Thanks a Million!

The view “odometer” on Tuesdays With Laurie just rolled over one MILLION views.

Thank you so much for your support in helping me to reach this milestone.

I appreciate YOU!

What’s the most recent milestone that you celebrated?


74 thoughts on “Thanks a Million!

  1. Many congrats, Laurie. That’s a whole lot of people enjoying your bon mots. And I’m one of them. Two weeks ago I reached the milestone of 9 years of blogging (I’m one year younger than Darlene) .:-) I celebrate this milestone because blogging has become a spectacular part of my writing life. Well, of my life, period. We meet so many wonderful people through this medium. I am immensely grateful for this, and for “meeting” you here and feeling like you are a wonderful friend, even though we’ve never met “in person.”

  2. A MILLION views, Laurie. That’s simply spectacular! I’m SO proud of you. 😀

    I made a big deal about my 7th year blogging in February and bought a pink #7 balloon to post with my blog which has passed the 500-post mark. It’s important to mark milestones. Often we overlook them and go on to the next thing.

    My blog friends seem as real to me as my in-person friends, I think because we share so many interests and aspirations. I echo Pam’s sentiments. Yay, for YOU and for all givers of encouragement here, there, and everywhere.

  3. Laurie … you are a blog and marketing guru! Congratulations!! I’m amazed at all you do. For me, my birthday coming up, each year is a milestone at this point. I was most moved this year when I was honored by inclusion in the Veteran Feminists of America herstories/history of America. It is a collection of the stories and accomplishments of a growing number of women who were active during the 2nd Feminist Movement in the U.S..( I was asked to submit my bio and related roles, etc., as well as interviewed for the project.
    I would encourage anyone interested in that period to go and read about these women. It’s a humbling experience to be included in these ranks. It was/is for me a legacy moment.
    “I believe too in the often-invisible value of women who lead from the middle of movements.” Audrey Denecke

  4. Congrats, Laurie. I’ll have to see if I have a “viewer odometer” on my website. Pretty sure I’m nowhere near a million views, but I’ve been blogging for about 10 years, so my total’s gotta be at least a hundred, right? 🙂

    Milestones . . . hmm . . . 42 years of marriage in 8 days. Not bad. And to the same woman too! 🙂


    • Chris — I betcha you’ve got a “viewer odometer” somewhere (perhaps hidden on the backside? Check your user dashboard). Congratulations on your up-and-coming 42nd anniversary. We’re right behind you at 40 🙂

  5. That’s amazing. Congratulations! I hit 1,000 views for the month of May for the first time. I was so excited. When I started last year, I had no idea if anyone would read.

  6. Congratulation that is quite an achievement. Yahoo!

    My most recent achievement was just this week. After having no readers or commenters except Laurie for nearly a year. Many thanks. I decided to close down my review business, the books keep coming but not the readers. Then on this past Sunday an interesting email popped up on my work email. It was a man’s name and he stated he had been researching reviews written on a book I reviewed 8 years ago and my review popped up in his search. He read it and thought it was terrific and mentioned it to his publisher. They both read nearly 45 reviews on my blog and liked my wording, my astute analysis of books, of getting to the point and finding the key intention and meaning in what they read. That I did not rewrite the story and that they were concise. They offered me a copy of the author’s new book and the publisher sent it right away for me to read. Of course, with those kind words I will extend the end date and review his book! So much of my writing goes into a black hole with no response or reply. My book groups never want to reach deep discussions about the books we read – it creates a kind of hunger for me. I think books are so much more fun when people want to wrestle with the ideas and tackle their own expectation. Dan Mayland’s book comes our August 8th and I have enjoyed our email exchange – now I want to write one of my best – a million dollar review.

  7. Congratulations! When I teach writers I tell them your blog is one of my favorites. One fantastic photo and just a few sentences. You show us how it should be done!

  8. Laurie, I don’t see how I missed this!! Because that means I am part of your enduring readership and that I haven’t missed a one of your blogs. I feel like I have been there at the beginnings of so many blogs, Siannas question’s put many of us to thinking and formulating our thoughts into the written word in palatible bites. Yours has outlasted them all, and has branched into so many other projects that I have lost count. I always appreciate the wisdom and thoughtfulness that permeate each post, the questions that jog my lazy mind into search mode, and the light, dry wit that sparks a smile. Congratulations, Laurie!

  9. Congratulations, Laurie, that is great. I’m up to 9 years for my Only Child Writes Blog (the number 9 must be the magic number from what I read above.) My other blog is pushing 8 years. Anyway, Laurie, you inspire me to continue posting in my blogs even though I haven’t been too regular with the older blog.

  10. Congratulations my lovely lady and well deserved . I have enjoyed every blog since I have been following you and that’s been a hundred years or so …love you 💕💕💕

  11. I appreciate you Laurie, and you deserve every view you’ve received. I am very grateful for the many times you have visited my blog and liked a post. Thanks so much…here’s to one million more!

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