The Art of Sharing

Growing up, when we asked mom for a piece of gum—typically Juicy Fruit or Wrigley’s Spearmint—she usually said yes on the condition that my sister and I would share a piece. The one who did not break the stick in half was the one who got to select the half she wanted—first. That insured that the one who did the breaking did it as evenly as possible!

On a recent drive to check out an airport for glider planes, Len and I took Lexi and Willa along for the ride. Whiskered faces caught G-force out the partially-open windows as ears flapped blissfully in the breeze. The girls were having an enjoyable afternoon.

Until we pulled into their version of heaven on earth—Culver’s. Then tails started whipping in ecstasy as they shifted into unbridled glee! For them, there’s nothing more exciting than sharing a kiddie dish of vanilla ice cream.

What’s the last thing you shared with a friend?


55 thoughts on “The Art of Sharing

  1. That Willa is the darling of my heart! That she would gladly share a small ice cream with her friend Lexi shows what a huge heart she possesses. The last thing I shared was a laugh with a dear friend. Laughter is one of the best gifts to share.

  2. Sweet sharing! Your parents taught you well, and now look at how you’re passing the lesson along. Last thing I shared with a friend? A long hug with Barry as he went off to work and we said goodbye for a week. Besides Barry? Like Sandi just said, laughter with a friend last night at our township meeting. Laughter is lovely.

  3. Your dog is so cute! You have two? I wouldn’t trade mine for all the money in the world. They are so precious and teach us so many things we need to learn. 🙂

    • AirportsMadeSimple – Yes, we have two companion animals — Willa and Lexi. We’d had three up until last year when our 14-year old House Elf — Claire (West Highland White Terrier) died.

    • Heather – It definitely cut down on the squabble factor.

      Readers – Heather Shumaker is the author of “It’s Okay Not to Share…and Other Renegade Rules for Raising Competent and Compassionate Kids.” It’s being published by Tarcher/Penguin this year. For details, simply follow this LINK.

  4. How cute! I suspect if my two were expected to share something in one dish, Bailey would simply back off and let Shasta have at it – Bailey being more gentle and Shasta more pushy. The last thing I shared with a friend? A spaghetti dinner – and today we shall share our time when we four “neighborhood gals” go for our Tuesday coffee break.

  5. Adorable! I share bits of things with my dogs all the time and boy they love ice cream! In fact, they know the sound of whip cream coming out of the spray can and line up for their share. Your lessons from mom is precious. She taught you the honorable way instead of just yelling “Share!” which I hear a lot these days.

  6. Willa and Lexi could (and should) be the official ambassadors of sharing, unconditional love and joy in the moment! The last thing I shared with a friend? Listening and laughter and a long distance phone visit.

  7. The last thing I shared with a friend Laurie was a baked apple desert and a very long evening of conversation. Both were delicious 🙂 Our whiskers are not yet as long as Willa and Lexi but our pleasure was no less I am sure.

  8. I recently shared the shrimp off my plate with Leo (my cat) during dinner the other night. It warms my heart see how he enjoys seafood treats. . . .

  9. How sweet that the two of them can share the same ice cream!

    Ah, I remember Juicy Fruit gum and folding the silver paper into necklaces!

    The last thing we shared with friends was a gift card for The Keg on our anniversary. 🙂

  10. Cute picture! and fun concept shared.
    I am an overly generous person who loves to give gifts. In 2012, I am working on not giving things….I started by saying that writing on my blog is a gift I give several times per week of my words and ideas.
    Then I started cleaning closets, very slowly, each item that I permanently remove, I have to decide if they are gifts to someone or gifts to charity. 200 books went to help fund the program to assist homeless children to stay in school and 2 finger puppets went to the treasure tree as a surprise to my young neighbors in hopes of producing delight and magic – mission accomplished.
    What fun Thank you for sharing and askin

    • Kathy – Isn’t it funny to see them try to unlatch peanut butter with their tongue from the roof of their mouth?!

      And once a year when the fair comes to town we share an itty-bitty piece of cotton candy with each one. I get a face-splitting grin each time their eyes open wide in astonishment that their treat simply “disappeared” when it touched their tongue!

  11. Ah Laurie I do well remember the days of Juice Fruit and Wrigley’s as well. I also remember the trips to Dr. Irwin’s a bit of the old drill and silver fillings action that resulted from those indulgences. Ha! But an adorable photo of the dogs sharing and a telling lead-in and thematic treatment of a vital part of human interaction, one that always more than anything else shows a person’s true worth. Just this past week I sent a friend one of my specialty packages or “care packages” as he likes to call them. They should reward him with many hours of cinematic bliss.

    What a lovely post Laurie!

    • SamOhhhhhh, the nasty old fillings. Worse, the sound of the drill while you sit, white-knuckled, in the chair praying that the Novocain has taken effect.

      I, too, have been on the receiving end of your “care packages” and they do, indeed, provide many hours of cinematic bliss 🙂

  12. Oh that is a good thought! I love the question Laurie…the last thing I shared was a story (not a thing per-say) as well as my opinion. BUT last night I shared my wine with my grandma and spent some time with my cousin. 🙂

  13. Is that really considered sharing? Looks like one pooch is getting the lion’s share, there! (I love the “rules” of the gum-dividing, too). Last thing I shared with a friend? A lovely nature walk this morning in the desert!

  14. I just shared an evening of great conversation with one of my best friends from high school. It had been too long since we spoke, so the conversation was simply magical! 🙂 Thank you for the enchanting post today, Laurie.

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  16. Love the pic of your two girls sharing their ice cream 🙂 I do like to share…especially restaurant coupons with a friend so we can eat out inexpensively and enjoy a visit.

    • Ann – I’m sorry for the delayed response. I just found your response in the spam folder. Strange, because you’ve commended so many times. At any rate, I love your response: restaurant coupons so you can share lunch with a friend a have a good visit 🙂

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  18. Lexi & Willa look like the best of friends! My mother used the same method as yours did for dividing things up for my sister and me to share – it works like a charm. Tim & I love to share a fish & chips dinner at our favorite summer seafood shack – there is plenty of food for both of us. 🙂

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