Tomorrow is 11-11-11. Some people are looking forward to the day with great anticipation, some with dread, yet others with ambivalence.

Numerically speaking, that number has an incredible vibration—energy:

In my opinion, seeing repeated numbers on digital displays (clock, cell phone, car dashboard, and microwaves) such as 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, and 5:55 means “Hello from the other side,” but 11:11 is the strongest of them all—four repeated digits. To me, that’s like someone is shouting or waving from the other side—really trying to get my attention.

It’s my perspective that the multiple thousands of people born all over the globe tomorrow on 11-11-11 are going to be people to watch. They’re going to be the movers and the shakers that have a tremendously positive ripple effect, not unlike Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Steve Jobs, and The Dalai Lama. They’re going to be stellar contributors to the earth and its inhabitants.

People born on 11-11-2011 will be Life Path 8’sThe Path of the Warrior. You can follow this LINK to find out how to calculate your own Life Path number, and follow this LINK to find out what a Life Path 8 means.

Born on March 26, 1905, Victor Frankl is my favorite historical Life Path 8. Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist, and Holocaust survivor, he was an amazing man who made positive global contributions.

What do you think will happen on 11-11-11?


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37 thoughts on “11-11-11

  1. What I think will happen tomorrow 11-11 will be up to me and my awareness of the vibration or even my involvement in the vibration, via meditation, conscious awareness, being present. Is it a genie in a bottle granting a wish? I think not. Is it an opportunity to commune with “other side” as you say, yes.

    The group of photographers that I am involved with have decided to document the day by intentionally going out to photograph “the day” !

  2. I like Jeff’s answer! It will be up to us what will happen tomorrow. I know I am going to use the vibratory energy of 11-11-11 to intend wonderful things for myself and this planet. 🙂 And, happy, it’s my mother’s and my sponsored child in Ecuador’s birthdays tomorrow! Isn’t that cool for them?

    • Kathy – “It will be up to us…” Amen siSTAR! (I like Jeff’s comment, too). Happy birthday to your mother tomorrow and you sponsored child in Ecuador, 11-11-11 Whoohoo!

  3. My intuitive sense is that 11-11-11 will temporarily open a portal to the other side so to speak. What I mean by the other side is simply awareness to higher dimensions beyond the three dimensions that we are conditioned to see and trained to believe is all there is, but the higher dimensions are always there just the same. I sense when this portal is temporally opened those that are willing will become more aware of the “other side”, a new seeing if you will. Possibly a preview to 2012 and a more permanent awareness and the possibility of a connecting residence from the other side to the three dimensional world most of us live in and are limited to.

    • Irma – I resonate with the thoughts you shared here, thank you for your comments. I think it’s especially important that you pointed out, “…the higher dimensions are always there just the same.” To me, that’s vital knowledge.

      Readers – I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Irma. You’ll find her blog — Spiritual Clarity — in the blog roll on the right-hand side of Speaking from the Heart. Please stop by and tell her Laurie sent you.

  4. Hi Laurie – Do I hear the Beach Boys rendition of “Good Vibrations”? WAS it the Beach Boys? Memory not clear but I sure do hear the song 🙂 There is a huge global prayer/meditation going on tomorrow that I signed up for and will participate in – which I think is really cool – but beyond that I don’t think anything will “happen”. Actually THAT happening is a happening – hopefully millions of people sending peace/love into the Universe may help heal something somewhere or other.

    It’s also Veteran’s Day. My son enlisted after 9-11 and spent 6 yrs in the Army. It was a tough time emotionally for all of us. I am re-running a former post on our personal story of his deployment to Iraq tomorrow. I can assure you, there is nothing as gut wrenching as sending your only son off to a war you don’t support. We are blessed that he came back from three deployments in those six years, but he came back a stranger. Oh the cost of war!

    I’m really glad of the global movement for tomorrow to get my mind and heart centered on that instead, but I also want to pay respects to my veteran, and all veterans and their families.

    • SuZen – Yes, you hit the nail on the head! I’m hangin’ ten now with the Beach Boys Good Vibrations. Like you, I’ll be joining millions of people who are holding HeartLight for our planet and all of it’s inhabitants. I look forward to reading your Veteran’s Day post tomorrow.

