Curing and Healing – The Difference

Similar yet Different by Laurie Buchanan

Similar yet Different by Laurie Buchanan

When a dandelion flower matures, its Uranium yellow flower gives way to a puff ball full of parachuting seeds. Similar, yet different—that’s what I’m trying to convey with this photograph. Healing and curing are not the same. Caroline Myss defines the difference between healing and curing as follows in her book, Anatomy of the Spirit—The Seven Stages of Power and Healing:

 “Healing and curing are not the same thing. A ‘cure’ occurs when one has successfully controlled or abated the physical progression of an illness. Curing a physical illness, however, does not necessarily mean that the emotional and psychological stresses that were a part of the illness were also alleviated. In this case it is highly possible, and often probably, than an illness will recur.

The process of curing is passive; that is, the patient is inclined to give his or her authority over to the physician and prescribed treatment instead of actively challenging the illness and reclaiming health.

Healing, on the other hand, is an active and internal process that includes investigating one’s attitudes, memories, and beliefs with the desire to release all negative patterns that prevent one’s full emotional and spiritual recovery. This internal review inevitably leads one to review one’s external circumstances in an effort to recreate one’s life in a way that serves activation of will—the will to see and accept truths about one’s life and how one has used one’s energies; and the will to begin to use the energy for the creation of love, self-esteem, and health.”

Do you agree or disagree with the definitions?
Have you ever experienced curing?
Have you ever experienced healing?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan
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60 thoughts on “Curing and Healing – The Difference

  1. Laurie, you’ve already said what I was going to say: Curing is a passive thing from the point of the ill person whereas healing requires active participation from both parties.
    It also strikes me that leather is cured skin sometimes used as protection for the foot in shoes and the heel gives the sole a lift. Healing is closer to the soul! ( I really should have thought about my shoe analogy before writing) but too late now)

    • Mike – I’m glad you stopped this morning to comment. We’ll take a really close look at our feet — especially the sole/soul — in an up-and-coming class on the energy-based modality of Reflexology.

  2. I agree, even though I have not consciously thought of curing and healing in that way.
    My thoughts are if a person comes to us as energy healers they are already in the active stage of conscious curing and healing.

    My first thoughts where of my friend Linda, who after going off her anti-depressants because she was seeking healing through organic methods as well as emotional/spiritual treatments still had a break down and was forced back on anti-depressants.
    It took almost 9 months for her to find herself, if that is herself on Meds? Yet as I read this I am wondering if she just didn’t opt for the “cure” rather then the healing?
    Because I have not experienced her really in a “better” space but about the same as before.

    I am experiencing healing now through the working the Life Harmony Program with you and myself, I am in active healing.

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Jeff – Thank you for your contribution this morning. You bring up a really good point. I have to say that even though I’m board certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, there are legitimate times when prescription medicine is appropriate. For instance, a person who is diabetic; a person who is manic depressive, paranoid schizophrenic; a person who has epilepsy; or someone with a thyroid disorder. My stance is that the ingestion of chemicals shouldn’t be the first line of defense. Has the person taken other healthy action steps first? And, have they examined their “baggage” and unpacked any underlying emotional triggers?

  3. My thoughts exactly!

    This book I am reading, by Slyvia Browne called “Psychic Healing,” explains just that.
    Through her deep-trance communication, her guides talk about how to cure anything from obesity to cancer through ways of talking to your body and elliminating past – negitive memory cells. It mentions how these memory cells contribute to many of our illnesses, fears and insecurites and also how many of us have grown up to believing that just because one gets older, does not mean that you are open season for what many doctors say, “comes with old age.”

    To think that WE can actually be our own healers just by talking to our bodies in certain ways, is truly amazing.

    Another great post, Laurie.

    God Bless

    • Rita – My favorite Sylvia Brown book is “The Other Side and Back” — it’s dynamite! Cellular Memory … great topic! Our friend Kathy (Lake Superior Spirit blog) recently attended a BodyTalk seminar. In August we’ll host a BodyTalk Access seminar at HolEssence as well (details here). EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is another effective way to talk with our body.

  4. Yes, that was one amazing book. Also, good to know about these ‘body talk’ seminars that are being held.



  5. Wonderful how the universe works, I was lead to my first Caroline Myss book just last week and today I “found” my way to your blog by way of twitter.

    I have understood everything is energy for quite some time but have only recently begun really “seeing” the differences in how we personally “create” and use our own energy powers.

    I agree with the different definitions of “cure” and “healing” and find it interesting that “healing” has not been in the forefront of our current medical care for a long time.

    The following quote jumps off the page at me as a great place to start – “the will to see and accept truths about one’s life and how one has used one’s energies; and the will to begin to use the energy for the creation of love, self-esteem, and health.”

    • Edie – I’m so glad you found SPEAKING FROM THE HEART, welcome. We just started a new “semester” and are going through Energy Medicine 101. I blog on even days of the month. If you go back to THIS POINT (just a few days ago), you’ll be all caught up with the rest of he “students” as we make our way through this “course.”

