Keys – Lost and Found

Walking along the Boise River Greenbelt is always an adventure because we never know what we’re going to see. During our latest walk, Len found keys hanging from a protrusion on a power pole.


Clearly, someone lost their keys, another person found them and thoughtfully placed them where they’d hopefully be spotted by their rightful owner when they retraced their steps.

And while most of us have sets of keys, they aren’t always tangible, solid objects. For instance:

  • I’ve found that the key to writing is concision.
  • Len found that the key to flying is to start the landing approach early.
  • Some have found that the key to parenting is _______.
  • Others have found the key to relationships is _______.

It’s your turn:

I’ve found that the key to _________ is __________.


72 thoughts on “Keys – Lost and Found

  1. When I saw the photo I thought the keys were left there by someone doing maintenance here on the power post (I thought it was a door)–so I suppose the key to understanding is not jumping to conclusions. 🙂

  2. The key to embracing a “beginner’s mindset” is openness to vulnerability and a healthy dose of humility.
    As a coach and consultant, personally starting something new and outside my comfort zone is a valuable re-connection (beyond the intellectual level) to what my clients’ experience when stepping into their own new possibilities. It also further opens and deepens my capacity to be with them on their journey. Not to mention the personal thrill of stepping into the unknown!

  3. I found the key to balance in m Pilates class this morning: strong feet. To strengthen them, curl toes of both feet in like an eagle on a tree branch. Then curl them out like a frog on a lily pad. Repeat, repeat . . .

    Okay now, I’ll watch you do it!

  4. The key to not being disappointed is to not have expectations. The key to not having expectations is to live in the moment. How I’m ever supposed to do either consistently is still a work in progress. I guess I’ve found the lock, but not the key today! Great post as always, Laurie.

  5. I’ve found that the key to understanding is to give up the notion of truth, and accept that in many very real senses, the best any of us has is just our best guess based on the evidence available to us at the time, and in the face of any infinity our best guesses are a close approximation to ignorance (however much it may feel different in the moment).

    • Ted — “…give up the notion of truth, and accept that in many ver real senses, the best any of us has is just our best guess sed on the evidence available to us at the time…”

      I resonate strongly with this. Very strongly! Thank you (as always!) for your input.

  6. Great question and I have been thinking about it quite a bit today. I’ve found the key to truly loving someone, any one, is to give up your unrealistic expectations of them and to offer them your unbiased acceptance. You are not in their life to retrain them, but to enjoy them while you can.

  7. I’ve found the key to happiness living here by the sea is everything I hoped for . It’s pouring down cats and dogs but I could t care a jot .
    Do you know I am always looking my keys …oh no looks like they’ve gone on another walk about 🙃

  8. The key to winning a custody case is having the most money…oops wrong message today.
    The key to happiness is letting go of the past. How’s that, is that better? More uplifting? Food for thought for me from you as usual Laurie.

  9. The key to being part of the conversation in a timely manner is to not have your subscriptions bundled on a weekly basis. Now, if I could just find the key to unlock that particular door … Great post and a great collection of “keys” following in the Comments. Thanks, Laurie

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