Staying Connected

In my first book, Note to Self: A Seven-Step Path to Gratitude and Growth, I wrote: 

“Communication is the mortar that holds humanity together; it’s the very currency of our society.” 

With cancellations, social distancing, and self-quarantining due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, communication is more vital than ever. 

Today we have social media at our fingertips. The digital neighborhood includes platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Aside from reading people’s blogs, my favorite online way to stay connected is Instagram.

What’s your favorite online way to stay connected?


48 thoughts on “Staying Connected

  1. I think social media has become vital. I was planning to visit my family in Spain in May, but since that isn’t possible now, Skype, FB and WhatsApp are the only way to keep in touch with them. Happy writing! 👍

  2. Online and golf – but with total lockdown taking effect tomorrow, golf is out for a month at least.

    New Zealand goes to level 4 tomorrow night. All non essential businesses to be closed.

    Everyone to stay home unless on essential business.

    At least 2m (6 ft) separation from everyone except immediate family at all times.

    In place for at least 4 weeks.

    Our attempt to starve the virus to death by denying it new hosts.

    We have 155 reported cases as of today, one in hospital. Two days ago we had 66 cases, 2 days before that 39, 2 before that 20, 2 before that 8.

    If this works, we may get away without any deaths.

    Our borders are closed.
    Anyone coming in now faces strict quarantine.

    Most people seem to be taking it well – still a few conspiracy nuts around, but most are responding to argument.

    • Ted — The state of Idaho has the same lockdown measures in effect. “Denying new hosts” is a good plan. Our state has no deaths from the virus either. I’m hoping we start a trend.

      • That sounds great. Just checked the numbers for Ada county, currently showing 13 infections. If you have just gone into lockdown, that will probably mean a total of cases over the next 4 weeks of around 500, with about 30 of those requiring hospitalisation, and about 6 of those extensive time in ICU.
        There is every chance of that being manageable, and everyone surviving.

        But that relies on the lockdown actually being adhered to.
        No one cheating.

        What is happening in Italy is what will happen to anywhere that does not contain and exterminate the virus.

        I am not trying to scare you, just to get across how serious this is.
        Italy has already seen 10% of the total cases result in death (40% of the cases that have gone to either recovery or death). That is what happens when the case load exceeds the capacity of the medical system to respond.

        This is the most serious threat to human life in the last 100 years.

        Take it seriously.

        Get everyone you know to take it seriously, and to spread the message.

        If you value life and liberty, then isolate to preserve both.

        This is as serious as it gets.

      • Ted — Thank you for the additional information. Hopefully everyone (without exception) is taking this seriously. We are staying safe, staying healthy, and staying home.

  3. Not sure what I would do without Facebook right now as it is my connection to my family in Canada and friends all over the world. We have been in strict lockdown for 10 days now and are doing OK. Hubby and I respecting each other’s space. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home.

    • Darlene — My family and I have stayed connected via Facetime. I’m so grateful that we have this tool available to us. I love that you and your husband are “respecting each other’s space.” Len and I (along with our Irish Wolfhound, Willa) share 500 square feet. We’ve learned to go to our own corners and not disturb each other. I echo your wise sentiments: “Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home.”

  4. Video chatting with far away family and especially, my grandchildren. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing them in person so this connection has become so essential to staying connected! Yesterday I saw a little ballerina’s dance and the scooter master showing off his tricks. 🙂

    • Barbara — I’m so glad that we have video chatting as an available option. It makes all the difference in the world! As my friend, Darlene, said: “Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home.” 🙂

  5. I keep Facebook limited to a small number of people that I really, really love. It is a positive place with lots of love and laughs. (Oh, yeah, the ads too. For some reason, Facebook seems to really think I need a new bra about every other day. Alas.)

  6. On-line – lots of texts and e-mails from family near and far. I’m not a “phone” person, so prefer a long newsy e-mail. Instagram is fun, but blogging on Word Press – the best. To connect with so many around the world is astounding. Facebook is fun to see and virtual hug friends all over also. Sending you a sweet hug, Laurie.

    • Pam — Like you, I’m not a “phone” person either. I love that I can connect on WordPress with people all around the globe. It’s astounding! And if I get a message in a language I don’t understand, I copy and paste it into a translator, find out what it says, and then generate a response in their language. I love it! Virtual hug coming right back atcha! 🙂

  7. Wisconsin closed down bars and restaurants last week and today is officially closing down non-essential work places. However, I have been social isolating since March 13 (being in a vulnerable age group). Since then I’ve only been out for groceries 2x and 1x/yesterday to get a new battery for my phone (in the future I can use a drive in pick-up option there if need be). I am now set for the next 2-3 weeks

    My top 5 are: 1) a Siblings TEXT’G group (keeping up with each sibs work and family situations/worries/challenges and supporting all through; lots of posting of jokes/funny gfts;etc.;
    2) FACEBOOK_ posts from family and friends around the country; women authors community; and other groups; 3) EM/Phone / EM and or Calls from family in Canada and here in the states; plus a work-based Coaches call; 4) ZOOM: on Sunday had a Zoom meet with friends in Minnesota; another one set for tomorrow with other coaching sister-friends; I may be using to offer some free coaching (1 hr) as well. 5) WEBINARS … I’ve been on several in the last few weeks. Last night, I was on a Memoir Webinar on voice. It would be so much harder as a person in solo isolation without these opportunities to connect.

