From To-Do to Ta-Dah!

I believe it’s just as important to be positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing to myself as it is to others. Fastidious by nature, I’m one of those people who thrives on lists—especially checking items off!

Humor, laughter, and having fun is of equal significance to me—just ask anyone who’s experienced one of my presentations or classes. When it comes to getting things done I make it fun!

Instead of a “to do” list, I have a Ta-Dah! list. This tiny shift in perspective makes me feel like I can take on anything. The photo below is of my laptop’s screen (click on image to enlarge). It never fails to make me smile.

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When was the last time you put on a cape and flew?


80 thoughts on “From To-Do to Ta-Dah!

  1. Its on now and I am flying in an hour to Eleuthera! Great post and timely for end of year reflections and next years goals. I like to think our cape is part of us and never comes off. Think of it like hair. Very rarely if it were to get snagged on something and pulled off – thats when we are tricked and begin to think we might not be able to do something.

  2. A list maker who makes things FUN–my kind of woman! The title is priceless: “Ta Dah” is much more musical than “To Do.” Why didn’t I think of that?

    I have to wonder though–do you actually type out your lists? More kudos!

    • Marian – Because my Mac and my iPhone sync with each other, I do, indeed, type my lists in “Mac Reminders.” It’s oh-so-easy and convenient: For instance, f Len (my husband), thinks of something to add to the grocery list, when he adds it to his, it updates my grocery list as well. If I think of a task to and to his ta-dah list, it adds directly onto his.

  3. I tend to make a list to buy groceries, which is a must. Because when I hit the market, the noise, the smell, the peopls and the visuals make it impossible to think what I should buy. ‘Ta Dah’ is a nice way of naming the mundane list.

  4. I love this shift in thought, Laurie. This is a wonderful way to move from feeling overwhelmed by all one has to do TO feeling victorious for having accomplished SO much!

    Hope you and Len had a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  5. Yet another great Idea! Yes, I make lists and scatter them about my desk in drifts and piles. In an effort to reduce clutter, I often make lists on the same piece of paper that may have as many as 3 or 4 lists already on them. I keep several small List Pads somewhere on the desktop, maybe they are under the stack of CD’s that I will play one day, or they could be hiding under the calculator, who knows? At any rate, my favorite paper to use for a list is — “Ta-Dah!” , the back of an envelope, preferably one containing an un-paid utility bill, the reason being that I am sure not to lose the water bill. Yep, I like that concept of a Ta-Dah list much more than the horribly tedious and mundane to-do list. Greater personal satisfaction all the way around! Thank you for this touch of Sparkle on a rainy morning!

  6. Love this…. You could market those Ta Dah’s!!! I would buy the program and use it. Thanks for this fun perspective. When I have something I am m-andering over (mental wandering) I have had to get another to help me out, even to add it to my tasks, or just “do it now”, but reading how you do things makes it more sacred and time disappears as you can look back on the Ta Dah’s!! and celebrate. Thank You!!!

  7. I love this! I’m a big list-maker. My shift was to switch to a “have done” list, so that everything on the list (other than reminders of appointments, etc.) is already accomplished. Yours is genius, especially the little super-hero! I agree, you could package this idea!

  8. The last time I dusted down my magic carpet, and went for a ride , the cape came as part of the bargain lol . I hate writing lists because I always forget them but now as I am writing my Christmas card list (ready to forget it ) I shall think of you and your ‘Ta Dah’ .
    If I’m tiding the kitchen I imagine I’m working in a cafe and it gets it done quicker …or a hotel when I ‘m doing the bathroom and bedrooms …but as I have said my husband says I’m often away with the fairies lol
    Cherry x

  9. Every time I teach. We played Bingo today to practise Spanish numbers to 100. The winner got a big Santa chocolate figure, the rest got a Santa lolly. You should have seen the smiles on their faces.

    • M.A. Granovsky – I’m glad you enjoyed this. I wish I could say I drew the adorable little figures, but it’s a graphic I found on the internet and then my tech-saavy husband made it my laptop’s screensaver for me.

  10. That is the greatest screen saver EVER. I love it. And I’m a list-maker as well. My Puerto Rican SIL used to make fun and say, “Only white women make lists.” Now that she’s 66, she’s admitted that lists are even her friend. She’s a hoot. And I love the “Ta-Dah” change in perspective. Love it.

    • Becwillmylife – The nice thing about Mac Reminders is once I click on the item I’ve completed, it disappears from the list (but hangs on to stuff in the background just in case I need to refer to it). Thank you for your visit today 🙂

  11. Your question reminds me of one my husband and my favourite movies–Joe Versus the Valcano. Well, actually one brief scene at the beginning of the movie. The boss is on the phone. “I know he can get the job, but cna he do the job?” He repeats over and over as we howl with laughter.
    And me. I can get the cape, but can I wear the cape? I can make the list, but can I complete the list? Usually at least one item remains undone. Maybe a little magic would help? Maybe changing my list from a to-do to a ta-da will help me check off all the items. Here’s hoping. : )