  5. I am listening in my Heart for a chiming bell, for the recognition of something we know but have yet to hear or see. Perhaps a non-happening will be the happening, I can’t say, but I feel this will take us in a new, slightly canted direction. We are headed the right way, we just need to do some fine turning on our co-ordinates. I will celebrate this day as a Day of Prayer, prayer for Peace, Harmony and Unity for all of Mankind. Lifting our prayers to the Creative Force of the Universe in hope of reaching that turning point that directs us to the healing and renewal of Civilization on Earth.

    • Sandi – I love your perspective, “We are headed the right way, we just need to do some fine turning on our co-ordinates.” Like you, tomorrow will be a day of holding HeartLight for our planet and all of it’s inhabitants.

  6. You nailed it Laurie, master numbers offer a doorway to the nonlinear, especially 11.11.11.

    Regardless what we are doing tomorrow we will be impacted by an energetic grander than we can imagine. My thought is to choose consciously what exactly I want to have magnified in my energy field and then proceed forward wholeheartedly without reservation.

    I will personally be joining in a world-wide meditation, intentionally connecting in with the vibration of unity consciousness via live stream gazing with Braco – http://www.bracoamerica.com will get you there.

    May we each enjoy the energy of this moment in time, regardless the form of our participation!!

  7. My Father was in WWII for the Canadian Navy. We always celebrated Remembrance Day with a peace/prayer group. And although we lived in the United States, my Father brought that celebration to all the people here….a flute group will be playing in the Capital Rotunda and the Capital Campus will be filled with flags at each memorial. I am hoping it will be as sunny as today – I always felt so glad to be alive.

    I do not know what else will happen on 11-11-11 but I can feel a build up of energy in my body that has not been there for a very long time….as though I do not need to drag myself to take the next step and get something done.

    Good to think about these things. Thanks for you good thoughts

    • Patricia – Thank you for sharing about your Dad. I know that tomorrow will be a wonderful day for the men and women (past and present) in the armed services as we share our gratitude and pay our respects. I am married to one of those wonderful people. My husband, Len, retired from the Navy after 20 years of service.

      • Laurie and Patricia, My Dad and some of his brothers were also in the Navy and served during earlier wars. It is wonderful that we celebrate Veterans Day tomorrow and remember those who are gone and those still here who have served for us; yet they have all come back injured in one way or another. They and their families have sacrificed for our country. May God shower them with special blessings tomorrow.

  8. 11/11/11 is almost over here in NZ. A very windy day here in Kaikoura.
    Got a little more exercise than normal, jogging up the 300ft high hill to home – good and aerobic.
    Spent a bit of time considering those who went to war in the past, on all sides, and the modes of thought that made that sort of conflict possible (patriotism, and right/wrong type thinking), and thinking about how to promote more aware and inclusive alternatives.

  9. “It’s my perspective that the multiple thousands of people born all over the globe tomorrow on 11-11-11 are going to be people to watch. They’re going to be the movers and the shakers that have a tremendous positive ripple effect, not unlike Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Steve Jobs, and The Dalai Lama. They’re going to be stellar contributors to the earth and its inhabitants.”

    Wow, what a towering perception, but one I can sit back and smile at, knowing there is imminent truth in these expectations. So we won’t have another day like this until 12-12-12. I have a feeling something good with happen.

    Anyway it’s an interesting day for me and Lucille as I have been asked to give the keynote speech at a small gathering of 30 or so people in Manhattan for a wedding ceremony reception at the eatery we basically frequent every Saturday night duing our movie trips. It incolves our good friend and teaching colleague Broadway Bob, who is tying the knot with his partner, making good on New York’s same sex couple law. A great time will be had for sure.

  10. Hi, Laurie — okay, so I’m late and am reading this now after 9:00 p.m. on 11/11/11. I love your attitude about the power of numbers and I am a big fan of Viktor Frankl. I hope to meet him in the next iteration of my existence. I also thought about my father (who served in three wars) and Jonathan, who still serves. I thought about war and how unnecessary it is to harm another human being all in the name of fear, power, and control. At some point, I hope we realize that we are not here on earth to establish a monarchy of power. We are here for something much greater than that.

  11. This is the next to the last year. We have only 12-12-12 left and then it will be nearly a thousand years before we can have a true numbers match. The next true 1-01-01 will be in the year three thousand. I think my spirit will enjoy that.

    Thanks for following my blog, Laurie. It means a lot.


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