I Ran Away!

Periodically I run away from home to get some good, solid writing accomplished. Most recently my destination was George Williams College in William’s Bay in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

An unexpected guest, they treated me like royalty! I was escorted to what seemed like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise with a commanding, second-floor view of the campus and William’s Bay.

I broke for lunch at noon. The dining hall at the Beasley Campus Center served up a wonderful meal they packed in a to-go box so I could enjoy it down on the shore.

Mesmerized by the hypnotic comings and goings of sailboats and yachts as they glided past on the shimmering bay, I admired the nautical skill of the day sailors.

This adventure was the exception, rather than the rule. I usually run away to the library, a coffee shop, or a bookstore. But trying to hide in your own town is difficult because inevitably you’re recognized.

The next time you see someone with a mustache, the bill of their cap pulled low over dark glasses, hunkered over a laptop with their fingers smokin’ the keys,
it’s not me..

When was the last time you ran away from home?


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69 thoughts on “I Ran Away!

  1. That disguise is bound to work, at least once in a while.

    Gosh, it’s been a long time since I’ve run away. In fact, I haven’t done much writing away from home since we lived in Haiti, but then that was home. Suppose that doesn’t count, does it?

    That looks like a delightful place to write! Happy Tuesday, my friend.


  2. Oh yesterday!!!

    I finally got sick of the collection on my backseat

    Went the farm where I have my new RV doctored and played house putting things away!!

    It was a great hour or so, almost like a tree house or clubhouse in the woods, grown up style!! It’s almost like I don’t need to move it!!
    I have a fee getaway in the country….I almost was going to stay the night….

    You would live it and can camp there any time you like…….

    Spanky McFarland

    Boy germs not allowed,…..no just jokin

  3. Laurie, how utterly funny! I laughed out loud in great glee at that last picture of you. I will keep an eye out for funny folks like that hiding away in public places. Looks like you had a most wonderful time. It fun to hide in coffee shops and…well….just about everywhere we can find! Thanks for the smile this morning.

    • Kathy D. – I’m glad the “incognito” photograph made you laugh. I searched high and low for a candy wax mustache like we used to get when we were kids, but couldn’t find one, so I resorted to paper 🙂

  4. Ran away on Sunday, just for a few hours, to the gorgeous Japanese Gardens in Rockford. Watching those koi swim in the ponds is mesmerizing and so calming! And seeing so many shades and textures of green made us happy, too, after this very hot & dry summer.

  5. So thrilled for you, and you are such an example of taking time for your self, to dance with your bliss.

    I think I live in a run away place. Went to the Pa Renaissance Faire on Sunday, it was a trip to Elizabethan Era…

  6. George Williams College is in my area (actually ab. 40 minutes away) … the town of Williams Bay down the road from GWC is great as well for running away (it’s a quieter version of Lake Geneva). However, LG is closer … so I’m apt to go there (during the week is better and the AM quieter)and sit in the Library Park area and start by simply looking at Geneva Lake (where you saw the sail boats) from another vantage point. I’m blessed to have such a git a away so close!
    I’m playing with a memoir … starting with essays. Some years ago I started putting together a life event timeline (observing 7 year phases). I just discovered a National Association of Memoir Writers and related resources … including a course I may take next year … writing your memoir in 6 months. I also have a couple of other writing projects in process.

    • Audrey – So many people have told me, “You MUST go into the town of William’s Bay!” I will make a point of it next time. Oh how fun that you’ve discovered a national association for memoir writers! I hope you’ll consider attending the Writers’ Institute at UW-Madison in April, 2013.

      • Yes, I have placed a note for April 2013 in my OUTLOOK calendar. I believe I’m on their mailing list. Has any date been set yet? I’m so looking forward to it. … If you do go to visit in Williams Bay and want company for a cup of coffee or lunch or a walk along the shore please call me. Did you know there is a walking path that goes all around Geneva Lake? I’ve walked a small section of it so far.

  7. For my birthday, I asked for 24 hours of no one talking to me (I think I put it a little more nicely than that…) Then I checked myself into a local hotel for 24 hours of alone time with my novel. I felt so much better after that that I was ready to talk to people again.

  8. Would you believe me if I said your own dogs wouldn’t know you? You’re right, they would lick that paper mustache right off your face. Recently on a Sunday that was made for short road trip, I drove across the Southern end of the Appalachian Mountain Range. Since the Appalachian trail begins in Amicalola Falls State Park only 40 miles from here, it wasn’t too much trouble to drive the back roads to just south of the Tennessee State Line and head due West into the Mountains of Northern Alabama. Cruising at low speeds, I passed through tiny mountain towns and villages and satisfied my inner Gypsy. Being a practical wanderer, I arrived back home in time to put the Chicken Ladies to bed and enjoy a late supper. There are days when what seems to be Wasted Time turns into Time Well Spent.

  9. I ran away to find my home! Living the dream in Maine! Thanks to you Laurie for aiding and abetting to get me here.

    My gratitude always. Although I never hesitated to drive 2hours to see you, 14 hours exceeds my max.

