Inner Ecology

Inner Ecology by Laurie Buchanan

Inner Ecology by Laurie Buchanan

Our physical body systems are interdependent with our emotions, thoughts and spirit. They operate as a whole. What we think, how we feel, our actions, what we ingest, where we work, the people we associate with, and our environment all have an impact—positive or negative—on our inner ecology.

Inner ecology includes the mind (thinking), emotion (feeling), and spirit (essence). I believe that when we make the time to explore and nurture our inner landscape—cultivate our inner terrain—some of the many dividends include peace of mind, a healthier physical body (the package we currently reside in) and inner wealth. We may not have large sums of money, but we are rich beyond compare.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

What you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               ~ Laurie Buchanan
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19 thoughts on “Inner Ecology

  1. I love the photo Laurie.

    Although it reflects out ecology as well. I am going to think of this all day and relate it to the inner ecology as well, growing so lush and beautiful, needing water, sun, soil, and most all gratitude….

    Thanks !!

    • Kim – I’m glad you enjoyed the photo. I took it at the Chicago Boanic Gardens a few years ago (which reminds me, we need to go again; it’s been too long). I appreciate your visit — have a great day.

      • I loved the Botanic Garden when I went for the first time two years ago. I would really love to go again especially in the Spring…!

        Hope you had a great day! I thought of you and Len while I was eating deviled eggs! We went to Easter Brunch at Pinecrest Golf Club in Huntley.

        It was exciting looking for Amanda’s glowing face at church. She came with her boyfriend Patrick to church.
        Just when I was getting weary of looking all over the congreation from the choir area, I found her glowing and smiling as usual. They actually were sitting in the place we would usually sit if we were out in the congregation.

        She was also really cute, keep in mind she will be twenty tomorrow, she raced into the house when I told her there was an Easter basket for her there!

        Have a wonderful week…

      • Kim – It sounds like you and yours had a wonderful day! We did too. Amanda is going to be twenty tomorrow — that’s a great milestone. I hope her day is grand.

  2. yes Laurie we are the sum of our part and a whole of our being…
    I am grateful for the sharing of your wisdom and the wisdom of the ages to re-mind us of the path in and out is the way of Harmony in our lives…

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Jeff – I’m glad for you visit today. I hope you’re having beautiful (gorgeous) weather like we are. Len and I are getting ready to take a gigantic salad and deviled eggs to a friend’s house for lunch/dinner. There will be 20+ of us for a sit-down meal — it should be a fun day!

  3. Have a great and wondrous time! Later to my brothers for dinner… Hopefully I will get some yard time today! The weather is beautiful!
    It is always a pleasure to visit you and your sites!

    Happy Day!
    I am Love, Jeff

  4. One of the things I love most about gardening, inner and external, is the sense of cooperating with Nature. For me to arrange plants and objects in a pleasing manner is a way of expressing my need for tranquility and a certain order. It doesn’t need to be formal, all it has to do is eliminate the chaos and help to direct the flow of thought and vision. Clearing away stumbling blocks and debris to open the space for quiet walks and musings is an occupation that is a act of joy in itself. A good gardener plans for peaceful and serene areas to refresh tired minds and bodies, we create small oases for just that purpose.

    • Sandi – I feel refreshed just reading your comment about clearing clutter/chaos and creating space for tranquility. Ahhhhh. We’re heading out into this beautiful weather day very soon. I expect you’re heading to David’s house today. Have a wonderful time!

  5. What a great way to think about internal work, Laurie: cultivating our inner landscape. It brings all sorts of imagery to mind that I can associate with what I want to plant and grow and what I want to weed out.

    • Barbara – While I don’t have a “green thumb” in outer-gardenening like our Master Gardener friend, Sandi, I do my darndest to do “green thumb” gardening in my inner garden. And just like outer-gardening, inner-gardening requires rain, sunshine, fertilizer, weeding, and attention. I have found that time in a garden is always well spent.

      I hope you’ve had a great day. We just returned home from lunch/dinner with friends — there were 20+ of us. It was great fun and delicious!

  6. Laurie, another very wise post. You know, I always feel such peace when visiting your blog. It’s almost as if the simplicity of what you show us is calming and peaceful…the ecology of who you are effecting all of us readers. thank you, as always!

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  8. Laurie after seeing that movie Shadow effect and visiting the Unitarian Church in Palatine, I see how much that type of accepting church has to offer! There is one in Woodstock that offers Zen meditation. For my inner garden, I think I’m going to check it out! Have a great day!

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