Moonlight Beach - Encinitas, CA

Moonlight Beach – Encinitas, CA

May you and yours dance in the Light of a joy-filled New Year!

In anticipation of an amplified writing schedule in 2011 and more travel to southern California for my father, I’m down-shifting my blogging schedule from the even-numbered days of the month, to T-Squared: Tuesdays and Thursdays.

As promised in “N is for Numerology” during the recent Alphabetically Speaking series, before the end of January I’ll launch the Numerically Speaking series and show you how to calculate your Life Path number. Then over the following weeks, I’ll present a separate post on each of the nine numbers.

But first, I’m going to share with you some of the photos I took at two of my favorite locations while I was in southern California Dec 16 – Jan 1.

Stay tuned…


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16 thoughts on “T-Squared

  1. Laurie you are going T-Squared while I go book-ends posting Monday and Friday. Between us we have most of the business week covered. I wonder who might want Wild-Wednesday?

    I am looking forward to your offerings for 2011 and all the best in this lovely new year!


    • Terrill – Boy Howdy! I’ve just been to your first Monday blog in 2011 and you sure have elected a BIG project to kick off the new year. I can hardly wait until Friday to see how things are shaping up.

      I wasn’t sure which two days I was going to post but when you announced Mondays and Fridays (excellent for your 2011 intention plan, with a dash of in-betweens thrown in for good measure), I simply mimicked your summer schedule because you pulled Tuesdays and Thursdays off so beautifully 🙂

  2. What!?! You aren’t go to be working to keep us on our toes every other day? Laurie, if anyone deserves some ME time it has to be you. I know you have enough going on to keep you busy each day of the year, it’s also a good thing to relax and enjoy life, as I have spent some time learning lately. Kudos to you for all the hard work you put into your posts, they reflect it. I see you are staring the New Year off on the right feet, nothing like a sand-pedi to send the stress flowing away!

    • Sandi – I want you to know that water was cold, Cold, COLD! All of the surfers had FULL-body wet suits on. I was trying to show “relaxation” – you know, taking it down a notch or two (but it was oh-so-cold).

      I was tickled pink to read your article — Chicken Manure Fertilizer for the Vegetable Garden — in GRIT magazine. How darned cool is that?! Writing articles for magazines gets addictive. I hope you’ll let us know when your next one gets published.

      • Laurie, Did you get the actual paper magazine I sent to HolEssence? The online title is not what I chosen and was not very reader-enticing, if you get my drift. The print copy title is titled “The Chicken Ladies Garden Club”. I mean, what else?

      • Sandi – I haven’t been to HolEssence yet (I hit the ground running Tuesday morning), but Len read your article in the paper version of GRIT magazine and told me it looks FANTASTIC in print! I love the title, “The Chicken Ladies Garden Club” – it’s perfect!

  3. Hello Laurie,
    Happy New Year!!
    Good for you to take a little break.
    Since I started my blog, “Express Yourself” http://jeansheartbeat.blogspot.com/
    and thought I can do everyday, yes silly girl, I had no idea how hard that was.
    If you are in Southern California near the Ronald Reagon Library. My sister went for New Years and just loved the White House display they have exhibited. A mini replica of the really White House changed everyday according to what is going on in the White House each day!!!
    I hope the new year brings you all that you are hoping for.
    Many blessing,

  4. I am still into random scheduling for posting my blogs, Laurie. I so admire you and Terrill for setting those deadlines and meeting them. I love the numerology report you did for me last year and need to order another one for this year. But I will still attend class reliably!

    • BarbaraRandom is ideal! It provides you with space to breathe (should you need it), and a delightful treat for your subscribers to receive an email announcing a new post from you. I always love it when I get one saying there’s something new over on Eternal Presence.

  5. Yep, Laurie, you and Terrell have the whole week covered! Great photos and splendid gameplan! In the end I’m looking forward to a great 2011 at SPEAKING FROM THE HEART, and the new series. The entire experience here in 2010 has been stimulating and refreshing.

    The very best to Laurie and Len for 2011!

    • Sam – As you know I recently returned from an extended stay with my dad. Hence, I saw news on television (non-stop) and was amazed at the SNOW you guys received. Holy Mackerel Andy, you got hammered!

      You’ll see that I left a comment on your Monday Morning Diary (Jan 3) over on Wonders in the Dark. It contains a big hint, Hint, HINT on a movie that I think should make your up-and-coming Top 10 Movie List for 2010.

  6. Pingback: Movie Man Joel Bocko, “Another Year,” “Blue Valentine,” “The Strange Case of Angelika” and “Cluny Brown” on Monday Morning Diary (January 3) « Wonders in the Dark

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