When Pigs Fly!

Jockeying for Position by Laurie Buchanan

When Pigs Fly by Laurie Buchanan

Yesterday—Mother’s Day—I thought a lot about my mom. She died in 1991 from breast cancer at the age of 53. Although she was small in stature, she was one of the biggest people I’ve ever known. She taught me by example that how we live impacts how we die. She lived a life of courage, beauty, and integrity—she died in the same manner. And she was hysterical! When I was growing up her way of saying “no” was, “When pigs fly!”  The quirky way she said it took the edge off of her denial to my request … and trust me, it was always for my own good.

Outside my office window at HolEssence I keep a bird feeder. We buy seed in 50 lb. sacks and go through it quickly. Watching these birds, I thought, “These guys are pigs … little pigs that fly!” Last evening as I was enjoying (okay, pigging out on) the full bag of sinfully delicious Hawaiian Kettle BBQ chips and red licorice that my son gave me for Mother’s Day—my favorites—somewhere in the distance I swear heard my mother’s voice, “When pigs fly!” Trust me; it would have been for my own good. Had I listened, I wouldn’t still be waddling around like a plump goose this morning.

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29 thoughts on “When Pigs Fly!

  1. Before the day slips away or “pigs fly” I will respond/comment.
    Good morning and Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you! (((Hugs)))
    What a wondrous honor and tribute to your mother, “She lived a life of courage, beauty, and integrity—she died in the same manner. And she was hysterical!” Finding the humor, in the love that she shared it a special experience.

    I don’t see why you could not enjoy the pleasure of your special treats of “Hawaiian Kettle BBQ Chips and red licorice” weather you are waddling around this morning or not? I do not think it is something you do on a regular basis. Mom was only there to remind you not to overindulge.
    Some hot lemon water and a good walk or tai Chi should help the waddling slide away!

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Oh Jeff trust me — I enjoyed the bajeebers out of my wonderful treats! I paid no heed to the “don’t over indulge” part – I wolfed down the whole darn thing. We’re talking the ENTIRE bag of BBQ chips and the WHOLE package of red licorice. Single handedly. The smile on my face was like that of a pig rollin’ in mud — pure delight!

      It’s gonna take a whole lot more than hot lemon water, a brisk walk, and Tai Chi to chisel those calories off my hips; but off it will come, and off it will stay (until the next time) …

  2. Laurie, I am so glad that you do have the good sense to indulge in a favorite treat on occasion. Those people who are so rigid and rule-bound that they will not ever let themselves fly high enough to live life fully tend to bog down in their own martyrdom and are very hard to live with. As a famous cat once said, ” The room has no corners”, it is a shame that people allow themselves to be backed into or force themselves into corners from which they cannot escape or retreat. A little wiggle-room is always to be appreciated.

    • Sandi – Trust me, I’m a girl who knows how to have a good time. I gave myself so much wiggle room yesterday that I have no wiggle room in my britches today!

  3. Laurie
    Sounds like you had a glorious and also contemplative Mothers Day. I found myself wishing that I had also gone to the “Oceans” documentary, as it sounded real real interesting, after all I am a Pisces! Also, what a great way to spend an afternoon. As for the kidnapping, I would say the licorice and chips were a good get out of jail gift and resitituion (sp) for the crime.
    I very sure your Mom was right there with you laughing and also being the Mother hen as well. I hop you are not feeling too guilty, as everyone needs a treat now and then. Next time don’t forget to invite me overk and I can help you not feel so guilty! LOL

    I am wondering what I am going to make in my New Stainless Stell Crockpot…I also got my favorite perfume and a gift card to Caribou Coffee. I bought a really cool mug this morning at Caribou to remind me of my daughter and flowers. Mikes 50th Birthday was celebrated with a home made Chocolate Cake (Miracle Whip Cake) by Joe and Mikes Mom. Yummy!

    Well I better get back to work or my boss will be saying “When Pigs Fly”!