  6. Curing vs., Healing
    I am going to go way out on a limb here, hanging by myself! I have been managing my own diagnosis of Manic Depression for three years, while I really was exhibiting these behaviors, to a lesser degree, most of my life. With a huge family background with suicide, sczhophrenia, alcoholism, atherosclerosis, hypothyroidism, stroke, and diabetes. I have worked full time for 33+ years with no behavior problems related to work, and also an excellent attendance record. Go figure, you would think I would be laying in bed depressed or on a manic episode. Of course all instances are different, and even could be a misdiagnosis in the “MD” world with a realm of diagnostic names.
    I saw two different psychologists in the last year, along with a psychiatrist. Although I learned a lot from them through talk therapy, there was not a good outcome that gave me any kind of an edge on the issues I was having except the medicine. After a few switches of medication I am now stable. A big problem I had was then going to the psychologist for appointments and just sitting there for 10-15 minutes and getting a prescription or refill I found it difficult. I now am going through my own physician. I also have Hypothyroidism that is being treated, however the jury is out if hypothyroidism can also cause depression. I also have a deep belief that the hypothyroidism is because I am overweight but I have been told no. My mother and my grandmother both had it as well.
    As for the healing end of the spectrum, I have been pursuing Massage Therapy as an effective and proactive way to deal with my health for a long time. Recently the last therapist I had was very holistic in nature and also loved to find out what else was going on as to affect the health of myself and also my family. I then pursued more information and happened on an advertisement for I read over the areas of healing that were offered and thought I would try this for relief and sanity!

    Well let me tell you, I was totally blown away to the professionalism and knowledge of Len and Laurie in holistic medicine, which I had no idea there was so much rich knowledge of alternative therapies that are actually effective. I had been working in healthcare for so long and lost touch of any other alternatives, except massage. Massage has had a bad rep for a long time I believe, however in today’s day and age there is need for it. I even encountered a Catholic Nun performing therapeutic massages at a “Healing Practice” in Minnesota. I also entered into a Life Harmony program for 8 months that gave me the tools that I might have sought for so long, although I am still contemplating all the information.
    All I can say is that I am just now coming into the realization, better late than never, that there are many ways to heal rather than just cure. Being proactive rather than reactive.
    I hope I have made sense here and shared a bit of my journey and my ongoing healing.

    • Kim – Thank you for sharing your on-going journey. I’d like to take this opportunity to share with the rest of the group about the word “massage” as it relates to my practice. Unlike a massage therapist who is (and should be) very interested in a person’s muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments; or a chiropractor is is (and should be) very interested in a person’s skeletal structure …

      … as an HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner) I am interested in a person’s energy. When doing “massage” I am working in/with a person’s HEF (Human Energy Field; also known as an aura), chakras (energy stations), and meridians (energy pathways). My style of “massage” is actually a combination of light effleurage (gliding motion), Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch. In my world, it all boils down to energy. Human energy can only be in one of four conditions: balanced, blocked, excessive, or deficient. The only healthy condition is balanced. My job is to work toward balanced energy, and to help my clients do this as well.

  7. I am working on curing and healing at this current time!
    Gastritis from stress.

    A doctor provided some things to help cure the holes in my stomach. I’ve had to alter my diet. But MOST IMPORTANTLY and the thing the doctor did not care to talk about at all!!!!! was why the stress? Can we say band aid?

    I’ve had to heal myself with my attitudes about life. The sad sad truth is I caused the holes in my stomach all by myself. The internal struggle.

    Now I worry about what long term affects I have done to myself in addition to my holey stomach. Well all I can do is to try. Try to stay calm and not worry. Eat better, exercise and live life. What comes will come. Speaking of eating, I just polished off some blueberry strudel that I made in honor of traveling to Germany. Hope I’ll still fit into my leiderhosen….

    • Beth – ONLY water, NO sugar, NO processed foods. Do this for one solid month. Do it cold turkey. We live close enough you can just drive over and slap me around if you get cranky! When it comes to stress, DO THIS.

      When are you going to Germany?! Is John’s mom going with you?

  8. You really bring it to mind that healing is transforming Laurie.

    Much more than just rearranging.

    Healing is connecting to energy…

    Thank You Laurie for evoking us to think in this way!

    Love, Jeannie

  9. Hello Laurie,
    Come have a sit, this could take awhile.
    I have been struggling with this cure vs. healing for about 3 years.
    First, came the disease, fibroid in the uterus, then came the western doctor cure, partial hysterectomy surgery, without any time to heal emotionally, I grieved for the lost of my uterus.
    Of course, all anyone said to me was,”Aren’t you glad you don’t have to deal with that anymore each month?”, Well, no, I didn’t mind it!!
    I am better now, but there was a time period of two years for the emotional healing I had to go through.
    Quick fixes may not be the answer all the time, and then everyone wants you back on your feet, in my case 10 days, and feeling great.
    So, back to your question. Yes, I agree they are two different things and have to be approached two different ways.
    Jeff: Thanks for the link to the Introduction to Tibetan Medicine. I printed it off and I’m reading through it and find it to be a good start to this discussion.
    You have also inspired me to take out my “Artist Way” book and give it a try again.

