Post-Traumatic Enlightenment Summit

I believe that post-traumatic growth is the positive change that can happen in the wake of a traumatic event.

Even though adverse life events such as serious illness, accident or injury, abuse, bereavement or relationship breakdown can be a trigger for depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress, people are capable of finding transformation through trauma.

And here’s where the good news gets even better: my friend Jennifer Cunningham is a trauma survivor who got through cancer feeling like her identity had become all about that experience. She decided to be true to herself, take on new challenges and view life from a wider perspective and so she brought together 24 experts, including me, to share our strategies to shift from trauma to enlightenment.

I’d love for you to join us for the Post-Traumatic Enlightenment Summit. Reserve your FREE spot by clicking on this link.

Do you believe in post-traumatic growth?


32 thoughts on “Post-Traumatic Enlightenment Summit

  1. This sounds lovely…important and valuable…and something I would have never thought of until I saw it here. I’ve heard many people who experienced severe trauma (a child’s brain tumor; a rape; a conflict in war) say that the experience became what their life was about, as if the trauma then defined them. This is an opportunity to integrate the experience into their being as a PART of themselves…but move beyond, too.

  2. Laurie, do I believe in getting up and moving on after a rough patch? Yes, I sure do. Sometimes things are just so bad and so tough, that survival becomes the main focus of a life. Once that has been brought somewhat under control, the seeking of comfort becomes more important. That is growth in itself. If there is illness, healing brings comfort, friends offer comfort to the lonely, a rich spiritual life can bring comfort to the heart and soul. There are always opportunities to regroup and push forward, the more time and distance away from the event will help put things into perspective.

  3. Thanks for sharing Jennifer Cunningham´s story. Traumatic experiences can really cause a sort of widespread destruction. The foundations of our own Ego could be under threat and weakened. Hence I believe that sharing strategies to shift from trauma to enlightenment is a necessary step towards haling and renewal. And the Post-Traumatic Enlightenment Summit seems like a great way to tackle the issue. Well done with this initiative, dear Laurie. Love & best wishes ❤ 🙂

  4. I don’t think that all things that we must experience in this life are good. I do believe, however, that all things, including trauma, are intended to work together for good for those choosing to learn from their experiences. And this often requires assistance from another, someone (perhaps like you) who possesses the training and understanding to provide counsel and demonstrate the skills needed to heal and recover from damage caused. Healing will inevitably take time and require some rest. However, growth can and will come accelerated by negotiating future circumstances with our newly acquired experience and understanding. On the other hand, simply trying to forget, is the surest way to get an instant replay. So I guess what I am saying is that post-traumatic growth is a matter of choice. First, we must choose to learn.
    Second, we must choose to do the work, that is, apply what we have learned to our present experience.

  5. Hi Laurie, I watched your video on Jennifer’s summit and it was very interesting. I am wondering how I get the free gift you offered of the 365 days of journaling. I have signed up for the blog as Jennifer suggested but have not received the gift.

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