Breaking Loose

While reviewing my list in the grocery store parking lot, the wind whipped a lone shopping cart past my car. In my imagination, it jumped up and gleefully kicked its wheels as it released a long-held, hearty laugh.

Renegade by Laurie Buchanan

Renegade by Laurie Buchanan

Delighted to be away from the others, it was clearly marching to the beat of its own drummer!

When was the last time you broke loose?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               — Laurie Buchanan and our Facebook page

© 2011 Laurie Buchanan – All Rights Reserved

26 thoughts on “Breaking Loose

  1. Laurie,

    To find joy in the wind moving a shopping cart!!! How wondrous!!!
    As for breaking loose! I thought I had broke loose most of my life, but most recently have seemed to pulled back a bit!!!


    • Jeff – I wonder what that’s all about? Hmmmmmm is right. (although you’re 10-times faster “on the draw” with a camera than I am (Quick Draw McGraw) so I fancy you has “breaking out” all the time 🙂

  2. I ‘broke loose’ last month during the Criterion Barnes & Noble blu-ray sale (50 % off). Ha! Two times a year that sale tempts movie buffs, offering up what is esentially a ‘deal we can’t refuse!’

    Breaking loose can be simultaneously exhilarating and relaxing, as it often enables one to pull away from some nagging issues that find their way into everyday life. Love that shopping cart photo Laurie!

    • Sam – 50% off a gazillion dollars is still a whompin’ amount, but for someone like you who has film in their blood, I can see how it would be a “deal you couldn’t refuse.” 🙂

  3. I am in need as the books for review start arriving in my mailbox she says!….I did just have two weddings to go to which were out of house experiences and one was me working.

    I am going to break loose next week, by have a long massage in the morning, going to see the movie the HELP in the afternoon and having book group in the evening – I am writing ahead and think I will not even turn on my computer all day.

    I find myself losing whole days trying to learn all the software I need for Wise Ears…I just lost my whole newsletter program YIKES…and my IT Person is on vacation…

    I need a break and to break loose for sure – I could use a vacation too 🙂
    Nice job here

  4. While i was reading this I was taking on a different perception.

    I was thinking about the trolly deeply and came to this conclusion, the trolly was not in control of its own life. It wasn’t even marching to the beat of its own drum. It was conforming to the wind (others way of thinking) it was trapped in dogma.

    The trolly was over powered by the opinions of the wind, it was living by the results of the wind. It lacked the courage to follow its heart and intuition, because it was scared that it would have to suffer.

    If the trolly just conforms to the wind, or decides to take the wind head on (go after your dreams) it will have to suffer, yet it seemed to rather just conform to the wind, like most people do in there everyday life. The former form of suffering last for many years and is apparently bearable but seams to eat away at its soul until one day its so far away from its destination it doesn’t see how it will ever get back. However the latter, is an intense short burst of suffer, it has to tackle the wind head on to get to its destination. It has to drown out the voice, and the opinions of the wind. However it will get to its destination. Therefore i would rather intense unexpected suffer, than suffering that is apparently bearable. At least it will make my dreams come true.

    The primary cause of suffering is desire, but desire is as constant as gravity, so desire something worth suffering for.

    Back to the question. Last time i broke loose was, my whole life i really don’t remember when i was breaking loose.

    By Joseph 33/6

    • Joseph – I love your “down under” perspective! Not only does the title you give it — trolly — a dash of pizazz, but I love where you take the thought. Not surprising from a Life Path 33!

    • I suppose breaking free can be both going with the flow (not resisting it, letting convention be swept away) and refusing to join the crowd.

  5. Anytime I am on a tennis court! I get to hit that ball hard, run all over the place with wild abandon, and spend a couple of hours focused only on one thing. There can be no multi-tasking in tennis . . .

    • Barbara – Are you and Jonathan back from your Wild West adventure yet?

      No multi-tasking on the tennis court? I beg to differ. Let’s see now…I picture you breathing, calculating, sweating, speculating, running, maneuvering, swinging, leaping, and diving 🙂

      • don’t forget cursing, tripping, slipping, and falling. Jonathan and I had a great time in Wyoming. It is truly a wilderness and a welcome relief from our city life.

  6. Loving your reaction to the “breaking free” of a shopping cart! It feels like joy bubbling to your surface! I am going to “break free” tomorrow. Yep. Jumping in the car and heading downstate to visit my parents. My dad has some health problems right now and it’s important that my daughter and I get down to visit him.

  7. I’ve always thought each shopping cart displayed its own unique personality, and some of them are truly temperamental!

    Maybe redecorating my blog was the last time I broke loose.

  8. I think I was born wild and free and have only every been half tamed to the rhythm of a common day Laurie. But the last time I really broke loose was a most fantastic four days hiking, taking photos and painting on Saturna Island last week with my eldest grandson. Wow! Did we ever have a great time. First post is up now 🙂

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