A New Mother’s Loving Gaze

One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade.”
               — Chinese Proverb

One of the many privileges I have as a Holistic Health Practitioner is working with mothers-to-be during the 9-month gestation window.

Last week one of my clients gave birth. Her mother—the new grandmother—took one of the most poignant photographs I’ve ever seen; with her permission, I’m sharing it with you here.

This shot captures the very first time the new mother got to hold her daughter. The words that accompanied this photograph were:

Watching my child fall in love with her child…priceless.” 

I don’t care how many times, or in what capacity, I get to be part of the birth process, it never ceases to amaze me.

When was the last time you were amazed?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               — Laurie Buchanan

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46 thoughts on “A New Mother’s Loving Gaze

  1. Hi, this is a wonderful picture, thankyou for sharing it with us,
    and congratulations and all good wishes to the new mum 🙂
    I am amazed at the many beauties of the earth and their abilities
    to heal us on may levels; watching a skein of wild geese flying;
    planting tiny seeds to find beautiful flowers have grown;clear, starry
    winter-night skies; and the colours of dawn 🙂

    • Dovesgold – I’m glad you enjoyed the photograph. I loved the word picture you painted at the end of your comment with, “…watching a skein of wild geese flying; planting tiny seeds…” Thank you for your visit today, I appreciate it.

  2. Thank you for the precious picture and story that resonated in my memory bank of times with my children, grandchildren and parents. I also recall the joyfully expressions on our parents’ faces when they “lovingly gazed” at our children… Priceless. Now that I am “Mimi”, I wish I could tell them that I understand how much they loved and cherished our children. I am amazed everyday by the small but significant “love gifts” in my life. For example, our youngest son just stopped by to pick up a suitcase for an over-night business trip. We know he has the funds to purchase a suitcase, but he prefers to come home, take one of ours and spend sometime chatting with us. Then he brings the suitcase back and share his journey with us.

  3. What a beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing it with me.
    To answer…
    Mayne Island has a population of around 1,000. Recently, one of our neighbours was in need. We swelled our masses to answer the call. I was amazed and deeply touched witness.

  4. Yup, you’re right Laurie birth is pretty awesome . . .not to mention the way we both posted the very same theme on the very same day:) with almost identicle pictures of mama and bambino. . . . .how cool is that!!

  5. The joy and beauty on this new mother’s face melted me to mush. I am glad she allowed you to share. How wonderful for that child to come into the world with Auntie Laurie’s energy filling the room, as well. Last time I was amazed? A half hour ago when the broken row of numbers on this keyboard suddenly fixed itself and started working. This is a tiny amazement, but makes me feel deeply grateful that I do not have to call the manufacturer and try to fix it.

  6. Hi Laurie – The look on that new mom’s face says it all, doesn’t it? Wow. That is really PURE love! As for amazement, I live each day in constant amazement – or at the very least, awe. Been “practicing” this for some time. It’s a blessing and starts each day in gratitude for simply waking up to another day.

  7. This is a picture of my beautiful daughter-in-law and the miracle gift she gave to our family, my first grandchild. I am so very proud of her and love my granddaughter so much. I am blessed to have been with her when this picture was taken-I barely saw it because of
    my own tears of joy. Thank you for posting it.

  8. Laurie I have been sweeping cobwebs off the ceiling today – not my favourite job. But it was so nice to finish up and come find your post. I agree a special moment capture for us all to share.

    I am sure the lucky mom’s that have you on their care time realize how fortunate they are too.

    • Terrill – It sounds like you’re getting ready for opening your home studio to the public. If I was up in your neck of the woods I’d be there in a heartbeat. Thank you for taking a break at Speaking from the Heart. I knew that as a professional photographer you’d especially appreciate the emotion that was captured in this photograph.

  9. Laurie, I can never see a newborn child without thinking of Wordsworth’s sentiments, “and trailing clouds of Glory…” Although the baby’s face cannot be seen, the Glory is reflected in the Mother’s eyes.