    One more thing, I have gone back to my pharmacy and have asked for the real drugs I was prescribed for High Blood Pressure and Thyroid. The pharmacy automatically put me on generic without even asking. I have been feeling sluggish and tried since Dec. I think it might be the generic brands. There was only a $8.00 difference in my thyroid med, (two cups of cappuccino). Not sure about the B/P I pick that up on Friday.
    But I figure if I’m going to change my diet to organic, stop drinking coffee, and not eat sugar, exercise until I drop, I should probably try the real meds and see if that helps.
    My Mantra when I am meditating for good health is “Happy, Healthy, Strong, and Alive”
    Oh, can you explain something I read, about that Karma kick back? I read where illness can be a cause and effect from your previous life. How can I prevent illness that took place in a previous life in this life?
    Smiling at you,

    • Jean – First off, your mantra “Happy, Healthy, Strong, and Alive” is great. I would add “I AM” onto the beginning of it. In other words, direct that positive, uplifting, constructive and healing energy right at yourself! Thank you, too, for sharing your journey here. I’m glad to know that you followed the link Jeff provided to learn more about Tibean Medicine (if you’re not familiar with Gregg Braden, you may want to check out some of his books. He’s not Tibetan, but he goes there on a regular basis and has many wonderful things to share). I’m glad, too, that Jeff’s inspired way to get your Artist’s Way book off the shelf and give it another whirl! It’s a great 12-week program!

      As for the “Karma kick-back” … I eluded to that the other day. Let me see if I can go find it, and then cut and paste it in right here. Before I do, let me say that many people feel that Cellular Memory isn’t just for this (current) lifetime, but that it, too, can go back (way back) in time …

      Okay, I found it. It was part of my response to Elke on the blog titled The Language of Energy Medicine. Here’s what I wrote:

      “Elke, if you don’t mind, I’d like to use this space to share a story. My mother was born with spina bifida in 1938. When she was 7 years old, she contracted polio. This resulted in one of her legs being significantly shorter than the other until she had corrective surgery when I was about 7. When she was 42, they discovered she had breast cancer. She had a mastectomy and chemotherapy. Quite some time later, as a side-effect of the chemotherapy, she got diabetes (who knew?!). She died from the cancer in 1991 at the age of 53.

      Somewhere between her chemotherapy and her expiration point (an 11-year span of time) I remember being really pissed off at the “unfairness” of the whole thing. Through tears I shared my anger, frustration, and sorrow with her.

      Ever the fiesty little warrior, she told me “not to dare feel sorry for her!” That she was, in fact, “getting it all out of the way.” When I asked what in the world she was “getting out of the way,” she explained she felt she was, in fact, “paying off a karmic debt.”

      Whether she was right or wrong, I won’t know on this side of my last breath. But that conversation has remained in my mind to this day. What she did, or might have done, in another place and time, I don’t know. I do know that she didn’t throw in the towel. She took action steps to try to change the trajectory. And while the final outcome didn’t change, the trajectory changed enough to give her eleven wonerful years.

  10. Laurie, What else do you know about Epilepsie? I was taken to hospital a few weeks ago, they told me I’d had an epileptic fit. Am now on prescription meds but I’d like to get other pointers, if you have any,
    Another thought that came to me is that “Meat is cured, Humans are healed”

    • Mike – Before it get lost at the end of this esponse, let me say I think your thought (meat is cured, humans are healed) is funny. Now on to answer your question. First of all, for anyone in a hospital setting to use the term “fit” was rude. Either of the words “seizure or episode” would have been the appropriate, professional term. That said … one of my favorite resource books is “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” by by CNC, Phyllis A. Balch. It is currently in its Fourth Edition. Here is precisely what it has to say as it relates to Epilepsy:

      Seizures occur when nerve cells in your body misfire. Types of seizures vary. Recurrent seizures from one of many chronic processes are considered epilepsy. However, seizures are not considered to be epilepsy if they occur only once or are correctable.

      Signs and Symptoms
      • Aura (before generalized seizures), including lethargy, depression, irritability, involuntary jerks of limbs, abdominal pains, pale complexion, headache, constipation, or diarrhea
      • Loss of consciousness
      • Total body muscle spasms
      • Temporary cessation of breathing
      • Bluish color of skin and mucous membranes
      • Dilated pupils that do not react to light
      • Bowel or bladder incontinence
      • Increased pulse and blood pressure
      • Increased salivation and sweating
      • Deep coma, post-seizure confusion, and deep sleep

      What Causes It?
      Seizures are caused by hyperexcitable nerve cells in the brain (cerebral cortex) that fire abnormally. No one knows why this happens. The conditions listed below are associated with seizure activity.
      • Central nervous system infection (bacterial meningitis, encephalitis)
      • Drug toxicity or withdrawal (for example, alcohol or illicit drug use)
      • Genetic mutations
      • Head trauma
      • Electrolyte or metabolic abnormalities
      • Drugs that lower the seizure threshold
      • High fevers
      • Brain abnormalities (for example, tumors, stroke)
      • Low sugar and low calcium levels in the blood

      What to Expect at your Provider’s Office
      Precipitating events (for example, head trauma) and risk factors (for example, family or personal history of seizures) are important factors to be discussed with your provider. It is also important to note how you felt before and after the seizure. Your provider will do blood tests for baseline values and an electroencephalogram (EEG) to help in your diagnosis.