      • Thanks, Laurie. I ta-dahed yesterday. And let’s just say I’m still a work in process–but I had more fun. And that, after all, at least in my books, is always the goal. Ta-dah. So I’ll make more ta-dah lists but maybe I’ll put something really fun at the very end. That might help…or not. : )

  12. I love to make lists for myself and I will copy your Ta-Dah idea – my list is often covered in doodles on paper tablets.
    I sure wish I could figure out how to get a list on my computer desk top as you have! I really like that idea…and a monthly list of book review schedules and which publisher sent the books and a check off button. I was in a bind on my vacation without all the information I needed to keep reading and keep on schedule – I had all my emails on my phone….but it was not enough. I am attempting to manifest a new Kindle FIRE for my eye health and for reading books with more control. My Kindle now is 8 years old and also not a tablet. It is having troubles downloading books also.

    It is hard to translate between PC and Air for the desk top stuff

    Actually, I took 15 books with me for this vacation and when I finished one that was so negative and heavy I am not going to review it, I started reading the next one and then the KINDLE failed me…and I took 4 full days off from reading, cooking, and the computer – I can now “see” my cape and feel ready to pick it up and put it back on!
    Another fun post Laurie – thank you I am smiling ear to ear!

      • Found the Reminders on my AIR and have filled it in and founded a new list for book schedule – this is great

        Could not find an equivalent on the smart phone so used OUT OF MILK – Ted suggestion will have to figure out how to turn off coupons and ads, but it is working well for the book list.

        I got so focused on learning the programs I forgot to call it my TA-Dah list…but the checking it off feels much better than just crossing it off the list on paper
        Got my cape on right now.

      • Patricia – I’m glad you found REMINDERS and are enjoying it. Like you, my husband found Ted’s OUT OF MILK suggestion and is going to “test drive” it for a while 🙂

  13. I use a little phone Ap called Out Of Milk to keep lists for yard work, supermarket, hardware store, and anything else that crops up. Great tool.

    As to flying, my last big flight was just over 3 years ago, and haven’t landed yet 😉
    Still carrying that little piece of crystal cargo in my left front trouser pocket, if nothing else it is a fond momento of how much someone I have never physically met actually cares.

    • Ted – “Out of Milk” is an adorable name for an App. And I’m glad you’re still carrying that bit of cargo. I still Zip you In the Pod each and every day. It’s a wonder you’re not Sugar Snap Pea Green! 🙂

  14. Laurie, your post made me 🙂 ! I love the Blue Creativity of your “Ta Da List”! Your Orange Fun Brain helps your Yellow Brain stay organized! Grand blending of your Brain Colors!

  15. I just love your desktop example, Laurie! That’s wonderful. I think I will adopt the “ta-da” attitude. It would lighten the load, I’m sure. I’ve always been very strategic and can carry lists in my head really well…although…hahaha! it seems with a little bit of aging that isn’t quite as true as it once was, so I need a bit of light and humor to accept the inevitable. LOL! Thank you!

  16. have you hit 500 bazillion yet, Laurie?! I’m trying to do my part here . . . I will log back in under all of my hidden identities and comment indefinitely and indiscriminately. Anyway, the last time I was caped and launched had to have been this past Black Friday when I actually took Miss January my granddaughter shopping for Christmas presents for her family. She was out of time because she had to be back home the next day by noon for a birthday party. We FLEW, Laurie, like angels with wings.

  17. Heaven knows I love lists too Laurie. But your documentation is a surefire way to keep the positive energy full throttle. As far as capes and flying, let’s see…….I am envisioning a dream I had way back in the early 60’s. Maybe it was all those showings of THE WIZARD OF OZ, but I took on the role of the Wicket Witch of the West. You know the rest! ha!

      • I’m back home, having left the sisters in great spirits and racing up that road to full recovery. Little sister – the donor – had a small blip which put her back in hospital, but it gave us a bonus week together and we’ve all had a lovely time. As much as I love the Little Gingers, they do tend to steal the limelight whenever we are in Scotland, so I really enjoyed the novelty of a few weeks when I was simply Auntie Kirstin again. 🙂

  18. This is perfect, Laurie! The shift in perspective is right up my alley!

    PS: Couldn’t help but notice something about “Shawnigan Lake” on your Ta-Dah! list. Is it Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada, or a different one? (Just curious because I spent a winter living up at *our* Shawnigan Lake, and it was divine…)

  19. I am just fastening the safety snaps…;)

    I, too, adore lists–gives you such a great feeling to cross ’em off, but Laurie–what a fabu retitling! I adore it!! It appeals to every part of my nature….this Ta-DAH list you speak of….

    Have a great weekend, and wonderful post. 🙂

  20. Lists are my friend, especially as I move towards experiencing more and more issues with my memory. The lists keep me from feeling anxious, since I no longer have to “remember” and can simply put it on the list. Once it is on the list, then I get to do the fun part … finish the item, and check it off the list. I get a ridiculous amount of satisfaction from being able to place that “finished” check-mark next to an item on my list. It is evidence of being able to fly, apparently. 🙂

    Next time I’m checking something off my list, I’ll bet I’m going to be thinking “ta-dah!!!!”

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