The Joys of Being Wooed

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We all know it’s coming—autumn. There are itty-bitty hints of it, even in the current hot and humid weather: the days are getting shorter, there’s a wee bite in the air at 3am when I do my star gazing, and the moon leaves her mantle of fog lying on the ground in the early mornings.

Len and I know that weather-wise we won’t be able to ride our bikes past October, and maybe not even all the way through the full month. With that in mind, we’ve started looking into various health clubs so that we can stay active and fit through the winter and spring.

In doing so, we’re being wooed—big time. And we’re having a blast! The compare and contrast process is sort of like dating multiple partners to find out which one you get along with the best, which one you want to spend your time with, and your money on.

Part of the wooing process involves receiving guest passes to use at the various facilities. Neither of us is interested in any of the equipment, so flexing those muscles doesn’t impress us. We’re in it for the pool—and yes, size does matter. As serious lap swimmers, we don’t want short lanes.

The locker room is also important; as important as opening the car door, flowers, and maybe even chocolates. We want to be able to get completely ready for work when we’re done swimming. And we’d like to do it in relative privacy in exceptionally clean space.

We’ve both been pleasantly surprised at the amenities that are provided: spacious lockers with key-card entry, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream and razor, body lotion, blow dryers, and unlimited heated towels.

We haven’t decided who to have our winter affair with yet, but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, the wooing process is awfully fun!

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan
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14 thoughts on “The Joys of Being Wooed

  1. what I would want to know and would seal the deal would be the ability to reserve lap and lane time. Nothing frustrates me more than “first come first served” and the first served interpret that to mean “endlessly served.” I pay to play on three weekly block times during the fall/winter here to make sure I get in enough tennis exercise. Otherwise, I have a gym I can go to and, of course, weather permitting, those long walks and short runs. Swimming is such delightful exercise, though. I hope you find exactly what you want!

    • Barbara – We’re at the facility so early that we’ve almost got four pools to ourselves. I can well imagine that it would be frustrating if we got there and all of the lanes were already taken, or no one would give up a lane after an hour. So far we haven’t run into that situation. Usually by the time we’re leaving, other swimmers come straggling in. I have yet to share a steam or or dry sauna with anyone else either. I think it has a lot to do with our butt-crack-of-dawn time preference.

  2. Delighted to hear about your wooing. Woo-hoo! Swimming is so fun…you are lucky that you have so many options to choose from. We have a couple tiny motel pools that used to invite locals to swim at certain times. Now you have to be a senior citizen to qualify. Alas.

  3. Looks Great there!! is that the Huntley Facility!

    It is actually closer to my nouse than Lifetime.
    A good thing for us about Lifetime is that you can go anywehre there is a Lifetime is the US, great for traveling and Amanda at college, she goes to the one by Benedictine, in Lisle IL.

    Would love to see the inside of the facility in Huntley. It seems like there are so many singles at the Lifetime on Randall Road, it is almost becomeing a meeting place for them, rather than a place for all kinds of members. i also do not see programs I might be interested in there to much nowadays.

    Thinking and my brain is engaging!


    • Kim – Just pop into the facility in Huntley and ask four a tour, they’ll gladly provide you with a 3-day pass (you must use the pass three consecutive days in a row). We workout so early we don’t see much in the way of any other people — single, partnered, or otherwise.

      Uh-oh, poor OREOZ. I’m sure he’s been on the straight and narrow since his recent adventure.

  4. P.S

    OREOZ is in the doghouse!!
    The maillady came a few minutes ago and I was just going to sneak out the front door to get the mail, now keep in mind there are two trucks OREOZ absolutely goes ape over, UPS and the mail lady! As I was going out the front door, who decides to go battling out with me! You guessed it!
    Luckily the mail lady knew enough to stop the truck when she saw him other wise he would have ran after the truck. Well let me tell you he had to check out every house of our 3-4 neighbors, and their backyards too! Luckily they all have big fences. Miller Road, a very busy road is on the side of the fences!

    After chasing him all over and at one time falling in a hole flat on my face and skinning my knee (tell Len I feel his pain!), I finally cornered him and carried him back to the house. He is hiding his face right now!

    I have GOT to get in better shape……running, no chasing after a dog is crazy, and my hands are trembling as I write this, and now the little sneak is lying on my barefeet, asleep!


  5. I might do that…
    Maybe their rates are better?

    Did you join yet? Very cute pictures!!

    As for OREOZ, he is OK I am not, slightly sprained ankle sore this morning!

    Mike trimmed him yesterday, OMG extremely choppy!, I would not say that to Mike thogh!

    Have a great day!


    • Kim – We haven’t committed to any facility yet. We’ll do that just before the end of bicycle season. I think the rates are very competative — within $5/month of each other.

      I’m sorry your ankle’s still sore. You may want to soak it in Epsom Salts.

  6. Laurie, you look so comfortable in the water! I have much admiration for swimmers, being a very tentative one myself. Can float and dogpaddle and generally stay afloat long enough to laze about for a time in very WARM water, preferably tropical and aqua blue water….but that’s about the extent of it. We’ve lived by water all of our adult life but it’s been cold water, usually very cold water.
    The facilities available sound great. You and Len are inspirations!

    • Colleen – I don’t know if it’s true or not (I suspect that it is), but my parents always said that my sister and I learned to swim before we could walk. I’m not a huge fan of cold water either. We’ve been “test driving” pools that are about 80 degrees — not bad. Still a bit breath catching when you first jump in because our body’s are just over 98 degrees. Have you thought of taking swimming lessons with your grandchildren? They would love it, and so would you!

  7. WOW! Mermaid and merman! It sounds like at least a 4-star gym, don’t they have a continental breakfast as you go out the door into the day? Y’all will be in great shape all winter and just by having fun at the butt-crack of dawn!

    • Sandi – We are, indeed, having fun at the butt-crack of dawn! I haven’t seen any continental breakfasts being served, but that’s a great idea for the suggestion box 🙂

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