I’m a Basket Case!

A few years ago when the economy took an interesting turn, we made the decision to change the store/product part of HolEssence (our small healing studio) to sacred space for Yoga. In doing so, we hosted a large sale event to eliminate product, and we put the display-type pieces down in the basement for safekeeping.

With summer upon us, we’ve taken advantage of the weather (no rain, snow, or ice) to clean said basement. Much to our surprise, we discovered that I’m a basket case! We knew that I’d used a lot of baskets to showcase various products to their best advantage, but we were amazed at the actual number!

Do you have an accidental or intentional collection of something whose size has unwittingly crept up on you?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
— Laurie Buchanan

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87 thoughts on “I’m a Basket Case!

  1. Good morning, Basket Lady! Your baskets look lovely. I do not have any collections. My dad is a collector, and you know how the next generation sometimes strays in the opposite collection?

  2. Hi Laurie … I’m beginning to have quite a basked collection myself. The women in my family had long been inspired by one of my nieces who made some amazing baskets and gifted my sister (her step mom) with one almost each Christmas. I also received a multi-colored one in a C-grab bag one year. Several years ago, my niece shared her basket making teachers with the family. And, my sisters, sisters-in-laws, nieces and mother-in-law of one niece, and friends of my sister have now gathered several months of the year to make baskets. I started with a large yankee-type candle holder, and now have made 5 others. And I already have numerous reed type containters of many types used for storage, etc. When we meet it reminds me of the quilting bees of old. Talking, laughing, encouraging, light hearted comments about who’s slower or faster … a sense of community experienced. I’m far from the best basket maker … some look a little wabi-sabi. However, there is great satisfaction. My most recent baskets were a small,round, dear basket called the “basket of love.” The other was one I most wanted to make … a 12″L x 10″w basket with a handle and a wooden insert to hold untensils for informal family buffets. Next month we start again after summer break … I’m making a small hanging basket. Thanks for asking!
    Clearly … I’m enjoying the process.

  3. I would say that my gathering habit would be a copious collection of books and abundance of plants/flowers/grasses in my gardens! I think both add good health and pleasure to my life!

  4. Yes, yes and yes……and not even by my own love of hearts. Because my name is Hart, I get hearts for every occassion. I too am cleaning up and cleaning out. But, have you noticed that once you have cleared off a table top something comes along to be set upon that very cleared away space. I’m thinking the universe can’t have a empty spot.

  5. Funny, Laurie…as many times as I browsed all the lovely items in your storefront, I never noticed (or realized) you used so many baskets either! Must have been distracted by all the pretty things inside them!

    • Cheri – Oh my gosh, picture individual packages of yellow spongy earplugs, packets of bath salts, oracle cards, handmade soaps from Vermont, tongue scrapers, the list goes on. All displayed in baskets throughout HolEssence 🙂

  6. We are straying into dangerous territory here…any time I discover I have 3 like Items, it automatically becomes a collection. It has gotten to the point that books are not the collected item, book cases are. Books are to me what water is to fish, I must be surrounded by them. Like Shelia, I also love plants, flowers and grasses, I now confine my self to buying only the outdoor kind. The kind I really like are big, Real Big. Like Miss Big, the banana tree, who once reminded me of a baby elephant, how can anything that size be so cute? She now sports several trunks with foliage close to 25 in the air. And she is still cute!

    • Sandi – I’m well aware of your love of books so I can easily see why you have a collection of bookcases to house them all in! And Miss Big is adorable (even though she could have her own zip code).

  7. I inadvertently accumulated a whack of baskets, too, but have since sent most of them away as gift baskets. I also recently realized I have a lot of owls – 2 wood carvings; a stuffed owl in a wreath; an owl embossing plate, an owl punch and an owl stamp for card-making; and a full-sized snowy owl puppet, which I acquired just before my book launch. All that is in addition to my collection of books, of course! 🙂

  8. Ah Laurie I won’t even go there! Ha! Actually I will. Our home has been overun by pets (3 dogs, 4 cats, 2 parrots) walls and walls of DVDs and CDs and due to the propenity of our brood, computer games, action figures and many other collectibles! But in a sense Lucille is a “basket case” too, always referring to herself as a pack rat! Ha! But your basket collection is lovely!

    • Sam – And while our girls will be settled in their huge crates in the basements this evening, each with a femur bone fresh from the butcher, I’m oh-so-glad that you and yours are used to dog hair. We sure are looking forward to meeting you and yours in person tonight.

