Life – A Steep Price!

Clock Tower UW-Madison by Laurie Buchanan

Clock Tower UW-Madison by Laurie Buchanan

One of the questions I ask myself when it comes to deciding how to use time is, “Is it worth the cost?” I am, after all, going to pay for it with my life. We each have a certain number of heartbeats; a certain number of breaths. None of us knows our personal expiration date. How we use our time is how we’re either spending or investing our life.

Before engaging in activities such as watching reruns on television, staying in a job we can’t stand, or remaining in a relationship that’s bankrupting our heart, we can ask ourselves, “Is this worth exchanging my life for?” Life! That’s a pretty steep price to pay. That’s why I opt for activities that are investments—something that yields a return; a dividend. It might be health from exercise, laughter from spending time with friends, fulfillment from writing, relaxation from a nap, or peace of mind from meditation.

On a recent post in his blog Living and Dying with Eyes Wide Open, Peter came to the conclusion that he can allow himself experiences simply for the mere joy of it. I commented, “Peter – In my experience “for the mere joy of it” is quite possibly one of the best “returns on investment” (dividend) that a person can have.”

If you know me at all, you know I have a small issue (okay, a big problem) with the breathtaking speed at which times goes flying by. In an effort to soothe my frustration, one of my friends gave me a StoryPeople greeting card by artist and storyteller, Brian Andreas. It says, “Everything changed the day she figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in her life.” I love that!



20 thoughts on “Life – A Steep Price!

  1. Thank you! Thank you, Laurie! In our short span of years as Humans on Earth, Time is the coin of the realm. There has never been a common man or king as he lay dying on his bed who cried out, ” Gold! I need more gold!” No, his breath and thoughts beg for, “Time! I need more Time!” In the end, the one thing we all want is the Time. To fix things, to make it right, to finish what we have started, to see another day, to gaze upon the face of a loved one, to find our bearings. Time flies by so quickly that we barely notice its passing and when we do, we stand perplexed and ask, “Why, where has the Time gone? I was so sure that I had plenty.” Lately, I have discovered that things are not certain, and of all things, plenty of Time is at the top of the list.

      • Terrill – I resonated strongly with your beautiful piece. Especially, “It will be a short life even if I am one hundred and nine.” I’ve shared that my bucket list includes visiting with you on Mayne Island; I’ve many things to learn from you in turn. Thank you so much for stopping by today, I sincerely appreciate it.

  2. Excellent photograph Laurie – wonderful reminder of time/space relationships. I have been preoccupied with my experience of time since I was very young. Once a friend told me “you are so driven and focused that I can only think that you believe your life is going to be very short.” I replied that all lives are short.

    Recently I wrote a piece of prose that included the following “I want to wear deaths black lace in mourning for my short life. It will be a short life even if I am one hundred and nine. Just a breath on eternal time that is all we are ever granted or the most we are given,depending on how you look at it.”

    Your post Laurie hits the mark in my personal musing… my own savouring of each day, each moment – be it experienced as frustrating, sad, fearful, sensual or joyful.

    Someday Laurie I would like to work with you, be your client and experience first hand the synchronicity of our paths and know that I could then travel to the very edges of my learning and reach beyond with a solid guide helping to hold the space in which to discover what I do not yet know.

  3. That’s why I don’t like wasting precious time cleaning. I could be dancing, socializing, or learning something new!!!

    The sad thing is, when you don’t clean, it gets really dirty, so it takes that much longer to clean when your sainted mother-in-law (the lady who weekly sweeps the street in front of her house) is coming over for dinner!!!

    Guess what I’m doing right now? Moping floors. Joy! I guess I could dance WHILE I mope. WHY NOT????

    • I am staying away…..I let the mother-in-law, who is visiting for the weekend, take over everything when she is here. Things go smoother when her and Mike are together amI I go read a book or blog as I am doing right now!
      I also tried to make plas while she was here, but gave that up because she would always have her own plans and that usually ruled. Letting go can be a good thing. I used to clean the house top- to- bottom, now my husband does it…ha!


    • Hi Beth – I didn’t get to yesterday’s comments until today because Len and I drove to Waukegan last night to watch Abbie P. perform in “Glitz, Glam, and The Red Carpet.” We sat with Mary and Paul B. Katie W. was there, too. Abbie did a great job — it was fun to see her on stage belting her heart out!

  4. Time!! Vacations too short, life too short, love too short, day too short….the list goes on. I even tried to change time by coming into this world early by two months. I think probably because I planned it.
    I have learned that time is something that is given to us and then we lose it just as fast. Holding on to it, spending it wisely, sharing it with loved ones, and liveing joyfully are things that I keep in mind when spending my time. In my case I spend some where it should not be spent, sleeping too much, dewelling too much on issues in my life, trying to please others too much, always trying to analyze everything, and being too much of a deep planner in everything I do. Rather, I would like to honestly just be in the moment most of the time enjoying justg what is.

    Terrill, I love your comment “Very edges of my learning and reach beyond with a solid guide helping to hold the space in which to discover what I do not yet know” I hold that statement very strongly and am happy to have guides to help me discover things I do not yet know aboiut the world and myself.

    This morning I was walking, yes with OREOZ, I was thinking and meditating on just how much it is true that we are deeply conected to the earth and somes try to think otherwise. It was invigorating to say the least, not just in the really cold! temps, but in enjoying the moment because it will never never be there again.



    • Kim – What a treat for me to meet OREOZ the other day. He’s such a well-behaved gentleman! The way he just stayed on your lap and watched/listened was simply amazing. My three are like cyclones compared to OREOZ refreshing, gentle breeze.

  5. right now, Laurie, I am INVESTING in some cat-in-lap time whilst I reap rewards from my reading time on your blog. Anytime I find myself spending time, I am doing something just for distraction. Distraction is okay in small doses, but I am like you: I only have an unknown amount of “time” to spend, so I want to use it to create the best me there can be.

  6. The mere joy of it! This was the second synchronistic reminder that joy & beauty can be a reason unto themselves. Remember the blog where I fussed about using too many high-definition photos? My friend, Melinda, (who lives on the mountaintop) said: I am committed to beauty… irrational, impractical, frivolous beauty.

    I want to release and simply commit to allowing beauty and joy as it arises. Thank you SO MUCH for this, Laurie.

    • Kathy – “Release” is how I’m spending my day today — Mother’s Day. I’ve given myself permission to throw the Almighty To-Do List right out the window. I was kidnapped this morning and taken for breakfast. And I believe I heard rumors of going to see the documentary movie “Oceans” this afternoon, with talk of “grilling” late this afternoon. I can read, write, sit like a bump on a log, or run down the street naked if I want. On second consideration, I believe I’ll spare the neighbors …

    • Larry – I like the quote in the first link! And I’m intrigued by the contents I found in the second link. I’ve bookmarked both of them to go back to and take a deeper look. Thank you for paving the way to both of them!

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