Adventure Awaits

There are no two ways about it — I ❤️ TO TRAVEL! 

When I mind-map each year, the four categories that I break down into small attainable steps are health, family/friends, travel, and writing/speaking. Stateside or international—planes, trains, or automobiles—for me, travel is a cornerstone.

Whether I go by myself, with Len, or with my sister, I enjoy the sense of adventure. I make a practice of packing light. Really light. I never check my baggage: just two pieces, a wheeled carry-on, and a laptop tote. And I enjoy arriving at the airport early so that I can people-watch. 

The moment I buckle into my seat, I pop my earbuds in (the international signal for “please do not disturb”), pull out my Kindle, and read until the plane lands.

I currently have four sets of round-trip airline tickets waiting for use in my travel folder. My first adventure of the year is coming up soon. I’ll share more about that in next week’s post.

Do you have up-and-coming travel plans?


69 thoughts on “Adventure Awaits

  1. Hi Laurie,

    Depends what you mean.

    I’m not a great one for long distance (overseas) travel, but I have been known to drive 21 out of 24 hours a couple of times, and often drive 6 hours for a 2 hour meeting. That sort of thing happens a lot when the nearest city is 2.5 hours away. So quite happy driving 10 hours a day to get someplace interesting, and NZ has lots of interesting places.

    The last day of last year had us do 100km (60miles) in low ratio 4WD – 10 hours drive time, into a bit of the back country I had been wanting to visit for many years – Palmer hut. A great day out, but home to my own bed at the end of it.

    Ailsa got a new tent, and had her first night in it last night. I she is off for a few days later this week. I suspect we will spend quite a few nights in that tent over the next few years.

    I’ve got my little catamaran just about ready to go, with electric motor for when the wind drops. So suspect we might get some sea time in as well. Got a bit more work to do on the solar charger.

    Looking forward to the arrival of my 3D printer, laser cutter and 3D Milling machine, that together with what is already in the workshop should let me build the toys I want for some extended back-country travel. But that wont happen until next year.

    No overseas trips planned for this year, but we should get around most of NZ before the year is done.

  2. As you are aware, I love to travel too. We are off to Venice in two weeks and to the UK to visit friends and family in May. There will be day trips in Spain as well. I enjoy travelling alone too. I always meet new and interesting people during my travels.

    • Darlene — Yes, I know you’re a travelin’ gal! I love Venice, and I don’t know where in the UK you’re going, but I love the Highlands of Scotland. I’ve not been to Spain—yet!—but will go as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Safe travels!

  3. I just returned from a ski trip to Revelstoke, BC. Fantastic. Unlike you, I check baggage so I can feel free and light on the plane. A book, headphones and a snack – that’s all I need. No jostling for overhead space, etc. I’m different from most, but that’s what works for me.

    • Arlene — Fortunately, my two pieces are so small I don’t get jostled much when stowing them. But still, I’d do exactly what you do if I didn’t have to wait at a crowded baggage carousel for my luggage at the end of the flight.

  4. I too love to travel and plan trips to Florida for spring break with grandchildren and children, Arizona and New Mexico for family and sunshine, and another tour of Ireland with a professor guiding us this year. Hats off to you for traveling light. I am getting there!

  5. If inheriting a travel bug is possible, then I did from my parents. They were hog farmers and traveled around the world on a long junket in 1967 which mother still talks about, as she should. I should add they visited and stayed with many people they knew–mission workers or folks who had stayed in our home as we hosted many international visitors. Knowing how tricky/difficult international travel can be today, I marvel that they made it. I will probably never visit as many countries as they did but we travel when we can. Next up, a visit to Mom, who, unfortunately has issues that now prevent her traveling. She enjoys the memories and the photos.

  6. I am a road trip kinda gal. Nothing I like better than heading in the car and travelling every backroad we can to finally get where we are going. It’s all about the journey, not the destination for me. My husband finally agrees….. 😀

  7. I don’t love the process of traveling (ie airports, long car rides etc), however I do love being at my destinations. Hhhmmmm a theme I find in life too. Haha. I am at SeaTac as we speak preparing for a business trip to a new city.

