She Sells Seashells

She Sells Seashells by Len Buchanan

She Sells Seashells by Len Buchanan

Our recent taste of tropical paradise has me pondering how we can weave “Island Time” — the slow, delicious passage of time — into life at home. Not only do I want to move at a slower, more enjoyable pace; sanity requires it. But first, I need to buy into the idea; I need to sell myself on it. And I’m doing a good job!

During our sojourn, I gathered many beautiful shells. My favorite is a palm-sized, pure white conch shell. A beautiful reminder that it’s not about doing, it’s about being; a reminder to slow down, breathe, and savor the moment.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               ~ Laurie Buchanan
Copyright © 2010 Laurie Buchanan — All rights reserved

23 thoughts on “She Sells Seashells

  1. You might like this if you haven’t already seen it – go ahead and sign up the the 42 day emailings, they’re really fun and inspiring and playful. The spiral shape of the shell is one of many examples of the gratitude symbol in its natural environment…
    Happy St Patricks Day!

  2. What a great picture. My issue is that I so want to be on Island time all the time, NOT going to happen for a while!

    Wear red on Friday….St Josephs Day!

    • Kim – I like the photo too, Len did a good job. I didn’t know that Friday is St. Joseph’s Day – thanks for the tip, I’ll wear red. I’ll also pass the news along to our Gaia friend, Barbara, who is currently enlisting the help of St. Joseph to sell her home. I’m confident she’ll wear red too.

  3. Now that is truly an inspirational message, one I would do well to take to heart myself. We need to take more time to enjoy the living instead of stretching it to bursting with “to much to do”. If God had wanted Robots he would have called Ted and got the plans, instead he made us. For love and joy and life.

  4. Oh Laurie, I am thrilled to here of your new marketing plan to create more “island time” for yourself.

    I see people who are retired on our island living the frenzied lives. I sometimes wonder if they are even aware of that they have a self to be with.

    I know the tension of “to do” – it is my natural orientation to be busy – yet I appreciate “being” and I’ve learned how to bounce and swing on the bungee cord of life’s living. It is just a matter of deciding when to leap and how long to hang before climbing back up and doing it all over again.

    So what is your bottom-line that will “sell” you on the idea of daily “island time”?

    • Terrill – I like what you shared about bouncing, deciding and leaping. And you’ve posed a wonderful question. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the author of Creative Potager and the daily Sprout Questions.

      In answer, Len and I have decided to use the month of April to have an “out with the old, in with the new” garage sale (so to speak) at HolEssence, and eliminate the product and displays that are in the center of the store. Ongoing, we will only carry product on exterior wall display pieces. This eliminates the need for us to “break-down and set back up” before and after every event — time consuming, and back breaking. And … it will additionally afford us the opportunity to offer our space to others who can use it for presentations, workshops, classes, training, yoga, tai chi, etc. It’s a win-win situation!

  5. Laurie and all repliers green friends, soooooo inspirational! Top of the morning… serving you green tea. Thanks for the breather and Sandi… you are SPOT ON! We are not robots but are beautiful spiritual beings. Got TED! for that lecture… 🙂

  6. Hello there Laurie, thanks for the invite and I think I will join in on this conversion because, Time, as we have been lead to believe in it is an important matter to understand. You see to me time is really nothing more than scientific tool, a device created to be used to measure something thats all. It is not though a device to tell you how to live,when to sleep, when to shower, or even dare I say how think. No there are far better and more refined ways of assistance out there for those important things in life, say like, the seasons of which come and go waking not a drop of rain later or sooner than they need to.
    The waves in the sea that come to shore only to roll back out. Displaying the passage of letting things flow both in and out through the ups and downs but with comfort that you ride atop and will reach solid ground.

    Oh and don’t wear green, be like the True Irish and rebel in whatever color suits your fancy.

    Thanks again

    • Robert – Thank you so much for sharing your observation. I thoroughly enjoy your perspective, “… the seasons of which come and go waking not a drop of rain later or sooner than they need to.” I’m glad you stopped by!

  7. Hi Laurie: And a belated St Patrick’s day to you.

    Having undergone a similar process to the one you are describing, something that has taken many years to achieve and might I add, of very hard even painful work, I finally returned to “nature.” I don’t believe there is a quick fix, well, there are, such as vacations, and recreational drugs, but we always “comedown” from our adventures and return to our “normal” state of being which for most of us is not what we really want.

    Unfortunately, the return to our essence is no easy road. Otherwise I’d think that that road would be full of those wanting to return. Sadly, there appear to only be a few here and there scattered about who are sincere about this pursuit.

    And perhaps a lot who start out with good intentions but never make it all the way for various reasons.

    My experience, as mentioned above, was never once a “walk in the park.” I went through some very dark places, faced some very hard issues, spent a lot of time wondering if anything were happening at all. Several times the walls came down and saw what most people might call “god.”

    There were no promises, no guarantees, no frills. It was a lonely path, no one holding my hand, no one consoling me when it got frightfully hard.

    But when it was its darkest, the Sun didn’t immediately shine down upon me, suddenly. But rather a slow hazy sunrise after a long dark night. And gradually after the sleep wasted away I began to see.

    Before where I experienced a separation between myself and my essence, now there is a separation between myself and the world I once knew.

    For the moment I am in a sea of calm. A new born held in the arms of mystery.

    • Mark – Welcome to SPEAKING FROM THE HEART. I sincerely appreciate the beautiful way you shared your story. Thank you for your contribution. I hope that you will return often.

      “For the moment I am in a sea of calm. A new born held in the arms of mystery.” Eloquent.

    • Hello Mark,

      I to would like to thank you for sharing, for opening up here and showing not only us but those who may wander by. Those who may be in a dark place themselves who may be wondering and pondering that road that lays before them. I find in your words part of that path, a truth, an uncensored honesty and a hope shinning not just for yourself but for all.
      In such examples I believe their is the greatest potential for others to find their way for while you speak of no promises or guarantees your unbiased words show there is one.

      Thanks for the mystery trip

  8. Entering the Shell

    Love is alive,
    and someone borne along by it is more alive
    than lions roaring or men in their fierce courage.

    Bandits ambush others on the road.
    They get wealth, but they stay in one place.

    Lovers keep moving, never the same,
    not for a second.

    What makes others grieve, they enjoy.
    When they look angry, do not believe their faces.
    It is like spring lightning, a joke before the rain.

    They chew thorns thoughtfully,
    along with pasture grass.
    Gazelle and lioness having dinner.

    Love is invisible except here, in us.
    Sometimes I praise love. Sometimes love praises me.

    Love, a little shell somewhere
    on the ocean floor, opens its mouth.

    You and I and we, those imaginary beings,
    enter the shell as a single drop of water.

    A Year With Rumi by Coleman Barks

  9. Wonderful shell. We have a neighbor who is retired but spent lots of time traveling on the oceans. He shows off his amazing shell collection to our kids and has great stories about each of his finds from around the world.

    Thanks also for your kind comment over at creativepotager’s blog.

    • Slamdunk – How fun for your kids to get show-and-tell sessions with your well traveled neighbor. Who knows, they may get bit by the travel bug themselves, if they haven’t already. I’ve been enjoying your blog, Slam Dunks. I’m glad you stopped by, I hope you’ll visit again.

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