P-Squared: Peace & Productivity

My hiatus in Cardiff by the Sea, CA was both peaceful and productive. 

The peaceful part for me is inherent in just being by the ocean. That, coupled with sunshine, loads of hummingbird activity, and what I call “nesting”—ample time to think, noodle, and simply be.

Thirteen out of the nineteen days were writing days. That’s where the productivity came in. I’m well on my way to completing Iconoclast—book two of the thriller series I’m currently working on.

When was the last time you carved out P-Squared time?

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61 thoughts on “P-Squared: Peace & Productivity

  1. P-squared – my favourite thing! It seems that it should be the “norm,” and all the busy-ness something that happens outside of it. But the reality is that I do have to consciously carve out that time. Carve seems an appropriate word – surgically insert it into a busy schedule. Thank you for reminding me how important, and rewarding, it is to do so.

  2. Very happy to see your smiling face again, Laurie. While you were gone, I retired! The peace and quiet is lovely. Productivity….is a work in progress. Welcome back!

  3. Last month. Got up to the North Shore for a week of XC skiing and writing. Had a great ski every day and wrote something every day from our cabin/condo perched 50 feet above the Lake Superior shoreline. Had a windstorm where the waves became so huge, you could feel them vibrating the ground from inside the condo!. Awesome.


  4. I haven’t had this kind of P squared space in my schedule since I was a writer in residence at the Collegeville Institute. I look forward to creating a mountain retreat/revision week with my co-author this summer. P squared is a great way to think of it. Glad you had a wonderful time away.

  5. Glad your are back Laurie and had a peaceful and productive time. Thriller series? Keep me posted. Thrillers, mysteries and memoir are my cup of tea. Yes, finding time and carving it out for personal is difficult, especially with too many problems going on all the time and dealing with them. Sometimes writing about them helps – and that includes using the problems for story ideas. But the time has come (as Mr. Walrus once said) to… carve out some personal time and get away from it all – if only using my residence as a retreat, which is much better in summer with my garden, than winter and the ugly storm coming here in Toronto for the next few days.

    • Sharon — I agree that the problem’s life has a way of dishing out make good fodder for writing. And yes, I’ll keep everyne posted about the suspense/thriller series I’m writing. The first book—INDELIBLE— hits the shelves on April 6, 2021. Woohoo! 🙂

  6. Glad you know your P Squared was inspiring and restful. Taking time out to write is a “healthy decision” to become creative and focus. I have fond memories of all my P Squared times to for my creative Blue Brain to write all my books. Eager to learn more about you new book. Mazel Tov!! I am working on another edition of “What Color Is Your Brain?” and “Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift” is going to be produced as another children’s musical at the Raue Center. Wishes you still lived here, so you and your granddaughter could enjoy the performances. 🙂 ❤

    • Sheila — Hello my creative Blue Brained friend! I’m so glad to learn that you have another edition of WHAT COLOR IS YOUR BRAIN? in the works, and that PRINCESS SHAYNA’S INVISIBLE VISIBLE GIFT is going to be performed as a musical at the Raue Center. Wow! That’s fantastic. Mazel Tov!! 🙂

  7. Sounds like a very good experience and that you positively benefited from the warmth, and sunshine at the ocean. I need water in my life for sure!
    While you were away, I had a huge eye surgery and now have crystal clear vision for nearly everything except reading. It feels like a miracle to have that tissue removed from 100% blocking my left eye vision. I am about 3 weeks away from new readers so am currently changing three pair of glasses all though out the day. Although I still read, I was not very able to write on the computer, so I too got all of March books read and 1/2 of April now days of writing coming up. I no longer live on the water so I have to travel for a visit but I am working on water issues around climate change as our downtown will soon flood and that is a major problem We also don’t want oil tankers on Puget Sound so that has been years of constant work. Also Nestle Corp is busy stealing our water Water is Life!

    • Patricia — I’m thrilled that your recent eye surgery has basically delivered up a miracle! That’s exciting for anyone, but especially for someone like you who reads books at the rate you do. Yaaaaaay! 🙂

  8. Wow! I love the collage of your pics. And just thinking of time by the ocean puts me in an imaginary trance, and a dream of getting to moonstone beach again.

    Thanks for sharing your P-Squared peace and productive time away

      • When i was there a few years ago in June or July they said the best time to be there is in September when the whales and dolphins are running through; and dolphins jumping over surfers :).

  9. Laurie, you know I love the beach, any beach on any coast. I’ve stood on a stony beach in a far Northern Land and watches the seals and whales cruising around the icebergs. I’ve stood on the sugar sand beaches of the Gulf Coast and watched pelicans and dolphins competing for the same school of fish. In California we crouched on the edge of a cliff, watching the elephants seals soaking up Sunshine on a sheltered sweep of sand and shingle. Never saw a beach I didn’t love and didn’t come away from without being vastly improved in the heart and soul. I’m glad you got this time away, you deserved it. And what did you do? Work!

  10. I am fortunate enough to have family who live in Cardiff…so I get down there quite often.I can relax at the ocean like no other place. I’m so glad you had both downtime and productivity results. That was a nice long stay. 🙂

  11. I don’t carve out that time often enough so sometimes the Universe does it for me. I just spent about six weeks recovering from a fall. The first four were spent staying in, resting, working through the pain, meditating and studying. Time I really needed and am grateful for Maybe next time I can figure it out on my own. 🙂

  12. I love the way you do that Laurie , give yourself complete space to write . It really is the only way and when you get home you appreciate everything.
    I give my self mini P-Squared time . It works for me . Good luck with the book

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