    • Lana — I love SeaTac, it’s one of my favorite airports. I know my way around it like I know the back of my hand. I love to people watch and the airport is a grand place to do just that. Have fun as you fly to a new-to-you city. I hope you have the opportunity to get out and visit the sights 🙂

  8. As someone who traveled professionally for years, I can’t sit still for long, so I almost always have a trip planned for the not-to-distant future. Boise is on the list for sooner rather than later—it’s time to visit my sister and some dear friends who recently relocated there … and, I hope, grab a coffee with my favorite resident author/speaker!

  9. The week Joel and Sarah got married in 1996, we were off on several European excursions. Our last globe-trotting-type trip was to Ukraine in 2011, and then British Columbia for our 50th anniversary in 2017.

    This year we have been invited to The Villages near Ocala, Florida, perhaps meeting book lovers there. Also, my new-found cousin Howard has invited us to Branson City, MO in the Ozarks, a new destination for us, perhaps in the summer. One of us travels light-ish, the other not so!

  10. I’m now challenged to travel lighter, though on our recent trip, we intentionally packed extra knowing much would be left behind. I remember when plane travel was truly enjoyable, when we weren’t packed into seats like sardines, or herded along gangplanks like cattle to slaughter. So I travel by car as much as possible, still keeping an eye on that ever threatening carbon footprint. I look forward to hearing of your travels.

  11. Heading to the desert SW in March to visit family and friends. Recently got back from an XC ski trip to Grand Marais, MN. I love to travel other than via airplane and wish I could travel more often. If I were single, I’d probably go on one road trip after another and poke around all the dark corners and back roads of North America, then maybe do the same in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and a few countries in South America–for starters. And if I can’t travel, I love to page through atlases and maps and daydream.

    • Chris — Your recent adventures sound wonderful! My sister (who is single) does precisely what you just described you’d do if you were single. She’s travels nonstop (both stateside and internationally). Her home is basically a place to fly back to so she can wash everything and catch her breath before she heads out again. I’m a rooted tree in comparison to her. Here’s to travel — if if it’s in our minds as we page through altases and maps 🙂

  12. I love travel, but I’m afraid it’s all coming to a stop. I need to get the star on my driver’s license, or a full blown passport. Finances are another part of the issue at our house. I may have to live vicariously through the blogs of others.

  13. I felt that way about travel for years, but now, as I’m older, find the waiting and discomfort discourage most trips except those to see family. However, I’m content with all the other activities in my life, so I’m just thankful I did a lot of traveling when I was younger and able to put up with the inconveniences. Today I’m more of an armchair traveler, following the adventures of my younger friends. There’s the one who catapulted out of her old life and is living in Japan and climbing mountains as she continues to write her historical mystery series. And the one who climbs mountains and was in Everest when the earthquake hit (and is working on a book about his experiences). There’s more than one way to get a travel fix. 😀

  14. My dog and I are headed to Florida soon to visit with my son. Then I will care for his animals and house while he and his wife visit friends and family in Arizona.
    This kind of trip used to be a piece of cake but in my senior years I’m full of anxiety preparing for trips but once I’m on the road all is good.

  15. Love to hear about your travel plans and approaches and enjoy too reading of plans of others on this page. I’ve always had a bit of “wander”lust. Living in SE Wisconsin now, it’s an 1.5 hours to Chicago, and hour plus to Milwaukee and at times client trips take me as far as Appleton up north in Wisconsin or south to Bloomington, in central Illinois. Even these shorter trips can be turned into mini adventures by taking off roads or stopping at a refuge or some other place of interest. On one occasion, I took a side road on the way home from a far north trip,I turned my head to see a sedge (group) of cranes with one particular family of 3 catching my interest … with them a very young and wobbly member. I sat and watched the cranes for near an hour. Joy!

    My car is most often my chariot to adventure. I haven’t yet scheduled any trips. I am looking at driving up to Madison in March for the Writers Institute and St. Paul, Min for a visit with friends. A goal is to travel to Poland and Germany to walk the land of my maternal and paternal ancestors!

