The Art of Sharing

Growing up, when we asked mom for a piece of gum—typically Juicy Fruit or Wrigley’s Spearmint—she usually said yes on the condition that my sister and I would share a piece. The one who did not break the stick in half was the one who got to select the half she wanted—first. That insured that the one who did the breaking did it as evenly as possible!

On a recent drive to check out an airport for glider planes, Len and I took Lexi and Willa along for the ride. Whiskered faces caught G-force out the partially-open windows as ears flapped blissfully in the breeze. The girls were having an enjoyable afternoon.

Until we pulled into their version of heaven on earth—Culver’s. Then tails started whipping in ecstasy as they shifted into unbridled glee! For them, there’s nothing more exciting than sharing a kiddie dish of vanilla ice cream.

What’s the last thing you shared with a friend?