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Though it’s been getting downright chilly in Boise, Idaho—with a dusting of snow flurries here and there—winter in the United States officially begins with the Winter Solstice (also known as Yule, or the Longest Night) on Saturday, December 21, 2019.

I took this photo in Garden Valley, Idaho, this past summer, when we were camping at their lovely fly-in airport campground. They start getting ready for winter early, and for a good reason, their elevation is much higher than ours, so they get snow—in earnest—early!

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Regardless of your geographic location (I realize many of you are entering summer-type weather right now), what is your favorite season?

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52 thoughts on “Favorite Season

  1. I have to admit I love the summer season the best. Even though it is much milder here in Spain in the winter, it still gets chilly and requires a light coat. I love the long sunny days of summer and always have. Hubby says I’m solar powered.

  2. Hi Laurie,
    Like Darlene, I’m a fan of summer, but perhaps even more of a fan of autumn.
    We’re heading into summer now.
    Our autumns tend to have those long calm warm days that I really enjoy, summers can be a little extreme in variations.
    2 nights ago I was having difficulty getting cool enough to sleep, as it was 23C inside.
    Tonight it is raining, and 10C outside.
    The dog needs to be walked before I go to sleep, but even Huia doesn’t seem as keen on that idea as she normally is.

    I cut enough wood last summer for 2 years, but might get a bit more done in the new year.

  3. I’m definitely a warm weather person, but our four years in Boston gave me a new appreciation for winter. I’ve always appreciated the metaphors of this time of year associated with the inner journey in the darkness and then the light conquering the dark.

  4. I’ve always loved fall because of the brilliant colors. Spring rates as a close second.

    Yesterday, I enjoyed a sunny, December morning on the patio addressing Christmas cards. No complaints about the weather from me now!

  5. Your question seems simple, and yet I find it difficult. I’d LIKE to say I enjoy all four seasons, and I certainly try to appreciate each one. But living now in New England, my enjoyment of winter is curtailed to enjoying hot cocoa by the fireplace with a good book while watching the snow settle on the woods outside. But truly, I love summer best, where I can walk for hours, breathe in the smell of nature, and sit on the front porch writing while listening to the birds chirp.

    • Pam — Your description of winter in New England sounds delicious (hot cocoa by the fireplace and a good book while watching snow OUTside). Like you, however, summer would be my favorite season so that I could be outside (without freezing) and enjoy everything that nature has to offer 🌳

  6. It’s hard to choose in MN because our seasons are so clearly defined (if not erratic in when they finally show up–or show up a month early). Summer probably the least favorite for the weather (I’m not a fan of humidity–doesn’t usually get super hot (90s) but even 80 and a dew point of 70 is miserable. But it’s prime golf season and everything outdoors late sunsets after 9:00 add to the enjoyment time.

    Fall is the best combination of weather, leaf colors, and the ability to be outdoors. Winter is great if there is snow to ski on and ice to skate on and not too cold.

    Put a gun to my head and I’ll say fall is my favorite season. But I live here because I enjoy the change of seasons, so each season gets me looking forward to whatever awaits.

    Chris (how’s that for a political-styled answer? (non-answer). 🙂

  7. My favorite season is spring; the time of new beginnings! Although fall has it’s own charm. Winter is my least favorite. Last night and this morning the furnace decided to crash. This morning the temp outside was a very chilly 15 degrees F. Fortunately, the furnace has been repaired. I do love a fresh snow fall. But spring wins for me. I am most energized by spring.

    • Audrey — Holy smackers, what a (bad) time for the furnace to decide to crash! I’m sure glad it’s repaired now. I know experientially just how brutally cold it can get in your neck of the woods. Here’s to an early spring! 🌺

  8. I love fall the most, but this year it seemed to be very short…which, of course, makes winter seem very long. I guess if we want change of seasons, we must take the bitter with the sweet.

  9. I tend to like whatever season I am experiencing at the moment, looking for and appreciating its special beauty. The only one that can drag on too long for me is winter. But Virginia climate shortens that season compared to more northern climes, and the best antidote to too much snow is to “get out into it.” If I can walk outside, including snowshoeing, I am happy.

  10. I love spring for the feeling of new beginnings and grand possibilities, but each season has its own beauty…and its own set of challenges. As I decorate for Christmas, I’m enjoying the snow-covered yard.

  11. This year we had the most beautiful autumn the Pacific NW can enjoy. Not nearly enough rain to keep us off the drought charts, but the colors were vivid and long-lasting. Tonight the rainy season of winter is supposed to make her entrance and we understand it will be a deluge. Deluges are not on my list of favorite things. Thanks for making me take a moment to think of all the seasons and pick my favorite, Laurie!

  12. I can honestly say that I like every season, there is something to enjoy in each series of weather events and what is revealed in each…. Saying this, I did not like the typhoon I lived through in Fall when I was a teen, and I disliked the long months of dirty snow in Cleveland, Ohio and the South although very beautiful it was often way too hot for me to function well ( And the work I was doing – the male lawyers made it awful to be female – ugly behavior). Winter = inner study and cozy shared moments- the smell of fir trees, Spring = the promise of flowers and lovely rain, Autumn = a burst of energy and harvest glories and a desire for new shoes!!! I did skip summer because here it was mostly just a few hot days and still lots of rain = wow do I get things done when it rains. A good book fits in any season!

  13. Laurie, I hate cold. I REALLY hate cold. I am so glad and joyful when the buds break on the boughs, the birds wake the Dawn with their morning singalong. Spring calls to my soul all Winter long. My plans for Spring are always extravagant in scope, why not? Look what a handful of seeds can do! Meanwhile, I like being in a warm, cozy place when the cold winds howl.

  14. I love every season. As the next one unfolds I’m ready for it . If I really had to choose now as a mature lady 🤭 it would the spring with its fresh greenness but as a youth Autumn was my favourite for its colours and smoky moodiness but really I love all .
    I have recently recently listened to all Four Seasons of Vivaldi …amazing !

  15. I tend to favor whatever season I am in at the time. While I enjoy warm weather and being able to get outside and enjoy nature I find that I really need the seclusion of winter. This tends to be my most creative time with new ideas and art work both coming like crazy.

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