Standing Alone

While discussing the practical use of social media at a monthly meeting with other nonfiction writers, it was suggested that I monetize my blog.

It was also recommended that because Tuesdays with Laurie is high traffic, I should rent this space to others to use as a platform.

I explained that I actually pay an annual fee to keep advertisements off my blog and that I have no intention of being a mouthpiece for services or products.

After they pulled their eyebrows back down from their hairlines, it was clear I stood alone in my thinking.

I have no issues with monetized blogs. In fact, I applaud people who earn income from their posts. It just doesn’t happen to be what Tuesdays with Laurie is about.

When was the last time you stood alone?


83 thoughts on “Standing Alone

  1. I look neither right nor left, I stand for my principles and for what my heart and gut tell me is right. Just as you do. And as you do, I pay to NOT have ads etc on my blog. And I must admit, I’m less likely to read a blog if it pops up with ads and entreaties to subscribe. We are bombarded with ‘junk’ so much every day. Let’s just try and keep it simple. Spread joy. Spread hugs. Spread love. Standing tall. xo

  2. I stand alone quite a lot, for which I am both admired by my supervisor and admonished–for not being part of the ‘team.’ Can we talk about the overrated ‘team’ sometime?! Ugh–group mentality….bothers me, Laurie.

    • LoisaJay — You comment (group mentality) brings to mind a Bertrand Russell quote that I like:

      “Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.”

      • And there you go, Laurie. Lauded for my independence and free spirit, but still trying to rein me in. Ah, well……thank you for the quote.

  3. I, also, pay not to have adverts on my blog. And, I have also been told that I am crazy not to take advantage of an opportunity to make money. But, at my age, I find that I look at life a little differently now and enjoy the difference.

  4. I often stand alone, but a dinner conversation with participants at the Oxford Round Table ten years ago stands out. We discussed a controversial topic, and I was the only one with an opposing viewpoint. While I stood my ground, I was scoffed at and made to feel like a nincompoop. I’m fuzzy on the details of the discussion, but to this day I am saddened that a group of academics were unable to tolerate differences of opinion.

  5. I frequently stand alone but never feel alone. Thank you for Tuesday’s with you – you’re such a light in this world and reminder to not get caught up in the same-o-same-o. “Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing” ~ Laurie Buchanan 🙂

  6. Yes. Yes. Yes. The quiet voices, the spaces on the web without the advertisements and big letters and flashy widgets, are often the kindest and wisest and, in a different way, the loudest.

  7. We are bombarded with ads in so many ways now, that it’s a relief when there are none. My blog is not a high traffic blog, so I haven’t been tempted, but I would hope I would resist. As for standing alone – it’s a constant for me where I live, but fortunately the friendships withstand the differences. My blog fills in for someone to unload on quite often.

  8. Good for you, Laurie. It is important that we stand up for our own beliefs especially in this time of great change. I have noticed a big increase in online pop-up advertising this past year or so. It is so annoying when you are trying to read an article and I find I am no longer reading these blogs as often. I think it goes back to what one’s intention is at the beginning of the project. It is to impart information, get people thinking, teach a subject, etc. or is it to provide an income.

  9. You’re not alone, Laurie–I completely concur. And that’s the thing, isn’t it? Whenever I’ve expressed an opposing view another has backed me–in public or private, at the time or later. We are seldom ever alone.

  10. I so appreciate the absence of ads on your blog. I’ve watched a few blogs shift from valuable sources of information to completely “owned” by their advertisers. I’ve dropped them. It seems being clear about the blog’s primary purpose is key. There might be some bloggers who have a purpose where selective advertisers make sense (connected to the purpose which are of value to the reader). But I like the serenity of non-ad spaces.
    Standing alone, grounded in principles, takes courage. I honor it.
    I’ve also found myself standing in that space on income inequality, women’s issues, environment all my life. Thankfully, as others have said, I don’t have to stand alone long.

    • Audrey — Like you, I’ve found myself unsubscribing or unfollowing blogs that bombard me with advertisements.

      I’m looking forward to reading your memoir that I’m sure will include discussion around standing alone—or with very few—on the issues you listed.

  11. Just last night. Still standing alone today
    I try to step on the scale alone , but last night I had to do it with my phone to my ear while my youngest was upset about a gift I purchased ,hugely upset!!!! I weigh myself every Tuesday after my shower and I hope to do that alone yet this morning. Sometimes Zip joins me. I have a fancy prescription scale which uses my phone to send the various numbers to my doctor in Seattle. That also makes me feel not alone.
    I do share where one can purchase books on my blog and do not try to monetize it any more. I make a bit of money from my WiseEars listening service and have given up that blog. Word of mouth is as much as I can handle

    • Patricia — I’ve heard about scales like the one you use to transmits data to your physician. How cool is that?!

      And I always enjoy reading the book reviews on your blog. Your responsible for many of the titles on my must-read list. Thank you! 🙂

  12. Laurie, you know me, I don’t seek out conflict but when it lands on my doorstep, I will address it. I have been known to question the system and act on the information. At a recent book club meeting ( my first time there ), people were asked their thoughts on the book of the month. Dead silence, folks doing anything but speaking. ” Any thoughts? Any one?” I answered ” …an awful book, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to publish such stuff. It was like a waking nightmare…” and more along that vein. It was on my mind that this would be my one and only visit to the book club, so I simply offered my own opinion. When I looked up, there were grateful smiles and thanks. Apparently it had afflicted them all the same way it had me, and the book was given a Universal Bronx Cheer and bad marks for having the bad taste to put that book into the hands of an unsuspecting public. I was gambling on standing alone on this book. It was more than gratifying to find that I was not alone after all. A bond has been forged.

