I is for Inspiration

Writing Space at Home

Writing Space at Home

Inspiration is an influence; it’s something that has the power to affect.

When a person is inspired by another person, place, or thing, they experience an “aha” moment, or an epiphany that can result in change or action—something that wasn’t planned before the inspiration occurred; it was unforeseen up until the point of inspiration.

Every artist (writer, photographer, sculptor, painter, musician, dancer, gardener, potter, chef, and so forth), has a “muse”—their source of inspiration. Each week I set aside protected time for writing at my home office. My muse—my source of artistic inspiration—is space. Unencumbered space.

I clear my desk so that nothing’s on it except for my laptop. I mark time with a lit tealight candle (they usually burn about 6 hours), and I work in solitude with the exception of the 200-year-old oak tree in our front yard who stands sentinel in front of the window where I write.

This past Monday evening I attended a color therapy presentation in Chicago and the speaker said, “If we give ourself space, we find our direction.” Zing—that statement resonated right to my core!

The following day when I was looking at their website I clicked on the first color combination that attracted me, and a pop-up appeared that read: “SPACE in connection with transition and change. The clarity to find the SPACE within. Enlightenment of the heart.”

The next color combination that attracted me read, “Helps to make decisions. Harmony with nature, a new SPACE and a new place. SPACE. Direction. Truth. The SPACE giver.

The final color combination that I clicked on read, “A transformed heart. SPACE to find spirituality within. The healing heart.”

Just to see if all of the color combinations had something relating to SPACE, I clicked on several. Not another one said anything about it.

What is your source of inspiration?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan


© 2010 Laurie Buchanan – All Rights Reserved

36 thoughts on “I is for Inspiration

  1. I love synchronicity, when the gears mesh without a sound and the wheels begin to turn. Or to put it in a different frame, the way one small spark can touch off a bonfire of creativity. I’ll be looking for my small spark today as I create themes of snow covered branches, jingling bells, and Christmas angels at work. On a beautifully sunny, 70 degree day.

    • Good morning Sandi – I love synchronicity too. You’re going to hit 70 degrees today?! It’s 31.9 degrees here right now. Have yourself a wonderful day at work, and I’ll do the same.

  2. You ! You are an inspiration in so many ways… for you not only listen to your heart you use that space to hear your voice so that you may share it with the world around!

    The first thing that kept coming up for me while reading this was the line for Star Trek “Space the Final frontier…”
    One of the messages we received while living in community was how important it was to find our own space.

    Yet this blog is about inspiration. I was inspired the first day I walked into an AA Meeting, I was inspired when I read Conversations with God Book 1, I am inspired by nature everyday for she is my creative artistic muse that allows me to produce brilliant beautiful photographs!

    I am Love, Jeff, I am Inspired!

    • Jeff – I am so grateful for your relationship with your creative muse — nature — because we ALL benefit from the end product – your beautiful photography. Thank you for stopping by today. Have a great weekend!

  3. My inspiration is my creative self calling. It’s allllllways calling to me. I’m always dreaming up some type of activity to do, place to see, people to meet, recipe to try, new music to listen to, or party idea to pull together.

    Most of the time my ideas come to fruition. For example, I visited a friend that had surgery last night. Since she told me
    she loves orange bread, I made her an orange walnut bread. Not having the correct ingredients (it called for orange jello), She got an orange, strawberry walnut bread. And oh darn the recipe made for 2 loaves.

    She’s Mexican and speaks English. But her husband and father who live with her don’t. Instead of buying a get well card, I made one. There were elements to make them laugh. Men dressed up as nurses and a joke about nurses going to heaven with the end being the nurse that worked for HMO was allowed into heaven. BUT ONLY for 5 days! hee hee

    Anyway, with the help of Google translator, I was able to put the whole thing in Spanish. You should have seen her eyes light up as she read it. It made me feel so good inside!!!

    And the truly amazing part was she showed me the picture taken of her aneurysm (I’ve finally learned how to spell that sucker). It was a picture before and a picture right after they installed the coils into it. Incredibly, that aneurysm was gone in the next picture that was taken immediately after. How cool is that?

    • Beth – You are one of the most INSPIRED people that I know! You could probably make a full blown cruise ship out of a dixie cup and bubble gum wrapper. I’m so glad that you shared here about Marilu. It sounds like she’s doing well after her recent brain surgery — I’m grateful! She’s probably relieved to still be in the hospital so she doesn’t have to join you at the Turkey Testicle Eating Festival that you just blogged about!

