What Are You Reaching For?

Person, place, thing, event, or opportunity—it’s important to know what it is that you’re reaching for.

To aspire is defined as something you actively desire to reach, a goal you’re working toward. 

What are you going to do with it once it’s within reach? Will you grab hold, or will you let it slip by?

In my experience, the act of reaching out sets everything in motion. That’s why I plan before I reach out, so when I do catch hold, I know my next steps.

What are you reaching for?

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56 thoughts on “What Are You Reaching For?

  1. I have recently started on a brand new path, writing short stories and maybe even a short novel, so my aim is to have them published at some point. It is always scary starting out with anything completely new, so self-confidence and perseverance are vital.

  2. Hi Laurie,

    I’m reaching for a world where every individual has all the resources they need to do whatever they responsibly choose, and everyone has some level of awareness of their responsibilities to maintain social and ecological systems.

    A world where the highest values are individual life and individual liberty, and liberty exists in a context of acknowledging that we all have social and ecological responsibilities.

    A world where all essentials are available to all, mostly via fully automated systems.

  3. I started an online course, pretty recently, on well-being and increasing happiness, and I’m exploring ways of helping (others and myself) make the best of life. Thanks, Laurie.

  4. I am doing most of my reaching low to the ground these days. This is a year of Jubilee (50 year anniversary) for Stuart and me, so the focus is on family — three events involving all of our families. More than 100 people in all. So, making video, planning games, food, and trips and writing out stories to tell the children.

    My spirit, however, reaches high. I am looking for places where a little more weight on the scales can make a difference for the sake of the world I am preparing to leave behind sometime in the next 30 years.

  5. I am reaching for being deeply at home and at peace in this body. Being here, present, alive with the juiciness of life, deeply feeling love and connection with spirit, realizing Oneness. And remembering that this journey is not just for me, an individual self. But for the whole field of our connectedness. The more one person settles into this deepest home, the more we all do. Continually moving from Spirit into what needs to reached for next…

  6. I’m reaching for files to be uploaded to the printer of my memoir, an exercise in patience.

    By the way, I noticed your bubble-blowing practice on Instagram. Now you’ve delighted Luna (and us) with a nice, fat bubble.

  7. I’m reaching for a life free of the mind control antics of internet platforms and “hive mind” mentality. At my age, that’s like reaching back for those times when I could enjoy reading, alone time, good face-to-face conversation and debate, and gardening. It’s hard to avoid algorithms these days, but I’m working on it, mostly by spending a lot less time on the internet.

  8. Laurie, super question! I had not given it reams of time in my lifetime, simply that if I always had a goal of something in mind, I would always have a journey and a destination, it’s progress. But after the past few years, turbulent ones in some cases, I’ve come to place great value on a place named Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor is not so much a physical space on Earth as it is Real Estate in your mind. When you have achieved that goal, you lay down your burdens and find rest. Not too likely for me to slip into that state of contentment just yet, I’m still trying to figure out the puzzle of my new house…where do I put every thing? Another lifetime goal.

  9. I’m reaching up and out in several ways. I reaching for my next decade birthday marker this month and an exciting year ahead. I’m reaching for new opportunites to utilize my ever deepening coaching skills. Today, in the middle of a 5 Day Visibility Challenge (Biz on FB). I’ve created a new focus, informally referred to as the ChangeMaker’s Change Maker (aka Coach). I believe it will connect perfectly to my reaching for social justice and my memoir! Ah yes, reaching for completion on my first draft on my memoir (finally!).

  10. I spent a great deal of my life reaching for the wrong things. Now that I’m retired and done with other responsibilities I am able to reach for the things I really and truly want for myself… it’s a great feeling… it’s never too late until it is!

  11. I’ve been writing and reading and watching and witnessing and trying to make plans for the summer. For now we have next weekend set for our annual Gettysburg trip. The picture of you and your granddaughter there is priceless Laurie!!

  12. I love this! This is a
    great way to see things. I will be using this thought to keep me focused. Thanks
    so much for sharing it!

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