Let there be Light – Not Heat

There are five windows in my writing studio: three of them face east (for the most part), and two of them face north. 

The east-facing windows used to let in heat—a lot of it! That is, until Len installed a translucent film designed to let in light, but not heat. We left the north-facing windows alone as lush trees shade them, and they provide an inspirational view.

There are many things we want/need, but not too much of. The first thing that comes to mind is food. We need it to stay alive and most of us enjoy it. I, for one, consider myself a “foodie.” But too much of it—without exercise—and we gain weight.

What is it that you want/need, but Goldilocks style—in just the right amount?

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32 thoughts on “Let there be Light – Not Heat

  1. Less is more when it comes to many things. Even sleep, not enough and we can´t function properly, but too much is not good either. I love chocolate, but if I eat too much I feel ill. And we have all seen the devastating effects of having too much money! The Goldilocks principle serves us well.

  2. Interaction and company. It might sound odd, but I like and enjoy my time and space alone, and sometimes I get overwhelmed by crowds. Thanks, Laurie.

  3. Laurie, now that I have added a few more years to this mortal frame of mine, my priorities have changed. It comes with the territory. I can’t do the projects I once tackled with such eagerness and gusto. I have just enough energy to make a grand mess and not enough to clean it up. So I would now prefer to sit back and watch someone else tackle my projects with eagerness and gusto. My daughter has recently made my wish come true, a generous gift of funds to cover a landscape team come in and give this old overgrown cotton field the cleaning of it’s lifetime. This will give me time and energy to move ahead with my other little things. So much lifted from my shoulders! It’s like a light has been turned on, but the heat is off!

  4. I’m grateful for new coaching work inflow moving toward full-time hours. However, finding the balance needed to incorporate writing space and time and personal needs time is my current intention. And, I’m weary of social isolation (my practice since mid-March). In this case, I do find work helps and zoom meet ups as well. Yet more balance of some kind still needed in this arena as well.

    • Audrey — I’ve been doing oh-so-much on Zoom. And while it’s not my favorite mode of interaction, it gets the job done. I’m glad to hear that you’ve got an inflow of coaching work. That’s fantastic news! Balancing one’s time though. Now that’s the tricky part. Best wishes to you as you navigate how to best invest your time.

      • Thanks Laurie. I’m in that messy middle of transition on 3 endeavors. Once I’m centered, and demands on time are clear, I will be able to see what type of balance might be possible. I appreciate your good wishes as I navigate (perfect word) the coming months. Can’t wait for your new book. Count on me to find time to support its marketing!! I can always find time for friends 🙂

  5. Laurie,
    Your posts are perfection. I love the significant question at the end of each. Have you considered a book on minimalism? Or perhaps a deck of cards featuring your provocative questions? I can picture myself shuffling the deck and choosing a question of the day!

    I would love to live with less, and am still on my de-cluttering and simplicity journey, although not making much headway lately.

    • Jane — I’m glad that the posts here at Tuesdays With Laurie resonate with you. If you haven’t checked out my author website, you are cordially invited to do so at lauriebuchanan.com.

      If you can eliminate just one thing a day, you’ll be surprised at how quickly decluttering happens 🙂

  6. Grandchildren visits. Chocolate. Laughter. All are wonderful to have, but even better when they’ve been missed. Great question; you really got me thinking of the value of moderation.

  7. Such a great thought!
    We need light in our lives too, just not heat! ❤

    P.S I love the name of your blog! "Tuesdays with Morrie" is one of my favorite book! Is it yours too?

  8. Laurie, as tired as I am of work most days (and nights), I need my office. I need my computers. I need the tap tap tap of my keyboards as I work or write. I wish I could vacation from it most times, but whenever I’m away from my office, doing anything, all I can think about is getting back to my office. I wonder how did I ever survive before I became a full-time writer.

    Thanks for the food for thought!


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