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Len and I are fortunate in that we live a stone’s throw from the Morrison Knudsen Nature Center. It’s open year-round, and the admission is free. I can, and do, spend hours at a time in there wandering, looking, sitting on the beautiful benches, and thinking.

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” ―Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

I feel it. Do you?
That itch to empty the house and scrub it from top to bottom. Only putting half of everything back in and donating the rest.

“It’s the time for plans and projects”—what’s at the top of your list?


40 thoughts on “Plans & Projects

  1. We’re heading into autumn down here, just got in from walking Huia, a quite chilly 15 knot southerly (our cold wind) blowing.
    Got quite a bit done today, mostly with our artificial colony of Hutton’s Shearwaters. Got all 22 of our chicks banded, PIT tagged, weighed and measured; data put into spreadsheet, and all the databases updated.

    I’m not good at throwing much away at all.

    I like to have a lot of stuff around to create with.
    Today for example we got out to the colony and realised we hadn’t bought any of the PIT tag readers to check that the tags were working in the birds. It took me about 10 minutes to make one up from the components I keep on site to repaid the recorders on their burrows and using my laptop (which fortunately I had taken with me).

    With the corona virus in China my 3D printer and laser cutter has been delayed, and I probably wont see it now until July, but I have some projects for it when it gets here.

    Spending quite a bit of time developing ideas for how we can make the world a place where all people can experience what they consider reasonable degrees of security and freedom. SO no shortage of projects on the go.

      • Ted, I appreciate your way of “re-imagining” and “re-using” items. It’s an approach we all may need to embrace going forward. I do embrace, recycling, and reusing. I am not quite as proficient at the reusing but enjoy the challenge.

    • Ted — I follow Ailsa on Facebook and so enjoy keeping up with the bird work that you both do.

      You’re like Macgyver to me (that’s a compliment — a television show where a guy could make ANYthing from practically NOthing. Impressive!

      It’s always a comfort to know that you’re noodling ideas for humanity benefit. Thank you.

  2. I usually get my “plans and projects” urge in September. Maybe I should move to New Zealand? 🙂
    At this time of year I find myself feeling depleted after fulfilling those plans and projects (or at least some of them) and want to take a rest, more than anything.
    My house could use a good scrub but, unfortunately, this is also the time of year when I can’t wait to spend as much time as possible outside, after being indoors so much in the winter. Again, any major cleaning that gets done around here usually happens in the fall. The scrubbing will likely wait.

  3. ‘Spring cleaning’ is very therapeutic and a tradition here.
    Now we are back in a house, I’m really looking forward to doing some proper gardening and enjoy the fresh air once the rains stop. 👍

  4. I love Tolstoy’s quote. In my life, Spring is my “New Year,” in which resolutions are fresher and morel likely to be innervated than in January’s cold. My plans and projects are to publish my book of flash fiction within the year and write another 200 pages of my novel As Lovely as a Lie. To aid me, I plan on walking/dancing and practicing yoga every day to keep up my Spring-time energy. xo

  5. Laurie you photos are sublime!! Wow! For me, it’s about starting a new volunteer opportunity. Spring always means ‘brand new’ to me, so I thought I’d give it a go and dive into something I haven’t done before! Cher xo

    • Cher — Thank you for the compliment, that’s huge coming from a photographer like you.

      I love that you’re a volunteer! I volunteer on the weekends at a little fair trade store (Dunia Marketplace) that supports artisan projects around the globe. It’s interesting and fulfilling—both. 🙂

      • And thank YOU, Laurie! Do you? That’s wonderful! I am sure it is definitely interesting and fulfilling! I love that you’re a volunteer too! Cher xo

  6. Laurie, my meanderings in the preserve equate to your walks at the Nature Center, I suppose. My mind goes into a free “zone,” and sometimes I get inspired to write haiku.

    Yesterday it hit me that last year I forget to have my window-washer come for spring cleaning. I was so totally immersed in memoir writing, I totally neglected to call him. 😀

    This morning during my quiet time, I made a list of “house” and “writing” projects. It’s a relief to see the items as a check-list I can handle, all in good time.

    As usual, your topic is inspirational and so are the comments. Thanks a bunch!

  7. I am definitely in cleaning mode! I want to sell things like the top carrier for our car that has not been used for 9 years. One daughter has a new house we have sent all her storage there. Then there is weeding and more weeding. This year I don’t even want to do all the pots on porches and decks. I want more freedom I hear you.

  8. Nothing is to precious for me that it cannot be tossed. And since I’ve retired–I’ve gotten even worse (better?)! My husband is now on board and he is in super-clean mode. If this is all it takes for him–long live Spring!

  9. Hi Laurie,
    Love your photos! I am definitely in clearing and cleaning mode at present. Out with the stale winter air … in with the … err … coming Spring air! At least it now will be lighter out longer (due to the Spring forward of the clock). Yes, and a couple of new projects. I’m also just started reading Twyla Thorp’s (now 78, author Creative Habit, dancer, choreographer) new book, Keep It Moving: Lessons for the Rest of Your Life … in her opening paragraphs she speaks about AMPLITUDE and EXPANSIVENESS … and offers many amazing practices perfect for Spring … even for those who may consider themselves in the Winter of their lives. Expansiveness and Amplitude … my intentions for this Spring.

    • Audrey — What a great promoter you are. So much so that I’ve just added KEEP IT MOVING: LESSONS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE to my reading list. Thank you for sharing it here. It sounds wonderful! 🙂

      • Thank you Laurie. My biggest project is really keeping my spirit alive and well! Twyla’s book is a great resource and support. p.s. I noticed a typo on her last name which, of course, is spelled, Tharp. Happy Spring!

  10. Laurie, by March the Sun has shifted in it’s journey across the sky. The Sunbeams come through our windows at different angles, pointing out and illuminating dusty surfaces that may not have received much attention since the Christmas clutter was cleared away. I am ready to start anew, fresh palette, blank canvas and in glorious color. The dust can pipe down, the paintbrush will be untouched, I just want to go outside and play. I want make flower beds, berry patches and an herb garden. I have fruit trees that need permanent homes. Seeds jumping up and down in their packets to get out and grow. If it will just only stop raining for a while…

  11. Thinking about completing a few unfinished projects from last year and maybe go in for Cataract surgery after I read a handful of books that are inviting.

    • Roamer — I’ve not had cataract surgery myself, but I know plenty of people who have and without exception, they say that the outcome is well worth it. I’m glad you’re considering it 🙂

    • Shirley — It’s been a while, but I’ve walked a mile in the bad-chest-cold shoes and know experientially that it’s beyond awful. My heart goes out to you. Please know I’ve got you zipped in the pod!

  12. Spring is without doubt time for reflection , with all that vibe and energy how could it be anything else . Would you believe our half house is still a three quarter house now and we need make it whole . My poor husband has been so busy completing everyone else’s projects and ours has fallen by the wayside . So let’s roll up our sleeves an get on with it I say . Love the quote and your nature park .

  13. I’m enjoying some island time in the San Juans, visiting with my daughter, cooking and eating good food, resting, catching up, taking long beach walks and reminiscing about good friends and times gone by in this ol’ neck of the woods. I’ve been writing and staring out at Cypress Island across the channel. Letting things settle and preparing for the busy-ness of the garden when I return home.

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