  16. I am content to stay home, and often find travel stressful and scary. I feel guilty leaving the dogs at the kennel; driving at higher speeds than I’m used to, in traffic, with whatever the weather is doing gives me the jitters. Because I begin my trip from this small island with a plane ride, all travel is expensive. However, it is often worth the trouble, and I have several trips planned for this year: a sister’s vacation in Florida, a trip to Hawaii to visit my daughter, separate jaunts for my grandson’s high school graduation and my fiftieth class reunion, a vacation with family off the Carolina coast for my birthday,an Earthwatch expedition with that graduating grandson…and maybe Thanksgiving with my family. So much time away that the people I work with are the ones getting jittery!

  17. I’d like to travel more than the budget permits, although being home is good too. Three weeks from today I will be on a plane heading to Galveston where I’ll spend a week with a friend of over 50 years and her daughter – who I babysat those many years ago.

  18. Laurie, the actually temperature in Atlanta was 23 degrees this morning with a windchill in the low teens. Since I made the the road trip from Southern California 14 months ago I’ve not had the urge to don my traveling pants again but the weather tells me it’s time for some salt water therapy on a hot, sunny beach somewhere South of the Fla./Ga. Line. You, my friend, are always ready to go!

    • Sandi — Some sun-baked sand between your toes and a dip in the Atlantic Ocean sound like a lovely and restorative way to while away some time. Followed by reading a great book on a lounge chair under a big umbrella while listening to the waves lapping at the shore. Yes. It’s time for you to go.

  19. Travel is a delight isn’t it . Since living in Wales I haven’t been traveling as much and this year we have our son’s wedding . But we are contemplating France in the near future …like to do a bit of exploring there .
    Enjoy your adventures Laurie .

  20. I am actually going to venture 2 hours south for a Christmas Massage this Saturday. I have 2 daughters there They are too busy to host us very often. We try to visit CA and other daughter every other year and like to take the train. We both get very jealous at times when we hear about other’s travels, but we work on being Carbon Neutral daily. Our home uses no fossil fuels (we do have a natural gas back up heater for power outages) We have an electric car, and I read to travel everywhere. My partner bikes everywhere. I walk nearly everywhere. We had solar panels at the other house….hoping to get them here. We don’t eat red meat. The high school students in our local school are avid Climate Change enthusiasts – we support them…We watch the California Wildfires, and the Australian Fires and help to plant trees. Most of our food comes from our own yard and from our C02 neurtral CSA.(Have you seen THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM movie?)… University of Washington all the students have to figure their polluting footprint…..that has been an amazing reveal to most of them. I have seen most of the USA and more of Canada as a child. I did a walking tour of Scotland and some London. I worked out of South Korea for a year. We made sure our daughters experienced lots of travel. But truly, I want to have clean air and water and all the lovely animals and bugs for the future to come.

  21. I have not flown since the Detroit Shoe Bomber in 2003 or so. I now am in my “If I can’t go there by train or automobile, I don’t go.” I am hoping that the pandemic will die down so that I can drive from San Diego to Atlanta the first week of June. I have all sorts of photo stops planned for the drive to and fro.

  22. Prior to the virus restrictions, had planned a road trip. No destination in mind, just driving. Definitely Colorado this year, Dallas in June, Yellowstone in July, San Diego a few times and this year I’d like to check out some of the ghost towns here in Northern California.

  23. I love to cruise, but so far this year I have had 2 cruises cancelled by the cruise line. One to the Panama Canal and one to Scandinavia and Russia. I still have one left in December to South America and Antarctica. I do hope the cruise lines will be back up and the virus isn’t around. This summer I plan to fill in some travel to some states I have missed.

    • Geri — You’re a gal after my own traveling heart! Your trips sound like they would have been wonderful. I, too, hope you’re able to take the one you’ve got planned for December.

      My travel plans got canceled, too. Fortunately, I received credit for everything and look forward to using it once COVID-19 is a mere speck in the rearview mirror.

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