  4. May I quote Laurie Buchanan.

    On a recent post in his blog Living and Dying with Eyes Wide Open, Peter came to the conclusion that he can allow himself experiences simply for the mere joy of it. I commented, “Peter – In my experience “for the mere joy of it” is quite possibly one of the best “returns on investment” (dividend) that a person can have.”

    EAT THOSE CHIPS AND LICORCE! Cause tomorrow you can go back to steel cut oats and the rest of your healthy diet!

    I have to go to court today because of the Barney Fife tickets. Do you think that when the judge asks me if I have my insurance card and valid license I should say “When pigs fly”, he’ll get a good chuckle? hmmmmm maybe not…

    Wish me luck that there are no court costs. Kinda doubt it but when you dream, you gotta dream BIG.

    • Touche’ Beth! Looks like I’ll have to chase down those BBQ Chips and Red Licorice with my own words — you cheeky girl! I wouldn’t try “When pigs fly” with the judge. We might all be scrapin’ up bail money if you do …

  5. Laurie you had me giggling and giggling about the thought of you “waddling around like a plump goose” – I know that feeling so well when I have indulged in more than a kindly share in something to good to resist!

    You are definitely your mothers daughter because “living a life of courage, beauty, and integrity” with a good sprinkling of humour is a very fitting way to describe you.

    • Terrill – I’m glad you had a good chuckle this morning. And please know that you have put me over the moon with your high compliment — you are definitely your mother’s daughter — thank you!

  6. Hi Laurie and crew,

    Operation went well Friday evening, five and a half hours. I’m alive and well, a bit sore on the left side of face and neck, missing a few neck muscles, a salivary gland, a few lymph nodes and three melanoma tumours, but otherwise hanging together.

    My Dad had two favourite sayings that relate to your mother’s day experience:
    “All things in moderation, particularly moderation!” and
    “I can resist anything but temptation!”.

    Wise man my Daddy. Since learned the first one is over 3,000 years old.

    Currently sitting at my Sister’s place in Christchurch waiting for Ailsa to arrive. Jewelia is in an interschool drama performance tonight at Christchurch Town Hall, so we will be there for that.


    • Ted – I’m sooooooooooo glad to hear from you!! And I’m delighted that everything went well! I thought your surgery was supposed to be on May 19th (I have it in my planner for the 18th because you’re a day ahead of me). Did they get you in early, or did I misunderstand the date? Regardless, you’re alive and well.

      Your Dad was a very wise man. And it’s obvious that the nut didn’t fall very far from the tree!!

      thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for letting us now how it went and that you’re okay. Please keep us posted.

      • Hi Laurie

        Yes it was going to be the 19th, and the surgeon called last Wednesday to say he had a slot free Friday afternoon – so I took it.
        I got your package this morning, so I have a nice round crystal in my left trouser pocket – Thank you.

        Barbara and Sandi – thanks both for your thoughts.

        Ailsa has arrived in Chirstchurch and is visiting with a friend, so I am taking a few moments while waiting for her and sitting in the car to catch up.

        Slept very well last night, the first night since the drains were removed, and I have been able to lie on my side, rather than having to sleep upright. Such a simple yet profound pleasure that.

        Love to you all

      • Ted – You simply have NO IDEA how tickled we all are! And I’m glad the package arrived. I find it intuitively interesting that you knew to put the crystal in your left pocket (I didn’t tell you — I just said the one without change). Energetically speaking, that’s the RECEIVING side of your body (the right side is the projecting side). You are, inded, one smart cookie. And today I feel like you are a fortune — or fortunate — cookie!

    • Ted! It is so fine to read your words with my own eyes. The Three Old Spinners of Yarns from Gaia have been holding forth with Spirit and Light for your well-being and I for one am grinning like a mule eating briars to hear of your successful surgery! We don’t ask that you believe, it’s enough that we believe. You have been much on my mind and will be for some time to come. Thank you for putting our minds at ease, love, Sandi

  7. Hi, Laurie — such a funny, beautiful memory of your mother — 53 is much too young (I am just now 53) in my mind; I have to wonder (as I do about these things) if she was not among those birds flying like pigs around the goodies you left for them.