      Treatment Options
      The goal of therapy is to stop the seizures, to minimize adverse drug effects, to prevent recurrences, and to help you readjust to your home life and work environment after a seizure.

      Drug Therapies
      Your health care provider will most likely prescribe medication to help control your seizures (it has been approximated that 30 to 70 percent of people who have a seizure will have a second seizure within one year). You may need to try several medications before you find one that works for you.

      Complementary and Alternative Therapies
      Some mild seizures may be controlled by alternative therapies, as follows:
      • Diet: a high-fat, low-protein, low-carbohydrate (ketogenic) diet may help control the frequency of seizures. Some studies have shown a connection with food allergies and seizures in children. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and aspartame.
      • Taurine (500 mg three times per day): amino acid that has been shown in studies to inhibit seizures
      • Folic acid (400 mcg per day): depleted during seizures and in some people with seizures, although higher doses than 400 mcg may actually precipitate some seizures. Should be taken with B12
      • B12 (100 to 200 mcg per day)
      • B6 (20 to 50 mg per kilogram of body weight): especially in children may help control seizures
      • Magnesium: 500 to 750 mg per day (should be in a 1:1 ratio in persons taking calcium) for normal muscle and nervous system function
      • Manganese (5 to 15 mg per day): depleted in people with epilepsy
      • Zinc (30 mg per day): may be depleted by some medications
      • Dimethylglycine (100 mg twice a day): may decrease medication requirements

      Herbs may be used as dried extracts (capsules, powders, teas), glycerites (glycerine extracts), or tinctures (alcohol extracts). Teas should be made with 1 tsp. of herb per cup of hot water. Steep covered 5 to 10 minutes for leaf or flowers; 10 to 20 minutes for roots. Drink 2 to 4 cups per day.
      • Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata): to both prevent and treat seizures, may be effective without side effects, especially where stress is a precipitating factor. Dose is 30 drops three to four times per day.
      • Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora): antispasmodic and calmative herb
      • Valerian (Valeriana officinalis): spasmolytic, sedative

      The above herbs may be used singly or in combination as 1 cup tea three times per day or 30 to 60 drops tincture three times per day. In addition, use milk thistle (Silybum marianum) to protect the liver from effects of medications (70 to 210 mg three times per day).

      There have been few studies examining the effectiveness of specific homeopathic remedies. Professional homeopaths, however, may recommend one or more of the following treatments for seizure disorders based on their knowledge and clinical experience. Before prescribing a remedy, homeopaths take into account a person’s constitutional type. In homeopathic terms, a person’s constitution is his or her physical, emotional, and intellectual makeup. An experienced homeopath assesses all of these factors when determining the most appropriate remedy for a particular individual.
      • Belladonna — for seizures that occur in individuals with a high fever
      • Causticum — for individuals whose seizures may be triggered by receiving bad news or by feelings of sadness such as from grief; this remedy is most appropriate for individuals who tend to feel hopeless and fearful
      • Cicuta — for individuals who develop seizures after a head injury
      • Cuprum metallicum — for individuals whose seizures are accompanied by mental dullness; may be triggered by menstruation or vomiting

      Physical Medicine
      Chiropractic, osteopathic, or naturopathic manipulation may be helpful, especially in children or for seizures after head trauma.

      Acupuncture may be helpful with specific acupressure points that have been used to stop seizures.

      Following Up
      Determining the best dosage or drug combinations is an inexact science; your provider will monitor you until your seizures are under control.

  11. What a pair of definitions.

    Just at present I am cured of the annoying tumor on my cheek, and have not quite yet achieved full health.

    Most of my training and background has been mechanistic, and there has always been a self belief aspect in there as well.
    My training in engineering and biology, mixed with my experiences hunting, farming, fishing, computers, politics, and legislative design and implementation process has given me many perspectives to look at things from.

    My wife Ailsa went though and interesting journey where she was told by an orthopedic surgeon she would never walk again, and after working through John Sarno’s Mind body stuff is back climbing mountains, and leading our local tramping club (her story at ).

    It seems to me that we are complex mix of physical systems (physics, chemistry and biochemistry) which are very tightly coupled to systems of patterns in our brains that are potentially infinite in their levels of complexity.

    At the very least our brains are complex systems of stored experiences and patterns of association that are initially mostly cultural in nature.

