Amber Waves of Grain

Road trips are one of our favorite things to enjoy. And with a bead on dog-friendly hotels (thank you Best Western Plus, we love your rewards program), Willa gets to come along, too.

Last week we attended the Arlington Fly-In in Washington state. The scenery in the Pacific Northwest is spectacular with soldier-straight rows of grapes vines in mile after mile of vineyards, vast fields of pole-climbing hops, the heavenly scent of apple trees as far as the eye can see, farm stands bursting with freshly picked bing cherries, and oceans of golden wheat gently blowing in the breeze.

It’s enough to make you burst into song. And we did—America the Beautiful!

When was the last time you spontaneously burst into song?


72 thoughts on “Amber Waves of Grain

  1. Beautiful post. I must admit for me it also tends to be when I’m driving. It might be a song I’m listening to on the radio or something I see. Thanks, Laurie, and happy Tuesday.

  2. America really is the most beautiful place! I haven’t been to the Washington-Oregon area but have traveled to most other states and find each is extraordinary in its own way.

    I think the last time I burst into song was … okay, I admit it, I was in the car and the song was Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself.

  3. I’d love to set your vivid descriptions to song and add something about ducks gliding on our lake. Next week we plan to sample some beauty just above our Pacific Northwest, the beautiful British Columbia, which may make me burst into a new song.

    Great question, Laurie!

  4. Sounds like a great road trip Laurie! Amazing. I love this time of summer bounty in fields and from the farms. I don’t burst into song very often. The noise is too much even for my own ears. But I do hum a rather tuneless hum when something pleases me. I would have been humming if I was on your trip and when I saw the butterfly on the butterfly bush at my new gallery this week.

  5. This morning actually. I was on”the dock waiting for sunrise. All I could see was a sliver of color through a crack in the sky. I thought it was too coludy for a good sunrise then– bright orange started appearing on the horizon. That inspired a rousing rendition of Morning has Broken as the sun made it’s full appearance. Haven’t been up for sunrise for awhile. Think I need to make the effort more often. Love the “amber waves of grain” picture by the way. That says “home” to me.

  6. I last burst into song yesterday, when Kat and I were on the deck having a beer and she started singing. I joined in, grateful there was no one else to hear what I call “singing”.

  7. Lovely and breathtaking piece of Americana here Laurie! I broke into song not more than a month ago during the high school graduation, when the school song was negotiated. My middle son Danny was wearing the tassled cap.

  8. Your words paint such a beautiful picture, Laurie.
    You asked…
    I answer: Every evening as I prepare supper and the puppies and dog drift off to sleep, I pop in the golden oldie tunes–60s–and sing.

  9. Such a fabulous description of a beautiful part of the country. I tend to burst into song often especially when doing housework or driving. I love to sing Bryan Adam’s Summer of ’69, even the dog gets excited and wants to dance with me.

  10. Beautiful scenery. To my shame, I burst into song more than once daily, starting in the shower, as DH will testify. I don’t claim to have a great voice, but he often asks me to sing for him. I used to play the guitar and write songs for my nephew and niece many years ago, of which they reminded me years afterwards. Spontaneous Singing and dancing is just part of life. 😊

  11. Laurie, when we visited the Pacific N.W. last Summer, we were astounded by the scope and scale of the agriculture – what seemed like endless miles of wheat covering the landscape from horizon to horizon. Did we feel awed and proud to be Americans? You bet! Having traveled from Sea to Shining Sea, we gained a greater appreciation for the American Spirit that always proceeds upwards and onwards towards our future. While watching smoke curling behind the San Bernadino mountains this weekend, I burst into Marshall Tucker Band’s “Fire On The Mountain”.

  12. Sounds like a beautiful experience ! Never been to that part of the country ! Yet may be making a across country move in the not to distant future! I don’t burst into song, I open up my camera lens to capture the beauty!!

  13. Hi Laurie
    Possibly something to do with having a flap of skin under my tongue for my first 5 years, but I cannot hold a note, and much as I love the idea of singing, I appear to be incapable of holding a tune. So I have learned to avoid bursting into song anywhere where any might hear me.

    Spontaneous singing is a very rare event for me, it exists mostly in my imagination (what emerges from my mouth has very little relationship to song). 😦

    And I do get to experience Ailsa’s music.
    And I have seen waves in to land (from earthquakes).
    And I do enjoy both road trips and flying, though I don’t get to do much of either at present.

  14. Laurie, I loved you post because it evoked sweet memories of flying to you Navioneer Fly-Ins during the 60;s and 70;s. I always loved watching the patchwork quilt unfold below us. Thank s for the “love”ly and fun family memories. Safe and fun travels! ❤ 🙂

  15. I love the Pacific Northwest. It’s gorgeous. I often burst into song when someone utters words that remind me of a particular song. So glad you had great trip.

  16. Oh my goodness you have hit on one here my friend . All the time ,and personally , I think it’s quite normal to do so . ‘The Hills are alive ‘ Sound Of Music in the field up the road …’ Consider Yourself ‘ Oliver down the lane . I think everyone should do it , it’s good fun .
    What I lovely place you’re at …enjoy .
    Congratulations on the Gold did you see my review on Amazon ?

    • Cherry — I haven’t thought about CONSIDER YOURSELF in ages. Now I won’t be able to get the tune out of my head!

      (Noooooo, I didn’t see your review. I’m going to head out there right now. Yippee, skippee) 🙂

  17. What a lovely memory you’ve conjured up for me, Laurie. I sing a great deal, as you know. But my most vivid memory of that “burst into song” is still of me at age 7 or 8, singing Zippity Doo Dah (from Uncle Remus movie) on my way home from school. And yes, I remember skipping as I sang.

  18. We made that just trip last year. When I saw your picture I could just see Sandi riding shotgun and marveling at the endless waves of amber American grain. Then the words and music of Woody Guthrie popped into my head, “This land is your land; this land is my land …” And it reminded me of another time, sitting in a meeting, far from everything I have ever known, in Moscow.
    It was 1994, the wall had just come down, and we were meeting with teachers and administrators about introducing Biblical values into the state school curriculum (that’s a whole ‘nother story). So, during the break, they had a student come in and sing a few beautiful Russian folk songs. Then an administrator asked me if I knew any American folk songs. I said, “Sure I do.” So, she handed me a guitar and asked me if I would play them one. The first song that came to mind was “This land is your land.” As I started to play and sing the lyrics, the rest of the American team spontaneously joined in and, at that moment, seeing the pride in their faces and the confidence in their voices, I was so proud to be an American.

  19. I LOVE traveling with Copper and agree Best Western Plus is GREAT with Ptarmigan Lodge in Dillon, CO is my favorite so far! Copper being a pit bull is a benefit to this single old lady because of people’s unfounded fear them (fear the bad owners not the breed).
    La Quintas are always pet friendly and have nice rooms but are usually more expensive.

  20. We used to spontaneously burst into “Oklahoma” on road trips years ago. I think it was because of an episode of “The Bob Newhart Show” back in the 70s or 80s when one either Bob or his wife, Emily, started singing it for some reason that escapes me now. We sang the song in similar circumstances and enjoyed a good laugh for 20 or 30 tries before it got too old to be funny anymore.


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