    • Barbara – I wouldn’t doubt it in the least. Although, she comes more readily to mind when I see a brilliant red cardinal. A feisty little spitfire, to be sure!

      Wasn’t it great to hear from Ted?! He’s about 16 hours ahead of me (15 for you). So while we’re winding down for the day, he’s just getting ready to hit the ground running.

  8. “When pigs fly”. That is a good one! What a lovely memory of your mother. I don’t remember when you first started on Gaia, Laurie, but I have a strong memory of you posting a photo of your mom. She sounds like she was a very special lady. And taught you your own brand of feistiness! Along with courage, beauty and integrity. Yes?

    • Kathy – I think we were posting on each other’s blog at the same time! I just left a comment for you there. For other readers who would enjoy to read a very thought-provoking post as it relates to a completely different look at Mother’s Day, please visit Kathy’s blog post HERE on Lake Superior Spirit.

      I started posting in the old Gaia platform in December of 2006, when it was still Zaadz. And you’re right, she was, indeed, a very special lady. She taught me so many things — physical and metaphysical. I can attribute every thing in me that someone would call “goodness” to the way she modeled living. And by jing, I plan to die the way she modeled that as well. I’m so glad you stopped by. Thank you.

  9. Dear Laurie,

    It sounds like a blissful Mother’s Day. Heartwarming memories of how special a woman your mother is. I say is. Because her spirit is still here. And, licorice and Hawaiian chips. Total Bliss.

    I thought of you and sent prayers. I hope you felt them.

    Always with Love and admiration,


    • Tom – I missed hearing your voice on the Gaia Minute call this morning, but I’m glad to hear from you now. I completely agree with IS. Thank you for the prayers — I only felt joy that day — so I would have to say yes, I felt them. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  10. Hey Laurie
    I am sorry that you lost your mom at such a young age. I did too. I could never picture her as an old lady though but I still miss her. She would have loved the internet and online chat. But losing my mom really brought the best out of my Dad. He totally came out of his shell, made new friends, ran the London and Dublin marathons (aged 60+). I see him twice a week, he has a lady friend who lives in our old house, funnily enough, and they go out for drives in the country together.
    Every cloud has a silver lining eventually…

    • Kevin – I agree wholeheartedly that every cloud has a silver lining. We may not see it in the midst of the storm, but it does, indeed, reveal itself eventually. I’m glad that your dad has a companion; that’s lovely.

      By the way, how is your new job coming along?

  11. Laurie, such a beautiful tribute to your Mom. It makes one think about our own lives and how they will be remembered by those who are here when we have moved on. She sounds like a very special woman who even now continues to inspire and teach and make peple smile!

    • Colleen – When you say, “It makes one think about our own lives and how they will be remembered …” it brought to mind Living Legacy I posted in March. My mother was very much at the forefront of my heart/mind when I wrote that. I’m so glad you stopped by, thank you.

  12. Oh, I want to know that I am living that way –

    “a life of courage, beauty, and integrity”

    and I want to die like that but I am in no hurry.

    I am though in a hurry to have more fun, I’ve neglected that way to much for way too long. Humor is part of having fun in life.

    I am full of such maxims too, that I heard all my life from my own Mom. I find them popping out of my own mouth all the time.

    • I agree with you Deb, “humor is part of having fun in life.” I am sure looking forward to meeting you in person next month when you pass through my neck of the woods!

  13. Just dropped by to pick up on the news and wish you a Happy Belated Mothers Day. I’m just a little behind on my notices as you can see…

    Pink Ribbons all around.

    • Larry – I’m glad you stopped by; thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes. Just like you guessed, I really enjoyed watching, “The Last Mimzy.” I followed the link you provided to Roger Waters on YouTube. He’s a new artist to me — nice work — I stayed a listened to a few more of his pieces as well.

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