    Alongside those are other patterns that are inherent in the structure of the universe and are embedded in every perception of the outside world, and are revealed to us via our intuitions which arise as a result of the way in which we store and retrieve information as interference patterns.

    At yet another level is the development of contemplative awareness, which seems to have an infinite number of potential levels to it. At the start, for each of us, it is declaring ourselves into being in language in a context of right/wrong or good/bad, and for some of use we get to transcend that simple beginning and start exploring new dimensions of understanding where terms like good/bad and right/wrong simply cease to have any real meaning.

    However, our brains are very complex associative entities, that forget very little (unless they are subject to extreme trauma). So we each carry with us a great many declarations and beliefs from our past that are simply not real, yet carry with them all the weight of reality because of the fact that we believe them to be real. Our belief gives them a reality, in a very real sense.

    Every biological and biochemical system within the body is influenced by the electrical and electrochemical activity of the brain.

    Thus the physical systems of body and the pattern systems of brain and mind and awareness at every level can be deeply linked with each other, or may appear isolated from one view, and linked from another.

    It is possible for us to have illness that is purely the result of some external physical thing, like a rock falling and breaking a leg; or a microbe that our bodies have never previously encountered getting past our defense systems; and it is also true that many of the illnesses of the body have a belief component. The effectiveness of placebo medicine is proof positive of this reality.

    It seems to me, that the sense of self worth of an individual has a lot to do with health.
    To be accepted by all aspects of self as having value is critical.
    A big part of that seems to be being accepted by friends and community.
    Perhaps, in a sense, bringing on illness is in some fashion a test of that “community value”.

    So many aspects to this healing.

    Thank you Laurie, for creating this opportunity.

    Love and gratitude


    • Ted – I wanted to take a quick moment to acknowledge receipt of your comment, and say that I read it, and enjoyed every single word. I will come back and address it in full tomorrow. Len and I are walking out the door to a banquet to accept an award from the Northwest Herald newspaper. This is what the invitation said:

      The Northwest Herald’s 92,000 print readers and 330,000 online readers were asked to submit their favorite businesses in over 100 categories in the “Best of the Fox” reader survey. HolEssence won in the category of The Best Alternative Medicine. Thank you for your votes.

      (Kind of funny, when in fact I pracdtice Complementary Medicine, but I’ll explain the difference in an up-and-coming class. I don’t want to steal my own thunder).

    • Ted – I’m glad your cheek is rid of the tumor. Self-belief is a huge component to health. And then you’ve got the advantage of several perspectives to look at things from (lenses to look through).

      I agree with you that our brains are beyond amazing! I was at a conference with Howard Martin and Gregg Braden last year where they shared that the magnetic field around the brain is big, but the magnetic field around the heart is huge! The intelligence of the heart is just now starting to be looked at. Our heads are where we think (logic). Our hearts are where we feel (emotion). How we feel about our self is vital to health and well-being.

      Ailsa’s story is amazing! I’m so glad you gave us the link — thank you.

      What you share about good/bad, right/wrong, is also something I’m in agreement with. When we get to the place where they cease to have no meaning for us, we get to the heart of Buddhist teaching. It simply “is.” (By the way, I’m not Buddhist. I respect a number of spiritual traditions).

      The placebo effect is ginormous! I’m reading a study that was done by Harvard psychologist, Ellen Langer, PhD. Her study of the mind-body connection (which included the use of placebos) clearly demonstrates that changing one’s mind — becoming mindful of subtle changes and being aware of the power of possibility — can lead one’s body to optimize health!

      Ted, I am so very grateful for you. You have tremendous community value!

      • Hi Laurie

        Yes the heart has a large effect on the body, and because it is a very active muscle, it does have a large electromagnetic field, and it seems to me that the heart is not the source of those feelings, it is just where the expression of those feelings becomes accessible to the consciousness because the heart is such a large and energetic organ.

        What we experience as feelings mediated through the heart also have a large mediating factor through the brain.

        When I say mediation through the brain, I mean that in the sense that mostly we would say they source through the brain, but they also source from our perceptions, and the subconscious intuitions from those perceptions, and the subconscious cultural content of brain – as distinct from the awareness that we normal consider as being resident in brain (which it is). All this other stuff is resident there too, and it is “below” the level of conscious awareness, and mostly where we get to experience it is through the way it interacts with the most active muscle set in the body – the heart.

        In my world, it is a lie to say that the heart has intelligence, and it is true to say that we experience an intelligence through the heart, and that intelligence is resident in the brain, though sensed (in largest measure) through the heart. It can also be sensed through any other part of the body, and the heart is the easiest (this is why Applied Kinesiology (AK) works as well as it does).

        I am continually amazed at the power of mindfulness, of simply bringing something to attention with intention, of bringing context and focus (an intention without a doing in a sense – almost an intentional not doing, and an intention none the less). I suspect many different mechanisms are at play, and I suspect the major one is the holographic processing of the subconscious.

        I am grateful to you, and all those that make up this community, for many things, and mostly for the expression that I get to be in these interactions.



