Hope and Upliftment

While we were in the labor and delivery waiting room of St. Luke’s hospital in early October, waiting for the arrival of our granddaughter, we walked the halls and admired the incredible work of professional photographer, Brianna Chaves of BC Photography.

And while we were in the main newborn waiting room, we learned that there is another waiting room—the neonatal intensive care waiting room for families whose loved one has given or is giving birth to a significantly premature baby. 

The cool thing about the hallway leading to that special waiting room is that it’s lined with photographs of current-day children—ranging in age from five to twelve—who are holding pictures of themselves as premies. The purpose is to provide upliftment and give hope to those in the special area.

The thoughtfulness of each photo made me cry—happy tears. 

When was the last time you cried tears of joy?

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72 thoughts on “Hope and Upliftment

  1. How very touching. I cry tears of joy just about every day. Watching my puppy play makes me so happy, tears just fall out of my eyes. Brianna Chaves is an excellent photographer.

  2. Excellent pictures. One of my goddaughter was also born prematurely and tiny. Thinking about her and how far she’s come brings tears to my eyes. Thanks, Laurie.

  3. I never used to cry much until I became a mother. That seems to pop the cap off the well of tears in many of us. My daughter leaves tomorrow for a trip to Europe. I know I will cry to see my adult daughter take off so confidently on a new adventure.

  4. Yes! What a great hallway idea for those going through this crisis. Thanks for sharing, glad to know this type of thoughtful caring is out there.

    When did I last shed happy tears?? I guess I was blinking them back as we happily drove 2 hours to be present for the birth of our fifth grandson recently as well. 🙂 He was a surprise baby for us … not so much for the parents, who never let us know what they were thinking about “should we go for a third?” But this past Easter they had bought shirts for the two older boys, and when we arrived Easter morning to spend the day with them we saw: one shirt that said “Professional big brother” (for the oldest boy) and I thought, yes, that fits him; and then saw “Professional big brother in training” (for the second oldest boy). It took me 30 seconds to catch on. 🙂 That was a fun surprise!

    • Craig — Because you live in Boise, you and yours have probably visited St. Luke’s Hospital. I don’t know if you’ve ever had need to be on the 2nd floor (labor and delivery), but if you haven’t already seen that particular hallway, the next time you’re there, give it a stroll. It is incredibly uplifting! 🙂

  5. A good movie with a happy ending always chokes me up. I’m also embarrassed to admit that certain major golf tournaments where an underdog or journeyman player comes out of nowhere to be the heavy favorites is also tear-jerking … especially when the player’s wife and/or kids rush out onto the 18th green to congratulate him.


  6. Beautiful photos!! Sadly, the last thing that brought me tears were the pictures and stories of the 11 people killed at the Synagogue in Pittsburgh.
    In general, I find I have a well of tears at the ready for anything from the sappy movie, watching children play, a memory of someone in our family no longer with us, a beautiful moment with friends where laughter turns to tears.Many of us are just sensates.

  7. I dont cry easily, unless it’s a story about an animal that gets hurt, then I become Niagara Falls. There is usually at least one episode of laughing till we cry when my kids and I are together.

  8. What an inspiring photo gallery for those facing such challenges Laurie. Wow! I am not sure of my last happy tears which, for me, are usually tears of relief mixed with joy. I more often give a hoop and haller, even if it means leaving the space to do so. A time that stands out where that was not possible was when my son was born and my dad came to the hospital to see me. He wasn’t a huggy person. He is jovial and would sort of play wrestle with us but an actual hug was for serious matters of instilling love to the person in his arms. It didn’t happen very often. Well, here I was, this 19 year old new single mom and he gave me this great big bear hug. It was then that I fully realized the enormity of the task ahead of me. That was 40 years ago this spring and I still get tears in my eyes of gratitude for how my dad let me know that he was on my side, that he believed in me and that he was there for me… and lucky me, he still is.

  9. Thank you for posting the photos in the hallway of hope. They make me cry happy tears when I remember Ian’s miracle birth 11 years ago. Nurses in the neonatal unit encouraged us by saying, “He’s a fighter. He’ll make it” when what I saw registered otherwise. My students gave me the biggest lift when I confessed my fears and one or two of them said to me, “I’ve seen babies like this, and you’ll be surprised that he’ll thrive some day.”

    I did blog about it, a post you read and responded too. Ian is now a robust young whippersnapper. Thank you again for this beautiful post, the photos and the sentiment. I am thankful Luna Bleue arrived fully functional. What a blessing!

  10. Wonderful idea and photographs. I am afraid that this week all my tears are for the sorrow and loss at the hands of hate….Healing meditation this afternoon and candlelight vigil tonight.

    It was drilled into me never to cry, especially not it public.

  11. I tend to get teary when I’m moved, (bagpipe music, for some reason does it every time) but specifically last night when I watched Christopher Robin with Ewan McGregor as Christopher. There’s one scene where Christopher, all grown up and estranged from the magic of the Hundred Acre Wood and Pooh, finally reconnects with the little hunny-loving bear and hugs him really tight like a child would hug their favourite soft and fluffy stuffed friend when their heart hurt. I got all teary, right there. 😀

  12. What wonderful photos and I can only imagine the hope they bring to others! I shed happy tears fairly easily, but mostly connected to my grandchildren, I think. They just amuse me without even trying. 🙂 What a happy post, Laurie!

  13. Laurie, what a sweet, inspiring, and loving post that made me smile! I cried happy tears on Saturday afternoon, at my book launch, which helped the sad tears I cried when I learned about the synagogue shooting, on Saturday evening. Life is always filled with joyful and devastating moments that teach us thoughtful and unthinkable lessons.

  14. I do apologise I’m a little late . The other day I saw a King Charles spaniel and smiled with urtter joy . I realised it’s time to let my dear departed Oscar go and have a new boy in my life …it’s been three whole months since loosing him and we have been so lonely . Both Colin and myself need to laugh again …puppies are such funny little chaps don’t you think .

  15. I had a happy tear or two at my brother’s wedding a month ago. I have also lost several good supportive friends this year, men who were living life to the full and were very encouraging and caring, I miss them and it just reminds me to live every day to the max like they did.

  16. Laurie, nothing can match the reason for your own tears of joy as related in this beautiful post, but I’ll say when I got good news on my 88 year old father’s condition last week. The big mass in his stomach turned out to be scar tissue.

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