Positive Flow

Life has a way of teaching us to accept or maneuver around obstacles; some of them seemingly insurmountable. That’s where the miracle of flow comes in. With perpetual forward motion—under, over, around, or through—I choose to be a graceful partner in the beautiful, often salsa tempo’d, dance of life.

I wear a pendant that reminds me of my choice to be a vessel through which positivity flows: peace, joy, kindness, encouragement, compassion, acceptance, creativity, and light.

Another type of flow occurs when we are 100% involved in an activity that is challenging enough to engage us, but not so challenging that it’s frustrating. It’s a state in which we are fully in the present moment, and we lose awareness of everything other than our activity; we’re in the moment and things just…flow!

“I am rooted, but I flow.” —Virginia Woolf

What activities have absorbed you so deeply that your mind quiets down and you just flow?

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63 thoughts on “Positive Flow

  1. Laurie, as always refreshing to read your thoughts on life! For me, recently I’ve caught a bug. It’s a nice one though!! Running. When I’m out on a run I’m focusing on pace and taking in the sounds around me. Flow is good! Stagnant and stopping is not good! Thanks again, Suz

  2. This post comes in the right moment, Laurie. I was just talking about challenges and passion with one of my writing mentors these days, specifically concerning how we find the way to fit in the time for writing in a very busy daily schedule. I work ten hours a day, seven out of seven, for six months per year, in a very crowded restaurant in my hometown. I go home tired and exhausted and even have to do my house chores and get at least four hours of sleep, but in all this, I find the time to dedicate to my passion, the activity I want to focus on. My writing time takes place from 2:30/3:00 am to 5 am and then again from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and in that time, everything just flows. For real.
    Thanks for sharing this and have a great day.

  3. I seem to always go with, and into, a “flow” when I walk. The longer I walk, the more I flow. Interestingly, the same thing happens when I write….AND when I meditate. May the FLOW be with you, Laurie. xo

  4. You can’take get more positive Flow than surfing: it requires all your concentration to judge the power and proximity of the waves, your body responding naturally to it to catch that wave that will carry you safely to the shore with and inner (and sometimes outer) cry of sheer joy and exhilaration!

  5. I’ll comment on your Flow # 1. This morning I wrote the words “Expect a Miracle” on my post-it note. It appeared rather unexpectedly while reading one of May Sarton’s journals yesterday. An attitude of expectation helps me go with the flow.

    Great questions, good examples, love the comments here too, Laurie!

  6. Sometimes when I’m painting, if I’m happy with the way it’s going. Otherwise, I mostly just go with the flow of daily life, occasionally having to dodge rocks through the rapids.

  7. Laurie, I know you have shaken your head in bewilderment when I confessed to enjoying pulling weeds. It’s quiet activity, it has a great reward in that it is visible at once, immediate gratification! It is a necessary task that most people avoid as tedious, dirty and laborious. Most of all no one comes to interrupt my solitude for fear they will end up being put to work, something that troubles me not at all. While I am down there on my knees, it’s also a excellent time to have a word or two with the Master of the Universes, giving thanks for the day and for all that it holds.

  8. Traveling can often, for me, be an interruption of deep flow. But, it holds a special type of flow to it. And when I can get in sync with its type of flow through checking in, security, customs, waiting, etc., I am at ease and all is well. After a joyful family reunion in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I will be happy to be back home tonight.
    I enjoy deeper flow states when planning, writing, and crocheting.

    • Audrey — Your travel example is perfect illustration of something that “holds a special type of flow.” I’m so glad you had a joy-filled time visiting with your family in Canada 🇨🇦

  9. I can disappear into a story easily and if the writing is good, I can be there. I am easily distracted and then just as easily come back to what I was doing. Sometimes when I am cooking I am able to flow. I am acutely sensitive – smell, hearing, seeing. One of my daughters is definitely at prayer when she plays the piano, but 10 years ago she decided it was uncool and she quit. Now she will not play because she’s rusty at it????HUH? I always think those times are true gifts for people. I do think about flowing. Don’t you feel grateful and optimistic when you arrive at the point…?

    • Patricia — Thank you for the excellent examples you shared!

      Your daughter not playing the piano because she’s “rusty” makes me think of a friend who doesn’t like reading because she’s “slow.” Hello! You get faster at reading (or better at the piano) with practice! 🎹

  10. I don’t know if this counts but it has to be Wimbledon ( tennis ) for two weeks we ( my hubby and I ) are absorbed by the theatre of it and now we have British players that can be champions . When I watch it I think of nothing …no worries nothing . Colin taught me tennis 30 years ago wow ! So glad he did 😊

  11. I love when the flow finds mexehen I’m writing. Challenging yet not frustrating. It’s a narrow path, that one. But the flow finds me weeding my gardens; it caught me earlier yesterday clearing out the barn in prep for our new chicks arriving tomorrow. It finds me when I’m totally absorbed in the task at hand,and not thinking of where else I might be. Thanks for this, Laurie.

  12. In this world every person has a different reason of their happiness. For me being loved by the person you love is what makes me completely happy and contented especially in my family. And also my love of my life is the reason why i am strong enough to accept the challenge of life. Because i know they are always in my side through ups and down sadness or pleasure they will always be their to help me when i am down and motivates me to continue the battle of life.

  13. Laurie, I love your open ended question.. for me, something that absorbs and quiets my mind… is being contact with water.
    Water is virtue energy that brings wisdom and concentration.. according to Chinese 5 elements (practices).

  14. Your description of flow reminds me of writing when it’s going extremely well. Sometimes, of course, there exists little or no flow, but on the good days? Fun, fun, fun! 🙂


  15. Ah, another unintended reference to my eternal OCD. 🙂 Lately it has been obtaining, watching and writing all connected to our site’s Greatest Television Series Countdown!

  16. I’m rooted, but I flow – i love that!

    Oh, writing – definitely. I love that zone out – full flow feeling – when you look back and think “I’m sure that was channelled through me, as it reads like someone else wrote it!” 🙂

  17. Your description of flow reminds me of my writing and reading. I get fully absorbed in either of the cases and the world outside ceases to exist.

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