Cinco de Mayo

Today is the 5th of May—Cinco de Mayo. It brings to mind our favorite Mexican restaurant—Old Town Mexican Cafe and Cantina—in the Old Town section of San Diego. It’s the “Home of the original Handmade Tortilla Makers.” Authentic and delicious! 

While waiting for your meal you can watch tortillas being made—by hand. You can also admire the festive, colorful bar stools.

Belly up to the bar” means to move near something. However, when looking up the etymology, I found all sorts of interesting information. I especially enjoyed this improbable meaning that was said to be given by a tour guide at an old Lexington tavern:

“The origin of ‘belly up to the bar’ goes back to Colonial times. If your belly could reach the bar, you were old enough to drink.”

What is it that you are belly-ing up to?


43 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo

  1. Our favorite Mexican restaurant closed due to retirement. Now called HASH and a breakfast place! I am bellying up to the stove to make TACO soup for my partner to celebrate the day. I was tall enough early in life to drink and now am shrinking. I could never afford to drink alcohol so I still don’t. Coffee bars are the rage but I can not stand the smell – never drink it. Right now I would be sleeping except a very bright moon is shining between rain showers and holding my attention ! Oh dear I will pay in the morning 🤔

    • Patricia — You’re the first person I’ve ever met who can’t stand the smell of coffee. Those I’ve met who don’t like the taste, still enjoy the smell. Now THAT’S extremely interesting! 🙂

  2. I didn’t have to belly up to the bar this morning. My fresh coffee and pancakes were served to me here on the table next to my red chair. I’m looking out to the mountain and feeling grateful for my husband the breakfast maker.

  3. I would “belly up” up to a coffee bar anytime!
    But, in the practical world, I am continuously bellying up to the technology bar learning more about the virtual world. Yesterday I learned a little about setting up a virtual background for my coaching or training virtually. Basically I learned my computer is not up to the task. And, I would need to buy a green screen (and never west green in front of it).
    Oh well, in the interim, I will just need to make sure my office is tidy! 🙃

    • Audrey — I “test drove” one of the virtual backgrounds on a Zoom meeting and wasn’t please with the way my hand motions (I talk with my hands) seemed to “stagger” across the screen. I decided to just take the large painting off the wall behind me so that I have a plain (solid) background and be done with it. 🙂

      • Thanks Laurie. Sounds like a practical and inexpensive solution.

  4. I’m bellying up to plenty of exercise right now. With all the cooking and baking I’ve been doing due to our stay-at-home, things could get a bit out of hand! Keepin’ a handle on things, Laurie.

  5. Mostly to Know better and control my mouth both when it comes to talking and eating.
    Great picture,Laurie

  6. Earlier today, I bellied-up to my seat by the patio, infused with peace lilies, pots of vinca, and even re-blooming poinsettias. Bird twitter provided a tune as I prepared for a day of writing and joining my Pilates friends for a workout at noon.

    Thanks for the etymology lesson, Laurie. You know how much a love words!

  7. I have been bellying up to my loom of late, in between mowing the grass episodes. If it warms enough today, I might belly up to a glass of wine on the deck late this afternoon, sharing the space with my cats and the Shasta dog. I think I remember that restaurant in Old Town San Diego – if it’s the one where you could stand and look in the window from outside as they made the tortillas in the window space.

    • Carol — Your day’s plans sound perfect! And yes, it’s that restaurant exactly… the one where you can stand and look in the window from the outside and watch them make tortillas by hand. Delicious tortillas! 🙂

  8. Laurie, I am bellying up to my potentially knock-out garden, matter of fact, it is so serene and glorious in my imagination that it wears me out to think about it! So while I am thinking about it, I may as well put the physical part of me on the lawn mower and do something visible.

  9. It’s Cinco de Mayo Taco Tuesday tonight at my house! I have diced steak my hubby found on clearance simmering now to get tender. The steak is London broil; he got two one and a half pound or so pieces for $1.89 a pound! And, we’ll have taco “fixins” for at least four meals.

  10. I have been “belly-ing up to” taking care of my gardens. Weeding, feeding, and pruning have been a delight. It’s grand to feel that I am doing something “normal” during the Illinois Coronavirus stay at home orders to keep us safe and well.

  11. I seem to be “Bellying up” to a few things.

    Most mornings for the last couple of weeks to the “Foresight Institute Hive Mind” response to the Covid 19 problem space.

    I have been engaged at the highest levels of governance in NZ on approaches going forward, NZ has now had two successive days of no new cases. Our go hard go early approach seems to have worked.

    Yesterday I was several hours in a Kaikoura Marine Guardians meeting (appointed group of Ministerial Advisors), mainly around our ongoing response to recovering from the massive coastal uplift associated with the 7.8 earthquake 3.5 years ago.

    The day before was Te Korowai o te Tai o Marokura – our community based coastal management group.

    Later today is a meeting of our Kaikoura Zone Water Management Committee (which I chair, that is a joint committee of local and regional councils), looking at projects we can progress in the post covid lockdown context that is rapidly approaching.

    I am continuing to deal with issues with the Hutton’s Shearwater Charitable Trust (which I also chair), at several different levels – our strategic approach to ensuring the survival of the two remaining natural colonies, our handling of our experimental artificial colony, actually running the trapping program in the artificial colony, and actually designing and making a new generation of monitoring equipment for the artificial colony).

    I am also on the regional and district Natural Hazards response committee, still mainly dealing with the long term risks resulting from the earthquake that most people are completely unaware of (and really don’t want to think about, understandably in a sense).

    I am also on the regional Water committee, and the Regional Biosecurity committee – both of which have serious strategic issues at present.

    Also assisting Ailsa on the Dotterel work, and in her submission to Hut City Council yesterday.

    Then there is section and house maintenance – several projects on the go there, major work on the roof of the garage.

    And yet there is so much more that desperately needs doing. So many levels of risk profiles that require monitoring and development of appropriate sets of technologies and strategies (internationally as well as locally and all levels in between).

    So much that needs to change, and change rapidly, for all our sakes.
    I feel like I need to do more, but also feel like I am at the edge of my capacity at present.

    • As a side issue – “Belly Up” to a fisherman means “dead or dying”. As when a fish appears “belly up” at the surface, it is not in a healthy state. So the use of the term as something like stepping up to responsibility is not one I had previously encountered.

    • Ted — At your current commitment level, I can’t imagine you’d have much bandwidth left. I wish we could clone you so it would be possible. But I doubt a clone would have your same heart-and-mind set. And with that much genius under the hood, it could get dangerous. I’m glad there’s you — the genuine article — working on behalf of all of us. Thank you! 🙂

  12. I’m sure those shorter in stature would not appreciate that definition of “belly up to the bar” at all!. I’m bellying up to my laptop a lot. I have many projects on the go, most of which involve the laptop. Taking frequent breaks in nature too, so bellying up to the trees, I suppose.

  13. I’m bellying up to my garden and new greenhouse 😊 The weather is sublime , which is unusual for West Wales , and I’m enjoying every moment . Talking about bellies I think it’s time for a cuppa tea and home made short bread mmmmm!

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