Zipped in the Pod!

Zipped in the Pod by Laurie Buchanan

Zipped in the Pod by Laurie Buchanan

Green is my favorite color. I associate it with sacred space—space for transformation to occur; space to find a new direction. When people ask me to pray for them or their loved ones, I explain that I’d be happy to hold HeartLight—sacred space—for them.

The visualization I use is a sugar snap pea. In my mind’s eye, I unzip the pod, scoop out the peas, and place the person inside. Carefully, I re-zip the pod and envision it as a “station,” somewhat like an incubator, of vivid green, pulsing with vital energy that’s working for the person’s highest and best good—body, mind, and spirit.

When was the last time you were zipped in the pod?



53 thoughts on “Zipped in the Pod!

  1. I know! I know! Raising hand and jumping up and down! YOU zipped me in the pod when I was sick with my gall bladder problems. And it was WONDERFUL!!

  2. I had one child who loved the color green. She also had trouble with celiac disease and when food was not working for her = anxiety. We just wrapped her in green all the time, green pajamas, green jog suits, and her jingle bell green bedroom with walls covered with Brazilian Frogs…it was so comforting. Green signals GO too

    nice words Thank you for sharing

    • Ted – Yep! I’ve zipped you in the pod, and Ailsa too. By the way, are things getting back on somewhat of an even keel after the most recent–devastating–earthquake?

      • Hi Laurie

        Sort of, and still much disruption.

        A lot of people are leaving Christchurch.

        Kaikoura population has probably increased by about 20% – Jewelia reports lots of new kids at school.
        There are probably close to 100,000 people whose homes have been destroyed by the earthquakes. Another 50,000 or so whose homes are structurally sound, but they have one or more of the key services water, sewerage and power unavailable.
        About 80,000 jobs lost to date.

        It feels like winter here today. It has been raining for about 15 hours (just stopped), with a cold southerly blowing there is a lot of wind chill – it is 9.5C outside now (50F) but with wind-chill it feels like about 5 (40F).

      • Ted – My goodness, the news you share about the people of Christchurch and their homes and jobs is so very disheartening. We either need one ginormous pod, or better yet…

        …if we each took one person and zipped them in a pod–sort of like pen pals, but pod pals!

  3. What a comforting visualization! It makes me think of sleeping under the stars, zipped up in a green sleeping bag, lying safe and sound in the arms of Mother Earth…

  4. Laurie! What a quaint and comforting idea! Like something in a Fairy Garden! Since I’m going to help teach a class on fairy Gardening, I have been visualizing what Little Faeries have for furniture and a peapod seems to be just the perfect sleeping place. I love Sugar-snaps and grow them every year, most never make it to the kitchen, I eat them from the vine. A nice snuggley peapod does seem like a place of Safety and Comfort and I have been in mine for quite sometime. So many of my friends and family, you, Barbara, many online friends have offered up Sacred Space, Prayers and Intentions for me that I feel wrapped in a cotton-quilted pod. I love that thought! Thanks!

    • Sandi – Last year when I received a call from David, you were zipped in the pod so fast I’m surprised your head didn’t spin! I love the idea of you using a pea pod for a faerie bed in your Faerie Gardening class. Yes!

  5. Great imagery, Laurie. I feel drawn to green, as well, and the pea pod … wonderful thought. A safe sacred place surrounded by healing energy. Wonderful. (And thanks for dropping by to meet Kathy Jordan today; I know she’ll be so pleased.) — With heart, Daisy

  6. well, here I am a couple of days late . . .

    It is a lovely image that you portray of incubating wellness inside a soft green pea pod. The little seeds inside love it — they grow and prosper — so why wouldn’t we? I don’t think I have ever been zipped, but it is a great idea to take with me on a little meditative journey.

  7. Well Laurie, I won’t forget when I was recipient to your kindness, when I suffered through my recent gastro issues. Your “zipping” went a long way towards returning me to my old self, healthwise. Green is a great choice as favorite color too, as you insightfullt delineated in previous posts. The healing properties are quite compelling.

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  9. Hey thanks for the reminder of the pea pod! I remember you told me this one last time I was on your table!!! And in fact pea pods are one of my favorite munchies. As good as eating potato chips with my samich!

  10. Thanks for “zipping me in the pod” Laurie!
    The photograph combined with the term, really makes me feel nurtured and cozy. It just so happens green is my favorite colour as well. 🙂
    I am feeling much better these days, Without having to manage so much pain, I feel a whole new surge of energy and happiness.

    • Josie – What a TREAT to find you here at Speaking from the HeartWelcome! I’m so glad to know that you’re on the mend. Please give wee Coen a squeeze from me 🙂

  11. How lovely! I’m so far behind in the blogging world that I just received your ‘zipped in the pod’ link on my “There is always hope” post…many thanks- It’s an honour to be in your pod 🙂

  12. Thank you for the zip Laurie – All went well until yesterday – allergic reaction to antibiotic – has me a bit down and out…I did go for a short walk in the sunshine this morning.

    I want to improve by Saturday, I am taking 3 friends to dinner and Menopause the Musical that evening and I don’t want to feel this awful….I am optimistic I still have 5 days and only 1 more of the antibiotic.
    Wore my new bright green T Shirt all day Sunday, I am sure that helped!

  13. What a beautiful idea:) my mom Laurie Cappe sent me your page:) it has clearly touched her! Thank you from the bottom of my big heart for healing others:) ……. Did you pick green for a specific purpose? Do you know about arch angel Raphael? ….. Just stoping on to say thanks

    Ps kinda seems a bit like reiki

    • Serena — I’m so glad your mom sent you a link to my Zipped in the Pod post. I’m glad it resonated with you. Yes – I’m a huge fan of arch angel Raphael. As a Holistic Health Practitioner one of the modalities I use is color therapy. Green has a wonderful frequency for healing> And you’re absolutely right, I’m a Reiki Master Teacher. Please feel free to stop by any time. I post on Tuesdays. If you subscribe via email, you’ll never miss a post.

  14. Thank you, Laurie.
    I’m recovering well. I started to neurological therapy right after being released from the hospital. I have made remarkable progress.
    I am so blessed to have no long term disability and no pain. God is good!

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