    • Audrey — I love how you broke down your staying connected solutions. And you’re set for staying at home for the next few weeks. Woohoo, you’re a woman with a working plan! 👏👏👏

  8. None of us are immune to the effects this corona-virus has brought to our doors. Whether or not we are afflicted with the virus, has family down with it or are simply inconvenienced, we are feeling the shock wave and concentric ripples. I am still recovering from the recent upheavals in my own life, the death of my beloved spouse knocked the stuffing out of me and I lapsed in my Social Contacts. I still am, I am just not so publically available these days. I am nest building, concentrating on gathering all my scattered pieces and consolidating them into a habitat both comfortable and safe. I seldom attend Facebook, I have not blogged, although I certainly keep up with this one. I follow the news closely, prepare as best as I can, then get on with it. Do the next best thing, chop wood, carry water, make the day count for SOMETHING! And I have bluebirds nesting in my back yard! Life does indeed go on.

    • Sandi — I love what you said: “I am nest building, concentrating on gathering all my scattered pieces and consolidating them into a habitat both comfortable and safe.” And bluebirds nesting in your backyard is not only icing on the cake, but an excellent reminder that life is good and does go on 🙂

  9. Facebook, friends’ blogs for social interaction, Twitter for “business.” Now I’m waiting for 2 bike-riding grands to deliver chocolate chip cookies to our door. Not always possible, but face to- face is better by far, even at a 6-foot distance! 😀

    Stay well, Laurie and Len!

  10. THank you for the tweet – I am sure you will love that book. We are texting and talking to children often and my one book group is emailing a newsletter weekly. Primarily I am content to just be still and saying “hello” on dog walks. Telephoning to some who are not so well. Wiping down boxes that arrive and mail. This is how we have been living since last May when my partner came down with a horrendous lung infection, so we are rather used to this life style
    Sad I may not be able to see my new grandees in July and Sept.

    I could not like your post or share your post as none of the buttons are showing right now and my phone will not sign me into you posts for some reason as of late.

    I am stopping reviewing books July 1 You are the only one coming to my blog We will let the blog contract go another year so folks might still discover the 900+ books reviewed there. Maybe

    • Patricia — I’m sorry to know that your partner came down with a horrendous lung infection. I hope that by July we’ll all be able to see our grandchildren. I just had Len check on his laptop to see if the sharing/like buttons are visible/working. Thankfully, they are on his. Hopefully on other people’s as well. I’m sorry to learn that you’re going to stop reviewing books. You’ve been a great resource for me. It’s kind of you to leave your blog up for a year for others to hopefully find. Stay well.

      • I was scammed out of $1200.00 by a horrible group of folks, They left an AD blocker on my site, and a fake search box – I will not have to pay to have them removed. I am able to turn the blocker off and then wow all your buttons appeared. This maybe what is also affecting my phone? I am not sure. I will miss the book reviews, I like being the first to read things and then watching them rise up the charts and be discovered by others. I also feel smart when I review books – It is reassuring after making the scam error. In my defense I was nearly blind after surgery and they kept telling me they were APPLE SUPPORT…. a bit ashamed!

      • Patricia — I’m so very sorry this happened. I’m glad that there’s more good people in the world, than bad. Unfortunately, in this case you experienced the latter kind.

  11. I find FB more of a comfort than usual these days. Friends and family use it to check in and to share music and edifying poetry and quotes. Keeps my spirits up. Our church has done a great job of keeping connections strong by making a video every week. With children we did some group FT for the first time. It allowed us to talk with both children and their spouses at the same time and to give the grandchildren at least a check-in time with their cousins. I am less of an Insta fan than you are, but I do check it once or twice a day also. Twitter is something I watch more than initiate. Grateful for all these means of gaining info and staying connected. I subscribe to the NYTimes and Washington Post and The New Yorker. All have excellent digital connections.

    • Shirley — I love you and your family’s innovation. And the fact that your church is making weekly videos is applaudable! I think the reason I like Instagram so much is because of all the photographs… it’s like eye candy! 🙂

  12. Laurie, I hope this comment finds you, Len, and your family well. My Blue Brain likes to stay in touch with family and friends by personally speaking with them on the phone, Whatsapp, or FaceTime.

  13. Thank you, Laurie.
    Your lovely Blue Brain and Heart also uplift and encourage others with your coaching, books, blog, and social media! We are blessed with the Blue gift of sharing with others!

  14. Zoom has taken a new role in my life this past month. But Facebook is still my social media happy place. And of course, WordPress. Connecting feels even more important now, when we no longer can take it for granted.

    • Janet — Zoom is becoming a better and better friend to me each day, too. Once of the conferences I was suppose to speak at in Minneapolis in April is switching the platform from in-person to Zoom. I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

  15. Face time has become invaluable since moving to West Wales and in this cris it’s still proving its worth . We have used it to speak to our son twice a week . To begin with I hated it , not being one to like being seen, but now we all can be together share a glass of wine , cook dinner whilst being connected. Now I’m using from other people in my life it’s truly ace . Love to you and yours .

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