A Hint of Magic in the Air

The morning started out almost like any other, but there was the slightest hint of something different in the air—magic—as we turned our bikes onto the Fox River Trail and headed south to historic Elgin, Illinois.

We turned our bikes south on the Fox River Trail

Riding along the Fox River, we enjoyed the way it winked back at the sun who was flirting shamelessly with it.

The river winks back at the sun

We rode past beautiful scenery that waved its leafy fingers, beckoning us to leave the trail and play.

We rode past beautiful scenery

But we didn’t. We stayed on the trail that eventually took us within feet of the river.

The bike path took us really close to the river

We could tell by the change in scenery that we were getting close to our destination.

We're getting close to our destination

Finally, we arrive in historic Elgin, Illinois—made famous by the Elgin Watch Company.

We arrive in historic Elgin, Illinois

I love libraries. As you can imagine, lots of magic is let loose in the children’s section of the Elgin library.

The children's section of the phenomenal Elgin library.

We continued our journey to see the Grand Victoria riverboat casino. After dazzling the security guard with our brilliant smiles (and using just a hint of magic), he allowed us to use their very nice restrooms.

The Grand Victoria riverboat casino

On the return trip, we stopped and fortified ourselves for the ride back home with a delicious breakfast at “The Measuring Cup.”

We ate a delicious breakfast at "The Measuring Cup"

Then, you’ll never … ever … believe what we saw. How had we possibly missed this on the ride down? Impossible!

How could we have possibly missed THIS on the ride down?

A castle! The early morning hint of magic in the air proved to be true.

A castle!

With the zoom lens we got a closeup view. How cool is that?!

With a zoom lens, we get a closeup view

See those blue tubes hanging over our right shoulders? Those are how we drink water while riding. We wear “Camelbak” packs that each hold 100 ounces of water. When we’re thirsty, we just bite down on the bite-valve and voilà! Perfect for a long, hot ride.

Our Camelbak packs make it easy to stay hydrated on a long, hot bicycle ride

There’s magic around us all the time, all we have to do is pay attention.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan

Copyright © 2010 Laurie Buchanan — All Rights Reserved.

27 thoughts on “A Hint of Magic in the Air

  1. ….Oh ! FABULOUS Laurie – each one of them !!….thank you

    so much for sharing your beautiful experience with us !!…

  2. Thanks for the magic!

    I have to laugh, there is magic when looked at you matching attire! It is exactly the same as the Biker I sasw and talked with in two different cities in Door County last week!…..Twilight 7one….


    As for the scenary, I jhave seen I tOo, however have sissed the casle? You will have to let me know where that one is located.

    Have a great day, see you tomorrow.

  3. Laurie, this is fantastic. Yes, I can see why you use the word magic. And I so agree about the children’s section in a library. One of the joys of grandchildren…. a perfect reason to spend large amounts of time in the children’s section of libraries and book stores! And the castle is marvelous. You can’t help imagining…….well, all sorts of things!

    • Colleen – You and I are on the same page as far as libraries — specifically the children’s section — are concerned. How many grandchildren do you have, and what age are they?

      • Hi Laurie, we have three grandchildren. Two boys who are 2 1/2 and 6 and a grandaughter who is 5. Everyone was so busy with careers and life that we hadn’t really expected to have any but they’re here… and they’re a joy. And they’re all avid readers and lovers of books and stories so it’s been great fun for me. There are so many wonderful children’s books available. Most of the toys that are on the market today just don’t make a lot of sense (at least to me) so it’s always been such a pleasure to buy them books. And to take them to the library.

      • Colleen – Your grandchildren sound wonderful! We are voracious readers and so is our son. I think it’s because we haven’t had a television for over 30 years (and Eoghan’s almost 27). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the book, “Honey for a Child’s Heart” by Gladys Hunt.

      • Laurie, thank you SO much for the recommendation. She’s wonderful. I immediately downloaded her book on my Nook and will be buying a copy for each of our sons and daughter-in-laws. It’s just perfect timing. I have been trying to put together a welcome gift of a selection of children’s books for two new babies and have been finding it a bit overwhelming…where to start and when to stop! This book is a godsend. I just love it and will be buying Honey For A Woman’s Heart next. What a wonderful writer and woman! Thank you so very much!

      • Colleen – I’m sooooooooo glad you found that information useful. It’s perfect for people who want to encourage young people to read. She never steered us wrong. I think it’s in its third or fourth edition now. If we get grandchildren some day we’ll definitely update ours.

  4. Laurie, Len,

    Looks like you had a wondrous ride, magical it seemed to be!
    Water and trees, and a castle!!!
    Did you find anything out about the Castle?

    You guys are certainly serious about your biking! Good for you!

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Jeff – We haven’t yet discovered any information about the castle. The odd thing is, it’s right there in a residential area — right there! And it’s not small. I wonder if parents built it for their child/ren, or grandparents for their grandchild/ren? If it were mine, I’d use it for writing, Writing, WRITING! and I would draw the bridge and make sure there was a deep mote surrounding it.

  5. I love the castle! Paying attention brings us delight, eh?

    There has to be a story that goes with the castle–or at least I hope so. It looks like a perfect Rapunzel tower–can’t you just see her letting down her long golden hair?

    I am so in awe of your morning bike rides–by the time I’ve taken my morning shower, you and Len have risen, written a blog, eaten breakfast and biked at least 6 of your 16 mile daily bike rides. Amazing-impressive–and, I wish, inspiring.

    See you Saturday!


    • Barbara – Yes, I would agree with your recent blog post, “How do you pay attention?” that paying attention can add to the delight factor! With my same short haircut since the age of 7, I can’t even begin to relate to Repunzel, but I can certainly imagine it. We haven’t learned any news about the castle … yet.

    • Boy Howdy, Ted — it’s hot as Hades here, and the humidity is nothing short of shirt-wringing! Tomorrow night we’re supposed to attend an OUTDOOR theme party — Cowboys — and it’s suppose to the in the 90’s BEFORE the humidity is factored in! I’m glad you popped in for a visit. My best to Ailsa and Jewelia.

  6. I just realised, that the PGA champs at Whistling Straits is only 100 miles from your place, so I am seeing the weather from your part of the world live on TV.

    Better go get Jewelia out of bed and ready for school.

    Be great


  7. I love how when the light changes even by an hour we notice different things… like the castle that was invisible going one way all of a sudden jumps out to greet you on your return trip. What a marvelous magical ride Laurie! Thanks for taking us along.

  8. That was a magic bike ride, indeed, Laurie. I love how the sun flirted shamelessly. Oh what a sun! What a castle, what a bike ride! You inspire us to get outside all the time.

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