    • Barbara – “How quickly they move away” — It’s like greased lightning! (On a completely separate note…I know that I subscribe to your blog, and I know that I “follow” you on WordPress…however, that doesn’t “show” on the backside — the “dashboard.” I want to verify that you do, indeed, see me as someone who subscribes, right?)

      • Laurie, my dashboard says you are subscribed as of September 20. Are you getting the email notifications? (the last post was November 12)
        I don’t think the subscription would show up on your dashboard because my blog is now self-hosted, at WordPress.org rather than at WordPress.com. But I’m not sure of that… It’s so confusing!

      • Barbara – I’m not getting anything, whatsoever. You used to post every single day and I thought perhaps with the change over to a different platform you are having long stints in-between. I received a “subscribed” confirmation email, but me-thinks there’s a big fly in the ointment. What action steps would you like me to take?

      • I think I’ll try what I just tried with Rosie’s – will unsubscribe you manually and then subscribe you anew, hoping that this will reset the system. My next post is scheduled for tomorrow morning (the 15th) so let’s cross our fingers and see if you get notified!

      • Barbara – I’ll be on the lookout. I think you’re an hour ahead of time from me so it will probably be posted before I post mine (usually around 7am my time). I’ll let you know what happens…

  10. Last night.
    I was thinking about the politico-legal systems within which we live, and was thinking about the role of money.

    I thought of the separation between law makers and law interpreters, and it was suddenly clear to me just how much influence money exerts in that separation.

    It is easy to see how money influences the political system. It influences campaigns, through funding contributions. It influences the decision making process in many ways, directly through funding advisors and think tanks and lobbiests; and indirectly through funding of academic endowments and particular academic projects.

    What is less clear is the effect that money has in the legal system.
    Lawyers get paid for what they do. The ones that do what money wants get paid very well. These ones tend to rise to the top of the system.
    There doesn’t have to be active bribery or corruption, it only needs that people who think in ways compatible with the needs of money are those that get to the top.
    Those are then the ones who become judges.

    Thus the interests of money are deeply embedded in the structure of our systems.

    Changing it is going to take something profound.

    Seeing all this, all the linkages, in a single instant of intuitive awareness, was an amazing experience.

    • Ted, it amazes me what it takes to amaze you! I’m just so grateful you are around to confound people like me. To tell the truth, the way the EU is linked to everything, and betting on the way things will fall out, is enough to amaze anyone!

    • Ted – The thoughts and ideas that your head like a gentle stroll in the park — you take them in your stride — are simply mind-boggling to me. I’m sure glad there are brains out there like yours 🙂

  11. Hi Sandi

    I have been amazed at the birth of both of my children.
    We were asked for what most recently amazed me.

    What tends to amaze me most is the power of the subconscious intuitive mind. Even though I know in broad principle how it works, the power and beauty and majesty of what it delivers never ceases to amaze me.

    To see the deep patterns of relationship, deep cause and effect, deep incentives, this is what I find profoundly beautiful.

    Searching for contexts that allow me to glimpse paths never seen before through possibility space.
    Society needs new paths, the old ones are too dangerous, too damaging to too many.

  12. Ahhhhhh lovely loving captured

    I still remember those moments with each child – that moment of amazing love

    Those maybe the last time I was amazed…well, then again, I was amazed at how quickly I knew that my mother had left her body and was no longer there – I can feel it fresh and new each time I think of it…

    How lucky the new mom’s are to have you and your energies with them during this process
    blessed be

  13. This is a lovely and loving post Laurie, one that does not amaze me, considering the the general world view promoted here, but it’s still a joyful and moving moment that is passionately documented here.

    I was amazed at the birth of each of my five children, and continue to be amazed as they grow older. Amazement of course is a beautiful thing, as it’s an emotion that includes inner satisfaction.

  14. Bringing life in this world is the most beautiful experience a mother can have and the most unforgettable vision a father or a grandparent can see. In that moment our existence makes sense and a love like no other is born. A beautiful photo that captured the magic and emotions of the event. Thank you….

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