Optical Illusion

We took our son out to dinner for his birthday, and after a delicious meal, we asked the waiter if he would take our photograph with my cell phone. When we dropped Evan off at his apartment, he said, “Will you please send me a copy of that photo?” As we pulled away, I sent it to him.

Before we arrived at our house—only a mile away—my cell phone rang. “Mom, did you see the optical illusion?” I had no idea what he was talking about. “Open the photo and look at the straw on the table. It looks like the right side of it is levitating.”

Sure enough!

You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t believe everything you think.” Well, don’t believe everything you see, either.

What was your most recent encounter with an illusion?

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68 thoughts on “Optical Illusion

  1. That is spooky, Laurie!! My son took a photo in the summer when I was swinging a flag around and on the photo three flags appeared, all hovering in the air around me without the flag pole!! A lovely photo of your family, Laurie!😃❤️

  2. There was a fabulous one in black and white when I took a picture of my parents and my mother was standing in front of a little tree and in black and white it looked as if she was wearing a huge wig! Amazing! Have a great week, Laurie.

  3. And a very Happy Birthday to your son Evan, Laurie! The illusion is very interesting & definitely reminds me not to take things at face value. My most recent encounter with an illusion happened a few days ago. What I ‘perceived’ to be a closed path (in the distance) turned out to be walkable after all. I rerouted based on the ‘illusion’. Cher xo

  4. First of all, Happy Birthday to Evan.
    I seem to fall victim to optical illusions all the time. Trying to find wonderful wildlife is the best one. Many years ago, scanning the horizon for whales from a boat in western Scotland, I excitedly called out saying”Yes, there is one over there”, only to find out seconds later that it was a seagull!!! It’s been a joke between Peter and I ever since. 😂😂😂

  5. Life is full of illusions. Or as Lois said, delusions. Like thinking I’ll really stick to an exercise program. Or clean out those cabinets that appear to have collected a large variety of – who knows what, which is why they need cleaning out.
    More relative to your photo however, was when I first began to use baby Photoshop (Photoshop Elements) and learned how to remove/insert people in pictures. That’s when I learned that life is an illusion.

  6. After my recent cataract surgery on my right eye, my life was full of halos and rolling floors. With my new bifocals these things are less. I still have to be very careful stepping down off a curb. I am told this will clear up also. The really hard part is that I read on my desk top computer with my chin up in the air to use the reader part of my glasses. Stiff neck is us! When I can afford it I will try some reader glasses for the computer to fix the problem. Fun picture And Happy Birthday!

  7. What fun Laurie and great photograph of you three! I have nor resent optical illusions to share. But I loved reading about yours and others that were posted. We have heavy rains and wind warnings for tonight again but nothing more than normal for this time of year. Now with cell data on my phone and iPad I don’t even need to let people know that O might be off line. How things change in just a few short years. All the best of the week ahead to you!

  8. Laurie, I love to explore our backyard and surrounding area and I have been heavily warned about snakes, especially the Green Mojave Rattlers who love to hide in the greasewood and sage. Every crooked stick on the ground becomes a snake to me until proven otherwise. I have optical illusions laying all over my yard, waiting for my unwary steps, just to see me do the high jump.

  9. Gosh Laurie your son looks 50% like you and 50% like your husband …exactly. Sorry to bring this up as an observation but that is how I see it…oh and he’s 100% handsome of course 😉
    We FaceTime our son twice a week and he often sits where the clock on the wall frames his head and he looks like an angel …which of course he is 😗

  10. Spooky!
    It’s the shadow underneath, which helps – I’m sure. Or maybe it’s just a sign of great things to come for all of you…? 😀

    It’s a lovely photo of you and your family. Happy Birthday to Evan!

    I have a photo of me and my husband standing in the church doorway after we were just married and someone looked at that and asked me instantly without prompting – who is the lady standing to your side? But no one else was in the photo with us!

    Apparently it was my Nan – I can’t see it myself, but she was sure she could see an elderly lady. Plus, I never even knew this person, who said this, was sensitive to things like that.

    Not quite the same story, but I felt it was an optical illusion, but at the same time, it was a nice thought if it was her…

  11. Wow, that straw DOES look like it is levitating! Ha! Mine was last year in Gettsburg where a ghostly head was discernible behind my son on the battlefield. Still haunting us!!!

  12. Considering my own skills in Photoshop, Video Studio, and Filmora, I have learned not to trust any picture or video without further investigation, especially if the pictures or videos come out of the Far East. I think the Far East is to fake pictures, videos, and stories like Nigeria is to spam.

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