      • Ted – Here is a LINK to a really interesting article about Harvard Psychologist, Ellen Langer, and some studies she did regarding the mind-body connection (the power of possibility). Very interesting, indeed! Please let me know your thoughts.

        In my personal experience and academic background I don’t know enough about that area of science to say whether or not the heart is intelligent, but Gregg Braden (he’s in that DVD I sent) and Howard Martin (from HeartMath Institute), seemed to feel that more and more evidence is pointing to the heart as having its own intelligence (as opposed to just sense/feeling it through the brain). I think it would be really cool.

        With as much training as I’ve had in Applied Kinesiology, I still don’t use it. When I do it, it’s much too subjective. I use a pendulum instead. I’ve had many people use Applied Kinesiology on me and they feel just the opposite; that a pendulum is much too subjective. Have you ever used a pendulum or dowsing rods?

      • Hi Laurie

        Very interesting article, interesting experiments.
        Very much aligned with my own experience and understanding.

        In my understanding, pendulums, AK, dowsing, all stem from the same thing; subconscious information derived from sense perceptions via “holographic” storage and recall. And yes any of them can become subjective if we allow our consciousness to “get in the way”.

        It is a very strange state of mind indeed, holding intention, without taking action; and observing what happens. It is weird how it is the “not doing” part that seems to be so powerful – keeping the conscious “doing machine” out of the way, and letting the subconscious associations make their way through.

        As to the heart, it is definitely part of the system. The actions of nerves and hormones on the heart which then in turn creates outcomes that affect the brain and endocrine systems – so there is definitely a complex linkage in there, and assigning intelligence to the heart, in and of itself, seems to be going just a little too far in my understanding. And I guess there is an element in there of just how does one define intelligence.

        We watched the movie yesterday and it was very interesting. I have twice started on the affirmations, and have yet to complete them. Tomorrow is Saturday for us, and I will definitely get through them, and keep on getting through them. Waiting for the left ear to recover enough that I can start wearing my ear buds again.

        Processing a lot of information from a lot of different sources at present. So much of it contradictory, and I am making my own assessments about what seems to be so and why.

        Interesting times indeed.

        Been spending a bit of time directing attention (energy) to various spots. Gathering focus on the out breath and bringing the focus to the places that seem to need the greatest healing. Around the ear seems to be the worst spot, and also the eye, and some of the muscles between the shoulder blade and neck; and sending a bit of attention down to the liver and the two tumors that were there (and may be still, though I am hoping that they are shrinking away to nothing with all this attention).

        Seems to be working, I am noticing real improvements day by day, lessening of pain, increase in function.



      • Ted – I thought you would enjoy that article.

        In my understanding, pendulums, AK, dowsing, all stem from the same thing too — but in my understanding, it’s the collective consciousness (I don’t know if that’s the same/different as “holographic” storage and recall).

        You bring up a good point when you say, “How does one define intelligence?”

        By the time you get this you will have had your Saturday and started the affirmations in earnest. I’ll be writing more about that in the near future as we shift the focus a bit to specific energy-based therapies.

        I can well imagine that you are inundated with information — conflicting and otherwise. Making your own assessments (listening with your head/heart) is a wise approach.

        I’m glad you’re directing energy — by intent — to various spots. Remember that you can place that flat clear quartz in places too (or use medical adhesive tape or an ace bandage to hold it in place). I’ll focus on the spots you mentioned as well.

        It’s Memorial Day weekend for us here in the states. Some people start today (Friday), most people take Sat/Sun/Mon to relax.

        I hope you and yours have a great weekend as well!

  12. I love the distinctions you presented between the words “healing” and “curing”. Western medicine can be so challenging because it so often attempts to cure…but that is just masking symptoms so much of the time. Sometimes curing can lead to healing. But the work of healing is where I believe we must all rest our attention. And that we ALL need healing–while simultaneously, on another level, realizing the completely Wholeness which we already are!

    • Kathy – Ohhhhh, you said that beautifully, “We ALL need healing — while simultaneously, on another lever, realizing the complete Wholeness you already are.” Yes!

      (And yes, many times Western medicine does have that nasty little habit of merely masking symptoms)…

  13. holy moly, Laurie . . .
    I just read through all the replies and responses and by the time I got to the end, I forgot what the original questions were! What an education. This is the advantage of taking night courses. I get to read what everyone else has processed and your responses. Now back to the questions of being healed or being cured. I cured myself of addiction (to cigarettes) but the healing took 8 months (that was how long it was before I knew I would never smoke again). Now, as you know, I am still struggling a bit with these silent migraines and their symptoms. No cure for that and, evidently, I still need some healing. Jonathan has been very helpful with regards to “curing” and “healing” (he’s a trauma surgeon). He and I both believe in the body’s amazing ability to heal itself. He is very clear that when he does surgery, what he is doing is providing a space for the body to heal. He does not cure anything, but thinks of himself as part of the healing system. Well, excellent second day of class, Laurie. I’m tired and still have more writing to do!

