Going the Right Way?

When you’re barreling down the freeway, lickety-split, at 80 miles per hour (yes, that’s the speed limit on most of the interstates in Idaho) and you see this through your windshield…

… your first thought (after you change your underwear) is, Oh my gosh! Am I in the right lane? Am I headed in the right direction?

Then quickly switching to the left lane and speeding up to check it out, you see that the ginormous red truck is being towed, and your thankful that yes, you’re on track after all; you’re headed in the right direction.

Are you going the right way?

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73 thoughts on “Going the Right Way?

    • Ted — I just read your “near miss” post. Oh my gosh, that was awful.

      I’m in great hopes that your “full and frank discussions” bear positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing fruit.

  1. Haha. I hope I am not that bad a navigator, but I have to admit my sense of direction lets me down sometimes. I recently got lost in a small French town when I went to get my baguette. It took me some time and had to try a few streets before I found a bakery. After all that, I felt a bit dizzy and couldn’t see any familiar landmarks to get back to motorhome. I must admit I had to resort to Google maps to get me back on the right track! Oh, the shame! 😣

      • OMG Laurie. That would be frightening if I hadn’t come up on it slowly. Knowing me, I’d slow down and pull off to the shoulder, quickly. I’d be concerned about pulling out to the left. — what might be coming??? Which is really interesting to me, given my propensity to jump off that high dive “and figure out how to swim on the way down”. Perhaps this speaks more to my propensity’s to make sure there’s water in the pool before I jump. A fun exercise. Thanks.

      • Janet — When you consider that “Venice is built on an archipelago of 117 islands formed by 177 canals in a shallow lagoon, connected by 409 bridges” and most of the bridges look similar (really, Really REALLY similar), it’s oh-so-easy to get lost! 😂

  2. That was a scary one. Interesting question and good point. Sometimes perhaps it feels as if we’re going in the wrong direction but it might be a matter of perspective. Thanks, Laurie!

  3. My answer right now is: I don’t thinks so! Yet I don’t know what other direction to go in? so maybe I am just broken down on the side of the road and need a tow!

    • Jeff — When I was a child we were taught about a practice that Native Americans taught their children. If they got lost they were to sit down and “hug a tree.” By staying still, they wouldn’t get lost even further, and their parents had a chance of finding them faster 🌳

  4. A true story from my trickster cousin, Ruth Ann.

    Years ago she was driving a carload of sleeping girlfriends at night. When she spotted the towed truck cab, she pulled up close and let out a blood-curdling scream. Her friends woke up and screamed bloody murder, imagining the worst. Some may even have required an underwear change. I’m guessing these women are still her friends, good-natured woman as she is.

    I’d better be going the WRITE direction!

  5. Freak out time. I think if it was near sundown or foggy and that truck appeared in front of me, I’d have a heart attack. Yes, I’m in a great place. I was off on some side roads which definitely were rocky and slowed me down. I’m on course now, cruising down the road of life, work and writing, with new energy. It’s all about giving my body the best quality fuel it needs at this stage of life, i.e.renewed health practices.

  6. This photo on a morning following a night where I dreamed I was stopped at a red light, looked in my rear view mlirror and saw a big semi headed straight towards me at full speed – think I won’t take the car out today.

  7. Oh Laurie, those split seconds when we try to make sense out of what we are seeing! 😉 I have an amazing exhibition and gallery show season ahead of me and if I am going in the wrong direction from the general curve of the well-worn artist’s path over the last 60 years, it feels like the right way for me.

  8. Scary scenario. But it is a great analogy for life these days – even if you think or know you are on the right track. Something unexpected and not nice will always pop up to shock you or anger you. Those who advocate going with the flow may not be giving sage advice because going with the flow could be dangerous.

  9. Good picture and thoughts shared here – yep every once and awhile one needs to check perspective and path. I am feeling fairly amazing right now, and that makes me think yes I am doing fine and going the path I need to take. One step at a time… Sunshine and daffodils make the path better right now. I like doing a Japanese communications exercise every once in awhile to check in. 4 SIDES TO THE PILLOW…..I am right, you are right, you are wrong, I am wrong. A little personal debate and reality check that keeps me going in better directions (such as changing lanes)

  10. Love your sense of humour, Laurie.
    I’ve had many wonderfully supportive people–like you, Laurie–who have gently guided me. And as my life fills with rays of sun, I know I’m going in the right direction.

  11. Laurie, this photo is just as heart-stopping now as it was when you first took it! Appearances can be very deceiving and first impressions are priceless, but this is a reality check that calls for a nano-second decision. Regardless of the direction of your travel, you are called on to make a crucial move one way or the other, even if you choose to do nothing but remain in the same position, it’s a choice. We all hope for safe journeys and happy arrivals. Instinct can play a hand when Life shoots us a major plot twist, it can save our lives. Reason does the same thing, but it takes longer for most of us. “What you are not changing, you are choosing”, (Laurie Buchanan) indeed! Having taken a abrupt, hard turn in my Life’s direction a couple of years ago, I can only take it on Faith that I’m headed the right way….my instincts tell me I’m in alignment with the Universe and to proceed.

    • Sandi — I love what you shared here, especially, “…even if you choose to do nothing but remain in the same position, it’s a choice.” That’s so incredibly important for each of us to wrap our heads/hearts around. Thank you!

  12. Tee hee …that is a wee bit scary and funny all rolled in to one . I’d have freaked at that one ,but that is my nature, panic then ask questions , so wrong but that’s me .
    Laurie to be honest, I’m usually in a whirl and go left when everything points in the direction of right . However, I have always trusted my gut feeling …so the answer is yes I’m definitely going the right way .

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