I Love My Writer’s Block!

I Love My Writer's Block! by Laurie Buchanan

Most writers—people who put words on paper in order to survive; people who write because they know if they don’t they’ll either implode or explode—have a fear of encountering a Writer’s Block. For most writers, that means anything that stops the flow of writing. 

After the last conference I attended at UW-Wisconsin’s Writer’s Institute and watching other people getting wide-eyed with fear about this “dark inner-demon we would all encounter at some point,” I decided to make a preemptive strike and get myself a Writer’s Block so I could shift my perspective and embrace this thing, rather than run scared.

I had just put my intent out to the Universe when Dave Birr—a friend with a phenomenal collection of crystals—gifted  me with a small basket of gemstones. Hidden among the treasures was an oblong piece of olive-colored Nephrite Jade. My writer’s block!

Jade (or “yu” as it’s called in China), is rich with tradition. It symbolizes the five virtues of humanity: wisdom, compassion, justice, modesty, and courage.

I love my writer’s blockit’s all about flow!

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan

Copyright © 2010 Laurie Buchanan — All Rights Reserved.

17 thoughts on “I Love My Writer’s Block!

  1. Just sneakin’ over here really quickly, Laurie, cuz your title was awesome! Not that I usually experience writer’s block–tee hee–but I know lots of people are really afraid of it. Love your block! Love the way you face into the wind without fear and shift your perspective. A good morning pat on the back to you!

    • Kathy – I know that you and Kiah are having a lovey day. I’m grateful you made the time this morning for a quick peak at Speaking from the Heart. I wanted to let you know that I finished watching Seraphine. I got the DVD from the library because you’d mentioned it in a recent post on Lake Superior Spirit. That was a tremendously bitter-sweet story; more so because it was true. Thank you for the recommendation.

      • You are welcome–glad you enjoyed. Yes, bitter-sweet. That describes it… We are having a great time! But very busy!

  2. Nice writers block! Once again you share or map a path through the shadows shinning your light brightly with positive, creative, healing directed energy!

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Hello Jeff. If you day’s been half as good as mine, it’s been terrific–and I hope it’s been just that for you. Thank you for stopping by Speaking from the Heart today and leaving a lovely comment. I appreciate YOU.

  3. I was reading this on my email and then i shifted to your website and started lauging, you really do have a wrtiers block and jade at that!

    Great perspective, fearless at the least.

    I am finding a way to be fearless this morning, as hubby had a blowup last night, he is type A++++….I have concluded this is PMS once a month! I am working to be constuctive, uplifting, healing, and positive this morning while I really feel otherwise! A sorry would go a long way, but oh so lacking. believe me it was something so minr, a pinhead, that i sometimes wonder what he would do if there was something huge for him to blow up about, ou might hear the explosion clear to Crystal Lake!

    Thanks for the wonderful write this morning.


  4. Oh that is very nice.
    Well, just stopped by for a second, I’m in town running around and came into the coffee shop for a rest!!!
    It’s pretty hot here and we are now down to the countdown. 7 days till the wedding.
    I can’t believe we are still working off a check list!!! Shouldn’t things be done by now!!!
    I can’t imagine that you would have writers block but it’s always nice to have back up plans ( holding and meditating with you jade. Beautiful stone and gift.)

    • Jean – You’re a T-minus 7 days. You asked, “Shouldn’t things be done by now?!” I imagine that everyone will cross home plate in more than plenty of time. It’ll be a spectacular home run that will leave the crowds cheering 🙂

  5. Laurie — I have never wanted a writer’s block before, but I do now! what a prize! I have heard of this writer’s block where people seem to run out of things to say or don’t really know how to write it down. Fortunately, my mind runs constantly and does not seem to run out of odd and quirky sentiments about living and what’s next after this life. Which always brings me around to “why am I here?” And that changes daily.

    • Barbara – I hope your tennis game went well today. I think you said it was indoors — I hope they had the air conditioner set to a delightful temperature. It is, indeed, a beautiful writer’s block. I know what you mean about not being at a loss for words. Some people fall down and they can’t giddy-up. Stick a nickel in me and I can’t shutty-up…

  6. Let me join the crowd and say that is as nice a Writer’s Block as I’ve ever seen. I have one tumbling around in my head somewhere, I just can’t seem to find it. Lately I have been having these lightening bursts of creativity, but I think simple inertia seems to be my stumbling block. I’ll feel the urge to do something “different” come seeping up from the inner well-spring and I’m out the door like a flash, to do something practical, like checking on the peppers and tomatoes or going down to watch the Chicken Ladies watching me. I have to say, that is a lovely block of Jade and what a lovely Friend to gift you with it!

    • Sandi – I’m so glad you dropped by this evening. I am sooooo looking forward for you to continue writing Under Southern Skies. I love when you share about The Chicken Ladies (and now Barney), and life in Georgia. You’ll be ready, when you’re ready, and not a moment sooner or later.

  7. I love you writer’s block and the symbolism about Jade. My mother loved jade and she imbodies all those lovely characteristics. Keep writing! Sheila

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  9. I needed this tonight :), I’m emotionally drained wanted to write got some ideas together but couldn’t piece them together. I like this theorem though :).

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