  4. Hi, Laurie — actually on time today. This is so interesting because space has been on my mind a lot lately. Like Jeff, I heard the words “Space . . . the final frontier” while I was reading! It seems once I have conquered the space issues in my life, I will finally be in a place to meet my “frontier.” On a shamanic journey, I have had my spirit guides point out how fragmented and crammed full of stuff my life is, so I need to make space in terms of time and in terms of physical openness. I would love to visit the color therapy Web site, too, if you can share their URL.

    I am most inspired by other people’s words, but I have been taken to other realms of my capacity by witnessing some events and by dreams.

    • Barbara – Here is a LINK to the Equilibrium page on the Aura-Soma website. Let the page completely load first. Look at all of the color “bottles” and select the top FOUR that you are drawn to (I was only drawn to three). AFTER you know which ones they are, place your cursor over each one that you’ve selected (or that’s selected you), and on the left the verbiage will come up on the left-hand side. Enjoy!

  5. I am inspired by children ages 0-6. Around the world in every culture, these young souls STILL possess the ability to BE PRESENT. They are eager to fully embrace the world one moment at a time. They see the colors of the fallen leaves, the beetles walking across their path, the seasonal messages nature sends that many of us no longer see. They hear the wind, the sirens, the train and yes their angels that many of us have covered with our inner chatter. Most of all they feel the love we emit, the judgments we make and the fear we instill. I am inspired by the fact that for them it is a natural state as opposed to an effort to remember that at any age we too can possess these qualities.

    • Lisa – I love the gift of your words this morning: “I am inspired by the fact that for them it is a natural state as opposed to an effort to remember that any any age we too can possess these qualities.” Thank you!

  6. Hi Laurie…like Barbara, space has been on my mind too and your quote has really resonated with me this morning. Giving ourselves space to find our direction…. I’ll be thinking about this today!

    My sources of inspiration seem to be changing. I put it down to an “age” thing. It’s amazing, when one starts to pay attention, how everyone and everything can be an inspiration….in some way. When I’m willing to see it.

    For me these last three posts fit so beautifully together. Gratitude, an open heart and finding inspiration in many of the moments of my day. It’s still very much a work-in-progress but reassuring to know that I have the rest of my life to get there 🙂

    • Colleen – You hit the nail squarely on the head when you said, “when one starts to pay attantion” — that’s it. That’s the key! Thank you for stopping into Speaking from the Heart today. Have a fantastic weekend!

  7. This is wonderful Laurie. Thank you. My only on purpose inspiration is creating quality time and the right place to sit quietly and let God inspire me…that can mean something as simple as a reminder of someone I know, a circumstance, situation, a place, etc.

    Most of my inspiration comes at odd times, in all kinds of places and situations. They are like mini, sometimes major surprises.

    • Ann – Your “on purpose” inspiration (creating quality time) is huge. This is going to sound like a contradition but, being STILL in an ACTIVE ingredient in personal development (growth) and spiritual awareness. I’m grateful you stopped by today, thank you.

  8. Good Morning Laurie,
    It’s snowing where I live.
    What is your source of inspiration?
    I love this post.
    I find my inspiration in the things I read, the people I talk to and the movies I watch. Lately, I have been reading a lot of books on metaphysical stuff. You know, your thoughts make your reality, gratitude, being thankful, asking for what you need. I like words and have been writing haiku’s and painting images that match them. I like this because I can honestly say that both the haiku and the painting are my original thought and image.
    I like what you have said here.
    “If we give our self space, we find our direction.” Yes that certainly resonated with me too.
    the colors that I like to surround myself with when I meditate and write in my journals are; forest green, purple, and gold.
    Any ideas what they mean.

  9. Hi Laurie

    I’m with Colleen on this one.
    In the literal sense, I prefer to be outside, on the golf course, tramping, riding, when breathing deeply.
    In the figurative sense, it can happen anywhere, and usually when engaged in conversation with others, but not necessarily.

    For me, the biggest thing is creating an internal mental space where I reduce (or preferably eliminate) the preconceptions and judgements that by default flood into my mind. When I can manage to create an empty space, it is often amazing what manifests to fill it.

    For me it is very strange. I have one side that understands in great detail the systemic processes that allows new distinctions to form in such a vacuum and the power and relatedness of levels of context in determining what shows up; yet none of that understanding is any use in predicting exactly what will show up next, it is all just far too vast, complex and interrelated for any consciousness to consciously consider – it must be left to the vast subconscious machine that is a mind in a reality.