    Love the disguise–but you’re too cute for it to work.

  10. I frequently run away to my front deck, but oh how I would love to run away to the coast for a few days! I’m sure your disguise would be great protection from unwanted visitors, at least for 30 seconds or so.

  11. I trust your “Great Writing Escape” was productive. My close to home “Great Writing Escape” is our 3 season porch. My far from home “Great Writing Escape” was Gelena and now it is our condo in Door County. With 4 writing projects at hand I am looking forward to some W & R (writing and riding) time in the fall.

    • Sheila – A three season porch would be d-i-v-i-n-e! And of course Door Country is smack-dab in the middle of God’s country. You’re spinning FOUR writing platters? My hat is off to you!

  12. I run away every summer – to our lake house in northern Wi. where I am now. It’s a wonderfully peaceful existence, but this year I took up Pickle ball and golf, and got a new bike so it’s more like sports heaven for me than writing and painting time. It’s bound to rain one day! 🙂

  13. I just ran away to Lake Quinault Lodge and the Pacific Ocean – July 31st – August 1…
    I am working on running away for Thanksgiving time now !
    I am also working on an in-treat….just hiding out at home and reading and healing with a good meditation/mindfulness book to review soon….it is working and I am still able to pick a bowl of blueberries everyday for my breakfast.. wish an in-treat came with meals 🙂

    • Patricia – I am greeeeeeeeeen with envy at your recent Pacific Ocean getaway. My next adventure is Oct 29 – Nov 5 when I’m keynote speaking in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. What’s up your sleeve for Thanksgiving time?

      I definitely like the idea of an “in-treat” — I hope you’ll share about it with us about it in your blog.

  14. I cant think of the last time I ran away.
    For the last 26 years I have run a business where I am on call 24/7.
    Very rarely does anyone call me after 5pm or before 7am, and sometimes I can go 2 weeks without anyone calling, and sometimes it gets a bit busy.

    Has given me something to think about.

  15. It’s been a little too long since I ran away from home, I think. The last time was to a hermitage in Big Sur overlooking the Pacific – pretty fantastic!
    By the way, I had some pleasant flashbacks when I saw your opening photo. I graduated from Aurora University before it merged with George Williams, and I also took some outdoor education graduate level classes at George Williams. Seems like a lifetime ago now.

    • Mark – I’m not familiar with the hermitage in Big Sur, but somewhat familiar with Big Sur itself. My last hermitage was at the Llama Foundation in New Mexico; an incredible experience that I will never forget (http://lamafoundation.org/).

      I’m so glad to know the photos brought back some fun memories for you! It’s a small world after all.

  16. I ran away to the beach this morning for some plein air painting. Your question got me thinking Laurie. I realize I tend to run away a lot! It is not usually a long time but short little spurts all the time. I slip out into the garden. I slide into the morning with a solo walk. I take off to the beach for part of the day like today. Sometimes I go for a few days or a week to visit family. It is a continual shifting of focused time on one thing or other. Hummmm!

  17. On these terms Laurie you are encouraged to run away more often! The sailing boat and water setting is a summer dream; the meeting place radiates rural beauty and the kind of retreat that would inspire writing. Love the Hercule Poirot garb too!!! I run away regularly, but usually only a few hours at a time, and only to buildings equipped with projectors and refreshments. But I faithfully find my way home after such excursions! Ha! Great you had such a wonderful time Laurie. I know Wisconsin is a beautiful state.

  18. HI Laurie! What a beautiful lake! You’re so funny I should hide too with a mustache 🙂 I haven’t ran away from home in a while I feel like my life is so busy, but I should go to take a break and relax from the city. When I broke up with my first boyfriend a few years back, I would go to this really beautiful Arboretum and just sit under a tree and think and smell the trees and flowers. It helped me a lot to think (and I really wish I would have brought a book or journal with me.) There was so much going on my mind I wish I could have written all of it down. I didn’t want to talk about it with anyone so I would just think to myself and talk to God. I was thinking of going back again once the summer heat cools down a bit and see if I can remember and write down my thoughts. I also noticed that listening to classical music, especially the violin helps me escape so I will bring my iPod with me too! I will take pictures of the Arboretum and post them on my blog hopefully next month.
    Long reply ^^
    Have a nice week!

  19. About the only running away from home I do is in my imagination – and then it’s not far from home, usually in the garden with the birds. 🙂

  20. Hi Laurie

    Your photos are wonderful. Well done!:-)

    I am dropping by to thank you for subscribing to my blog. I hope you will find your blogging experience in my blog enjoyable.
    Thank you again and I wish you a lovely day! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  21. Oh, Laurie, that is a great idea (running away to write!) I am longing to do that, but I don’t foresee the opportunity for a while. So for now, I am happy to live vicariously through you. (And get some darn fine disguise tips too :P)

  22. Hahah Laurie! This is beyond awesome-ness. Your writing style, the place you went to and your disguise – uhmazing, I’d say!

    & I’m sorry if I’m blitzing you with my likes and comments but I really seem to be glued to your blogs!!

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