While at the New Ways of Knowing: Writing and Meditation Retreat, we took an excursion. Trust me; this was not your grandmother’s field trip!

We visited Integratron and experienced a sound bath. I’ve been bathed in the vibration from giant gongs before, but never had I encountered the resonance of this many—and this size—quartz crystal singing bowls.

There were roughly thirty people in attendance. Each of us lying on our backs on a comfortable mat, looking up at the domed ceiling. Once it began, many of us closed our eyes; some fell asleep.

After listening to a brief introduction, we were asked to turn off our cell phones, please not make any noise, and refrain from taking photos until the session was finished. From their website, this is a description of what takes place during the experience:

Where have you been recently?


58 thoughts on “Integratron

  1. What an incredible experience! I would love that. I’ve been enjoying the sun, walks on the beach with the dog, drives in the country and writing, writing, writing. Perhaps when the next book is finished I’ll treat myself to a nice get-away.

  2. That sounds like a fascinating experience. I had never heard of sound baths, but I love listening to relaxing music or just the lapping of the waves on the shore or the sound of birds singing. This is why we are always either near the sea or a forest. Still, I wouldn’t mind trying the quartz crystal experience. 👍

  3. This sounds wonderful (no pun intended). I imagine letting your mind go and getting lost in the sound. I have never heard of anything like this around where I live, but you can be assured I will be on the lookout. Thanks, Laurie.

  4. I love the idea of kindergarten nap time in a sound sphere.

    Where have I been? Mostly tapping keys on my laptop. These days I’m traveling through books. One inspirational book spoke recently about a German physicist and pianist who observed that a single hydrogen atom is more musical than a grand paino, which emits only eighty-eight frequencies.

    Right now I’d love to be transported by singing quart crystals. Very uplifting, Laurie!

  5. What a wondrous experience !! Sounds amazing!
    Where have I been recently? Depends on which one of us you ask or in this case replies, shadow, Mr Gremlin “not good enough” has been presenting himself. He is only doing that because I have been consciously working on a more integrated self…

  6. Wow. The things people do (or think up!) to relax. Since I’m an ex-musician, a sound bath “sounds” fascinating. The best I’ve done recently is getting a sound bath of waves up on the North Shore of Lake Superior, and then a sound bath of quiet winter nature on the XC ski trails.


  7. Laurie, I want to confirm that the sound bath experience at the Integratron is truly an enlightening experience. There are many other new age centers that offer sound baths, however, not to this extent. The building itself provides incredible sound that connects to each of your chakras in a way that will most likely surprise you. This type of energy vibration doesn’t happen just anywhere. It is the whole experience of visiting the Integratron that will stay with you forever. The surrounding desert gardens with natural vegetation, found object art, and opportunities to share wishes and dreams via chalkboards and painted fences is also a whimsical and magical way to continue the good vibes of the sound bath. I highly recommend a trip to Landers, California for this experience. Thanks for bringing back some really good memories. The desert is always a good idea.

    • Laurie — Ohhhhh man oh man I wish we could have met up when I was there. I know we passed like ships in the night. I will definitely go again, and when I do, I’ll touch base to see if you’ll be there at the same time 🙂

      • My new doctor (takes no insurance) is a MD and went back to school for extensive training in genetics and is similar to a naturopathic physician. I did extensive Genetics tests (lots of spit) and she reads what we found. Now she is tailoring my food and supplements to exactly what I need. I have gotten off 2 expensive medications and lost 24 pounds. Now my body is gaining weight again after a month of plateau so we are switching eating pattern and fasting and changing supplements. The medicinal depression/fatigue side effects are gone, the gas and the constantly running stomach acid are tamed at the moment and I feel more like myself. She is sure she can help me and my body shrink the painful growth on my liver. This is so exciting and I am optimistic for the first time in years and years – a kind of music of it’s own.

  8. Laurie, this sounds fascinating and intriguing. I am wondering what you made of the experience, how you felt afterwards? If you would recommend it? The building alone is beautiful and it sounds like an ethereal 25 minutes. Well, I haven’t done anything remotely so interesting! We met up with some of my university friends at a RHS garden on a beautiful sunny day and had a most lovely time together. All the visitors seemed to be buzzing and on a high from the warmth of the sunlight, the beauty of the camellias, snowdrops, crocuses…since then I’ve been working away!

    • Annika — As a holistic health practitioner, vibration therapy isn’t new to me. But to this level, to this magnitude, it was! I suspect the feeling is akin to how Superman feels when when flying without any props or support.

      Your RHS garden adventure sounds absolutely lovely 🙂

      • Laurie, I’d love to feel like that superman!! 😀 I’ve never heard of vibration therapy around where I live but will investigate…I’m seriously tempted…

  9. What an extraordinary experience! I’ve drummed in lava caves in Hawaii where the spirit of Pele seemed present with us. However, this is something I would love to receive. I will definitely put it on my list. Your post brings a reminder to me to create these healing, energizing opportunities for myself. Thank you.

  10. Oh Laurie, how timely. For the past 10 days I’ve been with family, most under 15!! A lovely time, certainly, but now as I head home I am coveting the long luxurious and QUIET bath I shall enjoy. Perhaps I’ll find “sound bath” radio on Pandora while I’m at it.

  11. We have a set of Tibetan “singing bowls”, but haven’t used them much of recent times.

    I get a daily sound bath from Ailsa playing the Yamaha YUX at my left shoulder, as I work on my laptop. If I pause and look up – I look across the bay at the 5,200 ft Mt Fyffe 5 miles away, and behind that the 9,400 ft Manukau. The combination of sight and sound and being in my own home, in my favourite chair, is quite profoundly relaxing and creative.

  12. I enjoyed a healing “south bath” in November. A local woman created a beautiful hour-long crystal bowl experience. The quality of awareness was so clear and deep afterward. Very amazing. So glad that you enjoyed this as well!

  13. Sounds lovely, Laurie. Thank you for telling me about this experience.

    Part of my morning routine is to walk down to the Japanese Garden in beautiful Dinner Bay Park on Mayne Island. There I am rejuvenated by the wakening of Spring.

  14. Laurie, I remember your giant gong experience, that would have set every nerve humming and vibrating but at a lower frequency. The singing bowls must have a higher register to be able to resonate with the human chakras, I’m not sure that I could appreciate something like that, although I could probably use a good dose of it. Sunday we visited a local ski resort and continued into the Angeles Nat. Forest to be with the trees. Spending time with the trees leaves me feeling energized and spiritually uplifted, the beach comes in a close second!

  15. It all sounds amazing as long as you were warm and comfortable.
    I had a gong bath on the coldest ‘Summer’ 😳 evening ever ,in a huge tent , on a hilside overlooking cardigan bay . I had summer t shirt and trousers on with nothing on my feet apart from flip flops …no one told me I needed a blanket . Some kind soul did give one though it must have been the shivering body that was a dead give away .
    I could only think about how freezing I was …the whole experience was dreadful , I was delirious when I got back …sadly it put me off for good .

    • Cherry — Well fiddlesticks! That’s a complete and total shame. When you visit my side of the pond, we’ll have to remedy that, making absolutely sure that we keep you at a comfortable temperature 🙂

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