    • Barbara – I love what you shared about Jonathan: “…he is doing is providing a space for the body to heal. He does not cure anything, but thinks of himself as part of the healing system.” In other words, he’s a channel for grace (Divine Love). Each one of us can do that very thing — energetically — for other people. I call it holding “Heartlight,” some call it creating “Sacred Space,” others call it Prayer (talking with the Divine), and yet others call it Prayer and/or Meditation. Jonathan holds his intent with the skilled use of a scalpel; the rest of us can hold our intent with energy.

  14. I have been “cured” so I could have time to “heal” it seems like several times in my life. I like the distinction and I am working on listening closer so I can heal without need of a medical cure. Your class Laurie is part of that practice of paying attention so that I am listening to what my needs are each day in each moment.

    Hey! Congratulations on your reward and I hope you have a wonderful evening Laurie.

    • Terrill – It comes back to similar yet different (hence, my photograph), but the distinction is mind-changing — which in turn can be life-changing. When we change our mind, we change our world, and that includes our health.

      The awards dinner was nice in that it was very well attended which made it a lot of fun. We received a very nice plaque to display. It’s Thursday, so I’m looking forward to a post over on Creative Potager today — whoohoo!

      • Thanks for the mention Laurie and the post is up as you know:)

        Mind-changing can be life-changing… I am taking this away with me for further pondering.

  15. Hi again Doc
    (I’m only saying that as you have Ph. D and I have a lowly Bachelors Degree, grumble grumble)
    Am trying to put my own unique slant on this Laurie, I would say that doctors and nurses can cure you, but you can only heal yourself. If you had a very nasty cut they could stitch you back together and cover the wound in the space of a few hours. But it would be up to your own body to repair itself back together over the space of a few weeks. And a diet of fresh fruit, vegetables and protein help. Most people would agree with that.
    (I’ve had lots of experience, being very accident prone)
    But if your wound is psychological in nature, therapists could spend a few hours with you trying to put you into the position where your inner self could take over and repair itself. You may need to change your diet, your circumstances, your job and other environmental factors within your power, to make the healing work.
    I hope I’ve explained that well enough to continue to the next class and congrats on the award (I was one of the online voters)

    • Kevin – You’ve explained yourself beautifully, thank you. Speaking of accident prone, are you still running?

      (As for the degree, it’s only a piece of paper that gives me the legal right to hang a shingle and do what I do.) That brings to mind a funny story …

      Years ago when I first started doing energy medicine for people other than family and friends, I worked out of my home. Bear in mind that part (not all) of what I do sometimes includes the discreet removal of clothing so I can put my hands directly on a person’s physical body. This is what I do for a living, so there is an exchange of my time/energy/skill for their money. Bearig that in mind …

      The time finally came where I’d grown my business large enough that I needed to relocate my home office to professional space in town. I called the city to find out about any red-tape hoops I might have to jump through to accomplish this. The woman, with a very “accusatory” tone said, “You are currently practicing out of your home, are you?” With the way she said it, I replied, “No. But I’m curious as to why you would ask me that?” She responded, “In the city of Crystal Lake it’s illegal for someone to come into your home, disrobe, and give you money.” (My heart’s beating a mile a minute because I’ve already told one lie and I’m feeling guilty as all get out). “Why on earth would that be illegal?” I asked. She said, “It’s considered prostitution.”

      I called Len immediately and told him that I had a guilty secret that I needed to confess. Naturally, he asked me what it was. I told said, “I’m a prostitute.” I thought he was going to die from laughter!

      Strangely, in all of the little towns that surround ours, it is not illegal. Just right here in quaint little Crystal Lake.

  16. What an informative class! I have been diagnosed with some “incurable” conditions, but have found the capacity to heal myself. I love what has been said about facilitating the body to heal itself. Last year I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, sure, there is no cure, but there is healing and I will not let the disease have it’s way with me. I read a very helpful book that jumped off the library shelf at me, Optimum Healing by Dr Craig Brown. He is a medical doctor in the UK that takes holistic approach in his practice where he works with psychologists and spiritual healers and prescribes meditation and prayer.

    • Gilthank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for sharing your story! You’re a remarkable woman and I so appreciate you. Thank you, too, for letting us know about the book, “Optimum Healing” by Dr. Craig Brown. By the way, how are your exams going? There’s this week, right?

      • I have 3 exams left, one on Saturday morning one one Wednesday and one on Friday next week. I am prepared and looking forward to it. My daughter is also writing exams and we are study buddies. It is lovely. I am looking forward to the vacation. Usually it would be only two weeks but this year , it is 6 weeks because our country is hosting the Soccer World Cup. Our town (Port Elizabeth) is one of the host cities and we built a new stadium and upgraded the airport and roads. It is a huge deal, and everyone has been preparing for 4 years for this. The residences at the universities and boarding schools have been booked for tourist accommodation. I am very excited because my son will be coming home from university for 6 weeks! My hubby is in construction and spends weeks away at a time. Although it is difficult being a single parent and student, I am thankful that his company has work in these challenging economic times.
        I laughed so hard at your story of people coming into your home, disrobing and them giving you money! Naughty, naughty… I must admit that laughter is one of the best medicines! 🙂

    • Mike – I’m glad it was you who used the word “fit.” Had it been the medical community — well, I shudder to think. I remember reading about it on your blog in the old Gaia platform (that I miss). And reading it on the link you provided. It wouldn’t leave me leave a comment there on your “Thrills and Spills” because I’m not a member of that group, so I’ve left it here instead.

