took part in as a U.G.A. Master Gardener where education is an important pillar in our platform as part of the Ga. Agricultural Extension Office. It’s fun to gather and talk “shop”, vendors, and all the neat stuff and secrets only the initiates would know! Since authors and gardeners tend to work in solitude, it’s enlightening to meet all the lovely people who share your interests and can teach you a thing or two. I hope I never get to old to learn!

  11. Yay for you, Laurie! I haven’t “attended” a writer’s conference in a long time. They’re expensive, and I find I use the time I’d use up for travel/costs writing at home. But I’m an introvert (functioning introvert most times) and it’s difficult for me to walk into a room of strangers making small talk. However, I know I’d love a smaller writers’ conference. I have been the speaker at several smaller presentations (roomful of 20-40) already this year, talking about publishing and writing and my books. I find I’m not an introvert then – I stand up and speak proudly of my craft. Isn’t that interesting? ;-0

  12. I used to go to a writing group which sadly folded and to be honest I very nearly gave up writing until one of the lovely ladies suggested we go it alone . So Diane and myself meet every month and set ourselves a writing challenge , I completely love it and I now write every day . This is the nearest I can get to a conference…this is West Wales and we think small 😂 Enjoy yours it sounds amazing .

  13. The two writing conferences I had planned to attend early spring were cancelled due to the pandemic. Moving into virtual communities and workshops. Hopefully I can still do a Skype agent meeting.

    • Evelyn — The UW-Madison Writers’ Institute has been cancelled too. I absolutely understand the necessaity for this, but am oh-so-disappointed. They’re working diligently at trying to figure out a reschedule date. Maybe I’ll get to meet you at a writers’ conference sometime in the near future. Until then, Write On!

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