From Point A to B

“The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” —Archimedes

Today we know that the shortest distance between two points [on a flat surface] is a straight line [on spheres and other shapes, it may not be].

At least three times a week we find ourselves crossing from Point A on the south side of the Baybrook Court Footbridge, to Point B on the north side. Designed to encourage foot and bicycle traffic, it cuts more than two miles from a commute when compared to using the Broadway Avenue Bridge.


I’m currently in the hustle and bustle, behind the scenes, laser-focus stage of Point A: pre-publication of my book.

Located somewhere on the bridge, I’m swiftly heading toward heel-clicking, cork-popping, fist-pumping, Point B: book launch. Title and cover reveal coming soon…

What’s your current Point A and Point B?


53 thoughts on “From Point A to B

  1. I suppose all of us who are living are between Point A and Point B. 🙂
    I got to Point B with two assignments that I finished and sent off yesterday. As far as books, I’m in the midst of working on two–so I’ve passed the Point A contract signed, onto Point B with still gathering contributors and reading articles that have come in. Point C with revisions and pre-publication seem far away at this point, and Point D–holding the actual books seems even farther.

    I’m sure you will be thrilled to complete the pre-publication frenzy!

  2. How excited you must be feeling and I hope everything will go without a hitch.
    I am always on a journey, so I keep running round in circles between the UK and Europe. Maybe one day I’ll make it to Africa. I’ve already been to the USA and Australia, but I’d love a taste of Asia and Africa, then my dream would be fulfilled!
    Best of luck with publication. 🙂

  3. We have a couple of footbridges also in southern Indiana but they are a tad bigger than that one, although not nearly as cool looking. Point A must get caffeine depending on how much I ingest I don’t have a handle on Point B yet.

  4. Simple here. Point A: a muddy, red clay hill with a sparse covering of winter ravaged Rye grass. Point B: A lush and vibrant coat of green to welcome Spring time. Bridge: Triple 10 lawn fertilizer+ 2 weeks!

  5. 10 Star photographs Laurie! Your Baywood Court Footbridge is so inviting!
    The bridge is one of my favorite metaphors for transition. And T.S. Elliot’s quote is a perfect companion, “And to make an end is to make a beginning; The end is where we start from.”
    It is clear from your post (and the comments of other authors on the page) in the book creation process each end is a beginning … the end of writing leads to the beginning stages of publication ending and leading to pre-launch and that end moves forward to the next. I’m eagerly waiting for its publication step.
    Although being a writer is one of the roles I take on in my work life, point A for me was ending my long entrenched procrastination related to writing my memoir; the point B start was putting to paper a story my family had heard me tell on many occasions since my experience of it; point C on my next bridge (thanks to your encouragement) was a completion and beginning entering my story to a beginner writer contest; point D opens the door to more writing!
    Thank you for your generous encouragement.

    • Audrey — I’m so glad you’ve ended your “entrenched procrastination” and jumped on the writing bridge. Having the privilege of reading your story, I can say — with certainty — that you’re well on your way! 🙂

  6. I’m starting to plan to take my work to a local art show. It’s been a few years since I’ve been out to sell my work myself so it’s not quite a straight line from point A — fill out the app and send in the check to point B — actually being there. It’s almost like the first time I ever went out. I have to figure out displays and come up with equipment, payment methods, get my portfolio in shape so people can see some of my other work, and all that good stuff. The main difference is that now that I have years of experience under my belt I know what I’m facing and I know to be at least a little nervous about the whole thing. This will definitely be the nicest setting for any show I’ve been part of — a beautiful botanical garden in May.

  7. Living on an Island I travel a bridge daily to get to any other point besides point A. However in the past month my point A to point B has been with a horse I’ve owned for 10 years. He’s a young 16 year old and he is having health issues. We’ve exhausted all of the “emergency funds” from our little farm and rescue reserve but he’s worth it. It’s been almost 2 months and we are still at point A but hoping to get him to point B soon! You can see pictures and things we have been doing on our facebook page Great post and looking forward to seeing the progress with your book! Tina

  8. Laurie, your post was so helpful. . .it triggered the realization that currently I am in the cork popping stage of one adventure, while simultaneously moving toward the laser-focus stage of the next adventure. This was just a sensing of something yet formed, until I read your post. Thank you for putting words to it.

    • Dorothy — In the ups and downs of life’s terrain, it’s easy to momentarily lose sight of Point B. The keyword being “momentarily.”

      I’m glad you like the footbridge. It’s literally a mile (as the crow flies) from our house. We take Willa on a minimum of three 2-mile walks each day, so we use the bridge often 🙂

  9. I like the bridge too….We have 3 points right now #1 working kitchen (start work about April 8, #2 New Roof (maybe dry enough in June, and #3 I am usually a month ahead on book reviews…getting close to that again, but right now about 7 books short of that goal. Spend no money until all jobs completed and paid for is definitely point B for us too…What a wind storm today – exciting with a leaking roof – so much rain

  10. My most current Point A was Vancouver (where I attended a panel discussion on writing and illustrating children’s books) to Point B (my rural island home). It was windy and the ocean was choppy but I made it. Better yet, my new-to-me dog weathered through his separation anxiety and four hours of being home alone. What I wonderful warm welcome he gave me.

    I’m looking forward to the reveal, Laurie– very exciting! And as you would write, you go siSTAR!

  11. This is a very special time for you . I am so looking forward to have a ‘Laurie Buchanan ‘ novel sitting in my book case …signed would be amazing 😌 Really looking forward to reading it . I’ve known you for quite a while in blog land and feel I know you even though we haven’t met …a bit hug coming your way .
    A to B for me mmmm now come on I ve only just learnt the alphabet 😆😆😆

  12. You make a point here. It’s all getting from one point to the next every day. I like your metaphor of being on the bridge. I’m going to journal about the ideas you put forward here. Excited about your book!

  13. Point A is the mind set, Point B is the motivation, Point C is the domino effect. I am presently writing a book on growing up in my zany home town and am working to connect the dots.

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