HOLE-y Moley

On one of our many hikes along the Boise River, Len and I came across this rock. What caught our attention is the perfectly round hole in it:

After continuing on our merry way, we tried to one-up each other on the different types of holes there are. Our list includes:

Loophole, donut hole, drainage hole, keyhole, watering hole, black hole, gopher hole, post hole, sinkhole, pothole, a hidey-hole, bullet hole, and then, of course, there’s the a$$hole—which made us both laugh like dorky junior high kids.

What can you add to the list of holes?

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37 thoughts on “HOLE-y Moley

  1. I see lots of puzzling, round holes when I walk in the preserve: gopher hole? snake hole?
    Beats me!

    Yesterday the mower came through, making the openings more obvious.

  2. How about buttonhole, pigeonhole, peephole, blowhole….? Great picture. I wonder what made that perfectly round hole. Now, I’m going to be thinking about holes all day, Laurie!

  3. Pie hole but I am not sure that is nice to say! Headphones attachment hole or port, which now the iphone no longer has. Wholly funny hole post!

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  4. port hole bore holes sump hole elevator hole hole in the wall gang peep hole key hole holey swiss cheese drain hole The architect had a few words to add Good brain exercise

  5. Good Gravy! Never even thought about so many holes. Dennis gave me a book once called Holes, I thought it lacked….everything. I dug three holes in the garden today and that’s all I got.

  6. Bolthole …has anyone had it ? Somewhere to escape to has always been my motto.
    A££hole …shame on you children 😂😂.

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