ON hiatus – OFF the grid

For the next three Tuesdays you won’t receive an email notification that I’ve published a fresh post. Why? Because I’m ON hiatus and OFF the grid from February 1-19. 

I’m not going to share my exact location at this time, but here’s a hint. The photo below is a well-known landmark a stone’s throw from the location I’ll be at.

If you know where it is, shhhh, don’t tell anyone. It’ll be our little secret. I’m going on a deep-dive and won’t come back up for air until I return to Boise.

When was the last time you went on hiatus?

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52 thoughts on “ON hiatus – OFF the grid

  1. Every Tuesday, I open your latest post with anticipation. You never, ever disappoint.

    I squinted to see the words “Self Realization Fellowship,” on the building, so there’s a clue.

    Rest and refresh, Laurie!

  2. Good for you, Laurie. I haven’t been on hiatus for a long time, and that was a four-day writing retreat. I hope to do something like that later this year. I hope you fully enjoy your time away.

  3. Enjoy! I know that Place! I will keep your secret Laurie. such a lovely peaceful time you will have I am sure. Blessings to you and yours.

  4. Haha! I AM on hiatus! Enjoying it greatly, I mix when I wish, disappear like smoke when I don’t, make few commitments or promises. I am in Seasonal Hibernation, my Mojo won’t ramp up for another few weeks yet. Being Solar powered, I do best on sunny days, just like a Sundial. Have a splendid time where ever you might land, take time off from work and make everyday a Monday!

  5. I discovered where you are … agree it is a very beautiful area. Two of my brothers live in the state you are in … one to the south of you and one to the north. I’m glad you are taking care of you and filling your cup! It has been some time since I was on a personal retreat/hiatus. However, living in the country in Wisconsin … I can take short moments each week to breathe in the fresh air and take a moment to reflect. I may travel to Madison, Wisconsin this fall to stay a weekend at a retreat center in that area. May your time be filled with peace and provide what you need and desire from your time.

  6. Sorry too late as usual . Enjoy , such fun . I can’t remember the last time I had one , I’m definitely due .

  7. Laurie, that’s wonderful. Happy for you. The last time I went on hiatus was for our honeymoon when we got married three months ago. Hawaii was our destination.

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