    The often frustrating thing is trying to convey to others something of the beauty of what I see in the mind’s eye. The use of language is so slow and cumbersome, that before I have described even a small part, the whole is lost, with just a shadow remaining.

    So it is like Colleen says – sources of inspiration are everywhere, even in the deepest pain and anguish. We are always connected to everything, whatever our physical situation, and however tenuous those links may appear to us; they are still present – even if our minds seem unable to distinguish them.

    So often it is our own habits and judgements and failure to accept what is; that blinds us to beauty and the infinite possibility that surrounds us.

    PS just heard from Jewelia, having a great time in South Georgia – about to go to Wallmart (something on her “to do” list).

    • Ted – I really, really, really appreciated when you said, “So often it is our own habits and judgements and failure to accept what is; that blinds us to beauty and the infinite possibility that surrounds us.” I’m in whole-hearted agreement with that.

      I’m tickled pink that Jewelia is having a grand time! I’m guessing she has a camera with her and will have so much fun reliving her adventure when she shows them to you and Ailsa when she returns home.

  10. Hmmmmm – I’m inspired by things of nature….trees, water, sunshine, rocks, flowers. Or by words and how others are able to put into words what I’m often feeling but can’t seem to get into words. Or by the actions of others – I’m drawn to random acts of kindness and the simple beauty they can bring to others lives.

    Lisa, I love what you said about kids. I teach at the high school level and they have some of the same assets but not like the little guys. I don’t have the patience to teach them anymore, but love to wander down to the elementary end of the school to wonder at them and their liveliness.

    • Cindy Lou – “I’m drawn to random acts of kindness and the simply beauty they can bring to others lives.” Ahhhhhh, your words were like drinking from a refreshing spring.

  11. What is your source of inspiration?

    The biggest source of my inspiration is the University of Life, as Laurie so beautifully puts it!

    I don’t call myself an author, writer, photographer, artist, etc….as my creative side on that realm is so so. I do call myself a creative problem solver in all that I do, and really love that others see in me a place where they can find answers, sometimes very creative convuluted ones.

    I can say that all my blogger friends have put a new spin on my ability to see myself as love and be able to be free to create whatever I want to….Thanks for being here….

  12. Laurie, my inspiration is a many pronged fork of life. It is nature and walks. it is sitting by the fire with you. It is a colour, a moment, a smell, a feeling, a zipping by thought. As long as I can remember I have had a large creative imagination. That is why I enjoy my connection with you so much because I feel you have that same quirky spark. It is also why I host Creative Potager. I love to connect with other creative beings… even though I need equal time alone, quiet pulling on threads to create which are just out of sight… pausing, waiting for me to be still so they can be heard.

    • Terrill – Oh goodness, I ate so much over at Creative Potager last night that I fell asleep! Thank you for a wonderful place to put my feet up. and relax with friends.

      I would agree that “quirky spark” is a wonderful way to describe part of what we share 🙂

  13. “If we give ourself space, we find our direction.”

    These words truly resonate with me today, too! (Look how many of us you inspired.)

    I think–when I’m feeling sad or disconnected–that it feels important to carve more space into my life. Even though I have lots more space than most people with full time jobs and families, there are ways that I do not take full advantage of the space. Waste it unproductively by too much computer time that is not as focused and heart-centered as possible.

    Feeling this morning the gift of space and the way it inspires constantly. Almost all of my blogs or writings seem to come from that space–from nowhere–almost like it’s not me. It’s the space, providing the inspiration, saying, “Here. Write.” or “Here. Photograph.”

  14. Yes indeed Laurie, the inevitable, irrefutable and inventive “I” word, and one that governs our outlook and creative essence. I concur with Terrill in that contact with the inner being of others will often be the springboard for some astounding level of accomplishment. It’s a spark that is often difficult to ignite, but a bright world-view governed by love and a sense of purpose with allow for the light to shine brightly. Overcoming adversity and moving forward will open the gate to reap the benefits from what we value most deeply in this life.

    • Sam – I love what you said: “…a bright world-view governed by love and a sense of purpose will allow for the light to shine brightly.” Those are great words to launch anyone’s day, thank you!

  15. I find that by being as positive as possible is a great way to 1-keep my energy of light and love 2-keep myself happy and working hard to always be up and 3-inspire people to do the same. I am so amazed that people can be inspired by the smallest little things. Simply smile and see where it gets you!

    It is truly a way of life! Thanks for your beautiful thought provoking ideas! You are fabulous and I hope that you have a great Monday!


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