  17. And I didn’t even have to “disrobe” nor leave the comfort of my parisian flat, and the only “payment” is exchange of friendship/love and respect. I feel like I’m back on Gaia here!

  18. I’ve read that a lot of husbands suffer from cold feet- is Len one of these? Can the situation be cured/healed?

  19. Hi Laurie! Just found your blog because somewhere here, someone linked to mine (still trying to figure out where hehe)! I had to comment because I really like this post – and while I mostly agree – I will also notate that the current way medicine is practiced in the USA and most of what could be termed the Western or “developed” world is not even cure. It is illness or disease suppression and management.

    Creativepotager posted she found “cure” before she could fully heal. I will say that (as a Capricorn) it works the other way around sometimes too. For instance, I had been working on changing my core beliefs for many years, and in some cases, my beliefs (“healing”) have been corrected and firmly in place for at least 10 years. However, coming back to the place I was born (and the land of my maternal ancestors), this awakened or “triggered” many patterns that I was not aware of – as they were ancestral imprints – NONE of which were the belief system I had practiced for some 10-plus years! So, my body had to tell me about this – through sudden poverty as well as disease. I couldn’t figure it out for a long time, but during this time, I became a Master Herbalist, my energetic healing abilities have grown – and I finally found healers (including a homeopath and craniosacral therapist) who have located the issue that was in my body (and what those issues were, and even the identity of the originating ancestor), and erased the inappropriate “imprint” in the area of my body where it resided in my DNA. I am accelerating toward “cure” now (although it is uncomfortable detoxing so fast hehe). I also do not regret my decision to pursue training in healing, as prior to that, most of my work was with astrology, tarot, dowsing, etcetera – and I wondered how to integrate energetic and herbal healing in my work, since it was clear to me I am not just a diviner or “fortune teller” type. I will be posting more about this adventure as I traverse it – and I wish to thank whoever posted my link here so that I may find this blog!

    • Lisa – I’m so glad you found SPEAKING FROM THE HEART, welcome! I wholeheartedly agree that much of what is practiced within the medical community in the United States is disease suppression and management. You’ll get no argument from me there.

      Thank you for sharing your interesting story. I will continue to follow your saga (thank you for the link), and I hope you’ll return often, as well. I post on the “even” days of the month>

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  23. Having been a facilitator for a mind-body program for people with chronic and catastrophic illness for 10 years (back in the ’80s-’90s when it was pretty new), I well know the difference between ‘cure’ and ‘heal’. I would say healing is far more important to your overall well-being than being ‘cured’.

    Healing does not always involve a cure. In fact, you can be healed and still die. You may even choose it.

    On the other hand, I’ve watched someone choose to die, rather than heal because healing involved getting well and she was not willing to give up the attention she was getting being ill. It was tragic but entirely her choice and one cannot force another to heal.

    I have also seen miracles, like people getting up from long term wheelchair use and eventually riding a bike. This came from work on clearing past issues and healing himself. It was an honor to watch it’s unfolding, and to be able to hold open the space he needed to do it.

    My point, I guess, is that if you really want to get well and not just ‘fixed’, then you need to do the work necessary to heal. You do not need to do it alone. These days you can find legitimate people to help you without too much trouble.

    Just, please, don’t underestimate the power of the mind-body connection. It’s real and it’s powerful.

    • Joy – I appreciate your visit to Speaking from the Heart. I enjoyed reading your examples and comments, thank you. Like you, I am a firm believer in the mind-body connection. It’s real and it’s powerful.

  24. I agree with you that To Cure and To Heal is not the same.
    To cure means temporary heal problem and ill returned back because person is not ready to be healed.
    Healing starts at all levels not only on physical level… it could be long process. Because sometimes people are not ready to make change in their life.
    All sickness starts inside of us… to cure only physical body is not effective because sikness is returning back…to heal means is work on case of problem…it could be on any level of human existence. Once problem is healed it is not returning back.

    Thank you

  25. For 10 years I helped facilitate a group of people dealing with chronic or catastrophic illness. We emphasized the difference between ‘curing’ and ‘healing’ with one further caveat. That is, you can be ‘healed’ and not get well. That is, you can be at peace with yourself and your world but it’s possible that the damage done to your body is not reversible (although it rarely got worse after healing) or that you are dying and will continue on that journey.
    I will add that we saw miracles of both healing and curing in that group. We also lost people who were not ready to ‘heal’ and needed their illness for their own reasons. And that’s ok, if that is what you choose.

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