Out the Yin-Yang

Arch Rock by Laurie Buchanan

Arch Rock by Laurie Buchanan

The phrase “Out the yin-yang” generally has a negative connotation. I’m here to change that; to shift the perspective. Many people use the phrase due to the shape of the ancient Chinese symbol. The outer circle represents “everything.” The identical black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of “Yin” and “Yang” energy. Each of us has both types:

Yin energy is represented by black.
Its nature is feminine, receptive, calming, cooling, negative and feeling.

Yang energy is represented by white.
Its nature is masculine, projecting, stimulating, heating, positive and thinking.

The idea is that these two energies are what cause everything to happen—ideally in balance. When fit together, the overall shape gives a sense of continual movement.

Out the is used to convey an extreme amount, abundance, or all over the place.

Any time we experience balance, that’s a good thing. Anytime we experience an abundance of balance, that’s a really good thing; it’s out the yin-yang!

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               ~ Laurie Buchanan

Copyright © 2010 Laurie Buchanan — All rights reserved

8 thoughts on “Out the Yin-Yang

  1. I didn’t think about it that way, nice change of perspective. Talk about changing perspectives, I thought the Arch Rock was in Utah. But wait! no, that’s the Natural Bridge rock formation. Beautiful Photograph!

    • Good morning, Sandi – I’m glad you like this fresh perspective! The Arch Rock in this photo is located on Mackinac Island in Michigan. When I was thinking about today’s topic, I thought about how the photo I took in 2007 captures the sandy beach and water of Lake Huron through the hole — balanced half and half — and felt it would make a good representation of the yin-yang symbol. Thank you for your early morning visit. Have a terrific day!

  2. This is quite timely for me Laurie! I have been meditating on masculine and feminine energy a lot lately. In fact, it is something I am passionate in connecting, collaborating, and discussing.

    Here’s why….

    I am sick of gender stereotyping, although I am willing to admit that there are some general tendencies. For me, I can have either masculine or feminine energy flowing through me in any given moment. Usually, it is one or another, but sometimes a nice blend.

    My connection to divinity comes through both Love (feminine) and freedom (masculine). I experienced my awakenings when with a very masculine energy I prayed passionately and powerfully for the direct experience of the Beloved through me. Then I allowed it in or surrendered (feminine) to however it wanted to appear.

    I gave God flowers my passion (flowers & chocolate), and then I spread myself open for receptivity and penetration.

    Ever since the Awakenings, I have had a very juicy relationship with my feminine energy and a fiery passionate relationship with the divine.

    • Ben – I so appreciate the wonderful heart-felt message you’ve shared. Thank you. Balance in our energy — masculine and feminine — is vital to the health and wellness of our body, mind and spirit.

  3. Thanks for the new perspective. It is challenging to look into the masculine/feminine balance. I sometimes wonder if that is something I need to balance in our house. With my husband taking over a lot of duties while I was in School. Now I amd out and he insists that he stilll do the laundry, cleaning, cookig and everything in between. I love it, however it is causing a challenge to my feminine domestic side. It is good and bad at the same time, hummmm yin/yang!! And he would not dare let me do his lawn or take care of the garden, although I used to. sad but true.

    • Kim – In our house Len is the cook. He’s really good at it and enjoys it tremendously — he finds it therapeutic. I do the yard work (mowing) and he he does the gardening (vegetable). We both do cleaning, laundry, and winter snow removal. I think there are many households that do the division-of-labor based on likes; and there are just as many that do it based on traditional gender roles.

  4. We ate macrobiotically for 2-3 years, and macrobiotics bases its entire food system on yin/yang. Certain foods are yang (meat, salt) and others are yin (alcohol, sugar, juices). The idea is to eat in the middle of the curve, mostly grains and vegetables. By eating in a balanced way, without huge swings between yin and yang, you eat for better health.

    It’s fascinating to witness how yang and yin moves within us…in our everyday life.

    Such a dance to keep our balance! Thanks, Laurie.

    • Kathy – I really like the term you used — middle of the curve. It puts the bottom line right on top. The middle of the curve is a healthy place to be. Thank you for your visit.

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