  13. Clearly, you do NOT stand alone regarding this topic. You only stood alone in that group of people. I often share your words about “choosing to do things that you would give up your life to do” or consider not doing them. Since I often think about that before ways I spend my time, it seems that I hardly stand alone at all. Thank you for always being the voice of reason inside my head and on the pages of your amazing book – Note to Self.

  14. Dear Laurie, I stand with you! I do the same, except for having guest bloggers. Laurie, you are more than welcome to be a guest blogger any time it works for you. Keeping a clear message about our Books and Brands is a “Healthy Decision” on many levels. Brava 🙂

  15. Good for you, Laurie.

    I’ve pretty much felt like I’ve stood alone as long as I can remember. Not so much for taking an unpopular stand, just not fitting in with most groups and/or not going along blindly with popular opinions and “accepted wisdom.” But I feel the most like I’m standing alone when the discussion comes around to politics and I casually tell the others I’m a card-carrying lifetime member of the Libertarian Party. The blank stares are deafening in most groups. 😉


  16. I hear you…. I often stand alone, my freedom and sticking to what I think is one of the most important things…. BTW, I have purchased the domain of my blog, many years ago. I recently thought that I could create a new blog, more “light”, so as to speak, with quotes and photographs, mainly. I still didn´t do it, though… So, yes, I agree with you, in that sense as well 😀 Love & best wishes, dear Laurie

  17. I’m totally with you on this, Laurie! I also pay extra each year to keep ads off my blog. And I do find it both annoying and distracting to be bombarded by ads on other blogs and websites. It’s not all about us, it’s about the reader’s experience and the community we want to create.

  18. Laurie , Laurie. Laurie …I love you for standing alone, I really do .
    I love ‘ They pulled their eyebrows down from their hairlines’ .
    I can’t begin to tell you how many times ‘THAT’ has happened to me . I’d almost given up saying what I think because it can make you feel alone or odd but you have given me ‘fuel for my fire’ .
    You will never truly stand alone Laurie because just look to your shoulder and I’ll be with right there with you 👍

  19. I was taught to distrust the crowd and that sticking to my values might be costly sometimes. Turned out to be true more than once. Good for you, Laurie. You aren’t standing alone after all. Your readers appreciate you more than ever.

  20. Thank you for taking a stand here, Laurie. I stand with you. Standing alone has presented an odd challenge to me over my adult life — I tend to relish the position. Perhaps it’s being an only child, I don’t know. But “rocking the boat,” standing out, being different from the crowd has long been a place of honor. I was Finance Director a Democratic Congressma and I began to dress and behave like a republican. I married a conservative republican businessman and my inner hippie rose to the fore. At the same time, I love the feeling of warmth and security I get from being enveloped by a (small) group of loving people. I’m unable to categorize it (which I also love).

  21. I stand (or sit – I am a senior with bad feet and bad knees) alone frequently on what I think. Maybe because I’m an only child but maybe not, unless I’ve evolved. Back in my childhood, teens and early twenties I went with the flow. Too scared and worried with “what will others think?” Now, I give the same answer i gave to a lady on a bus who expressed her concern about what I was saying:

    “I’m too old to care.”
    She just looked at me.
    And I just did that saying what I think about some screw-up in my blog post today on my personal blog.



  22. Laurie – Love ‘Tuesdays with Laurie’ … Keep up the good work even if you’re the last one standing! Just sorry I’ve been so busy lately so have not read your blogs as much as I would have liked. Honestly, I can’t think of a time I’ve stood alone, but I went on a course recently where the participants were encouraged to give feedback to trainees – Um … so now determined to step out of my comfort zone instead of shrinking from it. People like you lead us to stand up tall. Thanks, Suz.

  23. Laurie,
    Anyone who would put the integrity of their site above the almighty dollar, under pressure, in the real life situation that you encountered … well, my hat’s off to you. You are an inspiration to us all. It’s easy to “Talk the talk,” but it takes leaders to inspire us to “Walk the walk.” Thank you.

  24. I surely commend you for your attitude, it’s refreshing now days, since it seems everybody is out there to make a dollar.
    However they are those like me, who suffer advertisement on our blogs, without getting a cent, the reason?
    Simple enough, I want to keep my blog free of charge to myself as well, on these times when millions of people spend day, and night, thinking another skim to make you pay another fee to the always unending, and mounting new fees for whatever reason, some of us need to look for a way to save our pocket more punishment.
    My only way of retaliating it’s my statement on my About, section, where I stated I wasn’t receiving any fees for the advertisement, in my blog to keep it for me cost free, however since of lately looks like my about section it’s not displaying on my blog, as to why I ignore it, certainly I didn’t took it off myself.
    But we thank you for your stand. 🙂

  25. Visiting from Jeri Walker’s feature of you.

    Bravo. The pressure to monetize everything skews our thinking. If we can buy it, it’s measurable and valuable. If it’s free? There must be a catch. Ironically, everything we need is “free.” Mothering, air, water, friendship — all price-less. The most important things can take a back seat to things we buy, when often it should be the other way around.

    Preaching to the choir, I’m sure. My roundabout way of saying hurray!

    • J.B. Whitmore — Welcome to Tuesdays With Laurie, I’m so glad you came by way of Jeri, thank you for letting me know.

      I enjoyed reading your observation about the perception of value based on dollars.

  26. Laurie, I applaud your nobility and integrity and fully understand the intent of your blogsite, which in indeed super-successful as is. Oh I’ve stood alone on many an occasion, and it does require tenacity to stay the course. 🙂

  27. I’m all about making money because everyone else is trying to take it from me. There also will come a time when I’m no longer physically or mentally capable of making money, so I need to make as much as possible now so that I don’t have to live off of Social Security……….

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