  9. I love wicker baskets–I hope you can find them a good home. Oh, if only, we lived closer. I’d be there with my hand out. : )
    Hmmm, acquisition… Oh, yes, besides the obvious books I do have another. My mother-in-law mades the most beautiful purses out of reclaimed plastic shopping bags. And I have snagged more than my fair share. But she keeps saying, “Oh, yes, please, take it.” So you see, it’s not my fault. Hmmm, yup, sure…

    • Leanne – If you’ve blogged with a photo about your mother-in-laws cook purses made from reclaimed plastic shopping bags, I sure hope you’ll come back here with a link and point me (and the other readers) to it. If you haven’t blogged about that yet, please do!

  10. I think whatever I get interested in soon overruns my house, the supplies and the magazines and books about the supplies and the interest. I keep saying I am going to thin out – again. Then I keep deciding that’s a good winter project. Again.

  11. My first comment disappeared and I had not submitted it yet – oh me…need to focus!

    Books were taking over until I got my KINDLE….I have been giving 200 a year away to help the homeless families in our community…I do live with 2 folks who can not get rid of anything.

    I am a pretty minimalistic person….and not much of a collector
    Right now I am holding onto the girls things and kitchen things I think they will want, but none of them have settled into buying a house or condo, etc….and they are doing lots of moving…I have asked them to rent a storage unit by the time we retire so we will not be holding onto so many of their things and be freer ourselves.

    I hope I can get tons of people to read WHEN WOMEN WERE BIRDS…what a book and I think I did a good job on the review today – thank you for your kind words.

  12. I collect pretty much everything.
    I guess my biggest collection is of backup disks. I have disks going back to 1980, single sided single density 5.25 inch, up through the higher densities of 5.25 inch, to the 3.5inch floppys, to CDs, to DVDs. Must have somewhere near 30,000 disks in various boxes in the garage.

    Prior to moving here to Kaikoura 15 years ago (a 300 mile move with a ferry trip across Cook Strait in it), I had three big sheds full of stuff I had collected. Some of that got sold, and much of it ended up in landfill (9 truck loads) – much to my distress.

    Here I do not have much space, so have not collected much (Ailsa may have a different perspective on that 😉 ).

      • She’s tried that a few times Sandi,but it doesn’t work.

        She has two pianos in the house – a Yamaha YUX upright upstairs, and a Yamaha grand downstairs, so that gives me a little leverage.

        And yes – there is some friction, between my wanting to save and store stuff, and her wanting it “out of sight”.

  13. I guess I would have to say I am collecting my thoughts these days.

    I left my thimbles, spoons, precious moments, china, stamps, buttons, seashells, department 56 village of about 40 houses, my Christmas tree ornaments- all crystal, some baskets, plants, high school yearbooks, Basement with everything MINNNESOTA, BOOKS, CANDLES, …….you name it, …..at another address……..yup……

    • Becwillmylife – The ones that I can find a practical use for here at home I will keep and use. Someone earlier in the list of comments suggested using the others on various gift-giving occasions to hold the gift, and then the recipient ends up with a Longaberger basket as well. I like that idea 🙂

  14. In a way Laurie yes… at the weekend I got a whole load of things that had been sitting in my ex-girlfriend’s attic for several years and am now re-acquainted with my record collection. I bought some really obscure stuff when I was younger. Funny how I can look at each one and remember exactly when and where I bought it, but can’t remember what I did at work last week!

  15. Interestingly enough, I also have a basket collection that was completely unintentional (it’s amazing how many things one receives or buys come in baskets!) i tend to donate them in bunches to my craftier friends 🙂

  16. I love your baskets….I collect alternative medicine….lol…drops, vitamins, herbs, flower essence…you name it. I take about 1/2 and some I never use….it’s a weird habit I suppose; but always looking for natural “cures” and “help.”

    • Aspergers Girls – I’m pretty sure you’re the first person I know with an alternative medicine collection 🙂 I know lots of people who purchase — but never take — vitamins. If they’re stored in the cupboard, I think an “out of sight, out of mind” sort of thing tends to takes place.

  17. Well, I had the Great New Year’s Day Fire of 2012 and lost 90% of my collection of stuff. But, fortunately, I had with me my collection of clothes and some pictures of my loved ones. Interestingly, all of my books had been stored in a different place that did not burn down. So, like a lot of folks here, I have way too many books. The other odd thing I am collecting is a list of ideas to write about in my blogs . . . I need to start collecting some time!

