Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward by Laurie Buchanan

Best Foot Forward by Laurie Buchanan

It is my personal belief that each of us has an undeniable responsibility to our self and the rest of the world to be our personal best – to put our best foot forward – on any given day. The ripple effect is far too-reaching to do otherwise. I have a client who has determined her purpose to “Be Extraordinary.” She says, “Being extraordinary is not being a ‘bigger’ person. It’s a soul-based life that keeps Spirit in the driver’s seat. It’s waking up in the morning and saying, ‘Thy will be done through me.’”

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               ~ Laurie Buchanan

Copyright © 2010 Laurie Buchanan — All Rights Reserved

38 thoughts on “Best Foot Forward

  1. Oh yes, Laurie! First, I am giggling that you had the courage to put your feet in the picture. Good job! It’s interesting I was just contemplating the thought of how we think our days are just ordinary–ho hum–so often but when we start to pay exquisite attention to the ordinary it becomes absolutely extraordinary! And I was thinking about writing a blog about it and suddenly saw yours come in!! Don’t you love synchronicity, you extraordinary lady, you?

    • Kathy – One of the energy-based modalities I use on a daily basis at HolEssence is Reflexology. I’m so used to feet: big ones, little ones, ticklish ones, smooth ones, hairy ones … My first client this morning is Vivian, she was born on Christmas day, 2009. Her feet are itty-bitty! I love when you say, “… pay exquisite attention to the ordinary it becomes absolutely extraordinary.” You do this on a daily basis in your blog, Lake Superior Spirit. Your photographs make ordinary things look extraordinary!

      And yes — I love synchronicity!

  2. Laurie, there are days when I jump out of bed, ready to race out into the day. There are days when I crack an eyelid to scan the alarm clock and roll over with a groan. Most days I just rise and shine, grateful for the ability to do so. But never do I go into the day reminding myself to give only a little, to be less than what I can be or to begrudge my energies to the tasks of the day. I give the best of what I have in every situation because when I have my morning briefing from the Master of the Universe, I pledge to him my Heart, my Soul, my hands, and my Will for the day to be used as He sees fit. While I am on his time there will be no half-measures if I can help it. He has given me all, the very least I can do is help.

    • Good morning, Sandi – I think that “No half-measures!” is the perfect motto for you. It suits you to a “T.” How are the new Chicken Ladies and one Gentleman doing — has everyone established a new pecking order?

      • I went out as the Sun was coming over the horizon and that tiny skreech-box was in full-lung, greeting the day with all his might. If you ever want to see what self-confidence can do for any person or animal, watching a tiny Bantam-Rooster take charge of a flock of full-sized hens will illustrate the point perfectly. By Ned, he is running that henyard! I’ve never seen anything like it. Those patronizing and condescending attitudes I saw Monday are long gone. Not that they are afraid to cross him, I’ve seen some feather pulling, but it just makes things easier to comply. After all, he is a noisy little martinet with a Napoleon complex, they just want him to shut up and leave them in peace.

      • That’s so funny Sandi — that tiny little guy is ruling the roost! It sounds like his self-esteem is polished to a fine shine!

      • Careful Sandi

        Watch for any arsenic or cyanide in the hen house, you know they thought Napoleon was possibly poisened. The hens may form a gang to get rid of Napoleon…..

    • Thank you, Laurie for another wonderful post.

      Reading Sandi’s post pretty much sums it up for me. Not only do I feel like that person of wanting to roll over and back to sleep again but wish I had of.
      hee-hee, I may not be like “Super Woman” today but at least my sense of humor still works for me no matter how long of a day it can feel like.

      Happy trails to you all:)


  3. Laurie, as someone who spent time in a wheelchair, I had to relearn to walk and There is no best foot when it comes to walking- it’s team work including the whole body The two feet just being the “Agents” of the brain, body & legs and Back, And of course, the inner ear & its crystals are involved in helping maintain balance as we “fall forward”

  4. Laurie, as always, your awareness is keen!

    Kathy, I love this comment too:
    “Pay exquisite attention to the ordinary it becomes absolutely extraordinary!”

    I have taught a class called “Extraordinary Customer Relations” for several years which is of course is based on customer relationships; however it really is about life. In any given day we have all kinds of “customer’s” asking/needing our listening ear/assistance/help/guidance. Do we make those positive customer experiences that they tell all their friends about or is it that negative experience that they tell their friends to stay away from? I loved to use this on my family. It also teaches about the Human-Business-Human model. In any interaction focus on the human level first before getting to the business, and also end on a human level.

    • Kim – The description of the class “Extraordinary Customer Relations” reminds me of the class I used to teach when I was in the corporate world. It was called MAGIC (Make A Good Impression on the Customer). Bottom line on top: “focus on the human level first” … Glad for your visit today — thank you.

  5. I love the lyrics to Laurie Anderson’s Walking and Fallling – “You’re walking. And you don’t always realize it, but you’re always falling. With each step you fall forward slightly. And then catch yourself from falling. Over and over, you’re
    falling. And then catching yourself from falling.
    And this is how you can be walking and falling at
    the same time.”

    And although I certainly appreciate excellence I also think it’s important to be willing to be falling and catching yourself constantly, and that that’s how we really get to the next place, one near fall after another. Then the best foot forward is the one whose turn it is to catch you.

    • Jeannie – I agree! You bring up a very good point.

      I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again. All because I fell and didn’t catch myself. The silver lining on that cloud is that I’m not afraid to fall (make mistakes), and I learn from them. My goal isn’t to not fall. Rather, it’s to bounce back up and not make the same mistake twice.

      I appreciate your insight — thank you!

  6. This is for Kimberly

    One foot, two foot,
    red foot,
    blue foot,
    She’s 5 feet tall, but that’s not all,
    she’s got 2 feet too
    that makes her tall,
    and though they may say that she is small
    it’s “best foot foward with each foot fall

  7. Laurie I so enjoyed your “best foot forward” practice. Even though I have not yet been close enough to have a personal face-to-face encounter with your feet or the whole you that giving their best going forward, I have, many times, been on the receiving end of your “best foot forward.”

    Such as

    Sandi, great story about the rooster.

    And my thanks to everyone for adding such delightful comments to Laurie’s already inspiring post… my first read of this morning – I’m set for the day.

    • Terrill – I’m glad you stopped in and enjoyed the read. This comes after me “hitting the jackpot” on your blog today at Creative Potager where you’ve put several links to some terrific blogs; conveniently in ONE spot. That’s wonderful, Terrill — thank you!

  8. Laurie,
    Given the condition of my back injury.
    I am grateful everyday that I can get on my feet and walk.
    One foot, two feet or just my knees, anyway that I can be a part of my day doing what I enjoy and being the best me at any given time will suit me fine.
    Smiling at you,

  9. Laurie — I love being extraordinary when I remember that I can call on that part of me; I forget, though, and try to struggle through the day with my programming, inhibitions, and stories all striking up conversations in my head about what’s going on. Then, when I remember to get present, there I am.

  10. I feel so good that I put a good foot forward today for a friend. She is getting a new kidney tomorrow and I hope all goes INCREDIBLY well!!!! It was a great day because her group was having a wishing her well party. We all brought food and I gave her a little teddy bear with angel wings. He can watch over her during her 2 day stay in the hospital. Sheesh can’t believe that is all they will let her stay! A NEW KIDNEY!!!! Pray for her all please. Her name is Melissa. How incredibly sweet her half brother is donating and has been bugging her to have it done for years now.

  11. Laurie, I hope that in the duck section of the shoe store there’s a “Mind your head” notice and you have to duck down as you go through the door

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