    • Barbara – I remember that fire!

      If you have “too many” books, your library may be like ours in that their largest fund-raising event of the year is their used book sale. People can donate books that the library turns around and sells. You get a tax receipt. They get money. It’s a win/win situation for everyone.

      Like you, I write my blog ideas down. I carry one of those black and white composition books with me so when a bright idea strikes, I can capture it.

  18. Lovely baskets, Laurie. They “filled” a purpose before. Once emptied, one wonders, eh? I have books taking over my two houses but have no collections of anything else. My mom used to have every window sill filled with little knick-knacks she dusted daily and frowned the whole time. I saw her so sadly being a care-taker I guess it worked to make me a minimalist. If I can’t use it, I don’t own it. (Took years of give-away to get here, and I’m so relieved!)

    • SuZen – Like you, I definitely have a minimalist mindset, that’s why I was surprised to discover the number of baskets that had been used for display purposes. Now I’m going to re-purpose them when giving gifts. Rather than using wrapping paper, I’ll simply put the gift in a basket.

      When you shared about your mother’s knickknacks and seeing her frown while doing her daily dusting, oh that broke my heart.

    • Feelingchipper – There was, indeed, a specific purpose for each one when I used them to display products in our store. Now, however, I’ll re-purpose them…instead of wrapping paper for gift-giving occasions, the recipient will get the gift and a basket 🙂

  19. Hi Laurie! You have very cute posts! When Easter comes along, you will have plenty of baskets for the little ones when they go Easter egg hunting 🙂 I think the thing that I have the most are clothes 😉 I need to control myself sometimes, my closet is getting packed nothing fits anymore. Or maybe I need a new closet! Have a nice day!

    • Adriana – One of the tricks I teach my clients who have too many clothes in their closet is this: Face ALL of the clothes hanging in your closet the same way. When you wear something, turn it the opposite way. After a month, you’ll see what clothes you really wear (most of us tend to wear combinations of the same pieces). This way you’ll know what you can donate 🙂

  20. Yes! – Used envelopes. Exciting huh? But someday they’ll come in handy – unless they end up taking over the house first.

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  22. Books and scraps of paper with ideas and drawings on them. From time to time I turf out some books (usually to make way for new ones, though I’ve got to curb that habit… one day!) but I quite like the paper scraps as it’s kind of like a diary – it shows me where my head was at, at any given time. 🙂

    I like your baskets. Will you keep them?

    • Val – I like the idea of your “bits of paper.” I wonder if you could put them in a jar and periodically pull on out like a fortune cookie 🙂 No, I won’t keep the baskets. I’m going to use them this holiday season instead of wrapping paper. That way the recipient gets a twofer – the gift and a beautiful basket.

  23. Thank you for visiting my little blog…. and like the rest of your Blog buddies, I have way more books than I know what to do with. I have 2 major sub-collections with in the book collection.. Star Trek and Yoga books. Yes in a strange way they do go together. Also it looks like your baskets are Longaberger baskets, and if they are older they could be very collectible to some people. You might want to check.
    Namaste and thank you!

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  25. Still playing catch up, Laurie! I used to have a sizable yarn stash, but then I made a pledge to use up everything I had before I was ‘allowed’ to buy new yarn. Now, I think the largest collection of things I own is, um, underwear! (GASP!) During the harbour season, we hardly ever have time to do laundry, so both Marty and I have unspeakably large batches of undergarments to get us through those long, laundry-less stretches with clean unmentionables. Didn’t want to get to the end of our clean clothes and learn a valuable lesson the hard way otherwise. 😉

  26. I’m a bag lady! I can’t resist a pretty bag. I use them for shopping, carrying my lunch to work and whatever other stuff I need with me for that day. I have a great book bag but these days, it now carries my Kindle, IPad, IPod and all their accompanying cords. I have to say it certainly is a lot lighter to carry now. I’ve recently started the process of downsizing. I’m going to sell my house and move into an apartment to simplify my life. When I looked around to make a list of the things, I would take with me, I realized I had bags everywhere. They hung on hooks by the back door, the front door, door knobs and more in the back of the car. Yikes! Now, I will use some of them to pack up the stuff I’m going to donate.

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